16 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Murray Learns About Birds | Murray Had a Little Lamb

  1. this was filmed at the Staten Island Zoo. In my home town. those bald eagles both came to the zoo injured and are both female

  2. and the emus aren't usually in that exhibit. that's really where Neeble the cassowary lives. But people don't trust cassowaries because they're so dangerous but I think she's very social. she came to the zoo as a chick and was hand raised and even comes to me when I clap to her. she is the only cassowary in the whole northeastern hemisphere

  3. That's probably EJ the anteater. I've pet him before. Or it could be his mate AJ who is never on public exhibition. He also has a cute and really tiny son named NJ who I also pet. I swear ive seen that anteater climb up flat metal beams successfully

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