Sewer rescue UNDER the city of Los Angeles! ♥♥♥ You don't want to miss this one!

hi let's see if it will work with screwdrivers yeah it's all the way on the other side oh my I love you 49 can you grab these lights yeah so now we don't know where we're going that's a novel all right we'll split where do you think the cat bites I'm gonna gamble on this you're just gonna give on there I'm going yeah yeah it's blitz we need to be quiet easier easier okay I mean I can fit in here you're amazing what do you think okay I guess it seems longer now because we're walking not running this is where you came from oh my god you're cute I know there's so many cockroaches here you don't want to be here yeah I'm filming cockroaches wait I got you all them well my god oh my god don't let him freeze now your eyes make demands I know my dream for you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

40 thoughts on “Sewer rescue UNDER the city of Los Angeles! ♥♥♥ You don't want to miss this one!

  1. That transformation was amazing!! Thanks so much for saving poor Slinky. I hope she finds her furrrever home soon! Once again, you guys are my idles and I wanna be like you when I'm older! I've been texting Marley's Mutts, and you guys should really do a vid with Zach or something! You could show all your supporters the dogs that are being replaced by new puppies from pet shops, and you could show us around the shelter, to convince people why to adopt from there! Anyway, god bless you!
    Much Love, Chloe from Australia❤️❤️??????❤️❤️

  2. Great rescue..however, there is likely a charge/penalty/law against accessing a public works system. Liability issues, especially prying off the sewer grate.

  3. im doing this paper for class if anyone could reply to this question "why do people abuse animals?" thank you

  4. You guys are amazing! Crawling through sewers?!! That's dedication. I love what you do! Keep up the amazing work!

  5. Cute kitty ..great job of rescuing..>It really got me when you showed the roaches…ew disgusting. But then LA city hall is full of roaches, mice, rats and that is not including the politicians there .. Sorry Had to throw that it..I have lived in the LA are for going on 59 yrs so I know all about LA.

  6. thank you so so much for helping and taking care of these poor little creatures, u guys inspire me to take care of street animals, keep doing it. you guys are angels

  7. I’m SOOO glad y’all got the kitty, but I wish you’d have given me a warning before the cock*******!!!! Bad phobia here!! ?????

  8. I love how much you guys care for animals, I wish the whole world was like you guys!! Thanks for rescuing this beautiful animals ?

  9. Why do people downvote this? I don’t understand. This is amazing. I couldn’t do it. Thank you so much. ???????

  10. I want some of those toys for my cats!! I like the one with all of the fuzzy balls on it?you guys went above and beyond on this rescue.

  11. God bless that sweet little kitten and God bless you guys thank you for saving this cute little kitten oh my god it's so cute!!!❤❤❤

  12. OMG! I was feeling major claustrophobia just watching this! LOL You guys are amazing as always! I can’t believe someone heard that tiny baby in there w the traffic!

  13. You guys are awesome. I am afraid of small spaces so I don't think I could have done that but I would have tried. Lol

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