Sesame Street: Kids Talk About Pets

GIRL: I love my dog because he's
very playful, and if I'm sad, he makes me happy
and he's very cuddly. GIRL: I take care of my cat
because I love him. I hug him and I kiss him. BOY: I have a toy cat because
I'm allergic to cats. GIRL: I talk to my fish. It's very funny. I talk to my fish, and
I also feed my fish. GIRL: He's lots and
lots of fun. He loves– my hamster
loves me. BOY: This is how I take care
of Sunshine, by feeding it, giving it water, playing with
it, and walking it. GIRL: I love my cat because
he loves me.

10 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Kids Talk About Pets

  1. bettas require 5 gallons of space or larger and a heater and filter. Bowls are never a suitable habitat for any animal! Bettas in the wild are from rice patties which are miles long. Being confined to this small of a space is very stressful to the animal!

  2. I have a cat, she's a calico, and her name is Whiskers. My family and I have had Whiskers for almost 4 years.

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