Setting Up My Dwarf White Isopod Habitat

once if y’all welcome back mania is my
hectic life pets when we talk about all things pet and pet related and today I
am going to be setting up my bin for my isopods that will be coming in hopefully
later today at least that’s what my tracking number says so I gotta get this
set up so that way as soon as they get here it will be just ready to go and I
can just put them in now setting this up it’s gonna be really almost ridiculously
easy so without further ado let’s get started so this is gonna be super easy
to set up I have my tub here it says you can even use a shoebox but a shoebox
probably wouldn’t hold moisture quite as well and it’s cardboard so I would
probably get some kind of tub like this I’ve got my isopods substrate and it
says basically that we want to place about three to four inches of this
substrate into the tub super easy I mean it couldn’t get easier and then of
course I have my mister bottle to spray down the substrate as I’m adding it in
to the tub so we’re gonna go ahead and open up the substrate bag I’m gonna try
not to make a mess I probably scissors this is probably the hardest part at
least for me about trying not to get it substrate all over my floor as I do this
because I tend to be really good at that okay so I have about two inches in there
right now and I’m just gonna go ahead and mix that down and then I’m gonna add
in a little bit more okay so now I’ve got about I don’t know
if you can really see it very well I’ve got about three inches of substrate in
there so I’m just gonna go ahead and spray that down a little bit just a
light misting and it should be ready to go so now that we’ve got about three
inches of the substrate in here I’m gonna go ahead and place a carrot a
little piece of carrot and some of my new life spectrum fish food I’m just
gonna kind of sprinkle some of that in there I did forget to buy some
cuttlebone to put in here so I’m gonna have to order that but one or two days
without a calcium supplement I don’t think will hurt them but they do require
a calcium supplement and cuttlebone works perfect so now I am gonna go ahead
and sprinkle some leaves on top as well that’ll give them nice hiding spaces
where they can feel nice and safe luckily since my other order didn’t come
in I did still have some extra leaf litter from my old from my old setup
this will also make it really easy when I am ready to add them to the terrarium
I’ll be able to just pick up a leaf and they’ll be on the underside and I’ll be
able to throw it into my terrarium so yeah that’s pretty much all there is to
it except unfortunately – the cuttlebone but that’s okay I can order some of that
right now and then it should be here in a day or two for them yeah super easy it
couldn’t really be that much easier every couple of days I will have to
change out any of their food once it gets moldy or nasty I will be pulling
that out the isopods that I am getting do need to be misted pretty much every
day so I don’t necessarily need any ventilation on my lid but if any of you
out there are getting a species of isopod that does require a little bit
drier climate then you might want to get some sort of ventilation on your lid
so my tub is all set up and ready to go so as soon as my isopods arrived then I
can just unbox them and put them right into their new home so anyway guys
that’s all I really have for y’all today as always thank you so much for watching
I love you guys and I will see you in my next video

9 thoughts on “Setting Up My Dwarf White Isopod Habitat

  1. I’m grossed out by those whatever they are. They remind me of old fashioned, or glorified Cockroaches. Why do you have them? What is the purpose of keeping them? From that Tupperware you can’t see them. Are you going to breed them? We didn’t even see them?

  2. Did u actually add any more substait? If so how much more did u add…. or does it just need to stay at 2 to 3 inches?

  3. They sell cattle bone in pet smart in the bird section in case you didn’t know! Definitely interested in owning them since I’ve always liked rolly pollies since I was little, they also seem very easy to take care of. Will you have more videos on these?

  4. Lol iv watched this video a cpl times now and it still bugs me that you dont realize that that is a shoe box lol.

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