Sesame Street: Grover Finds A Bird’s Nest

GROVER: Hey! Oh! Oh, hello there! This is Grover, up
in a high tree. But that was hard climb. Today, I’m going to show you
about cute, little, adorable, lovab;e little birds. Yeah! Oh, right in the front of
me is a bird’s nest. And in the nest are
three eggs. Yeah, and very soon– very, very soon– I think the little eggs
are going to hatch! Let’s watch carefully, OK? I think I hear one! Oh! There’s one! Oh! There’s two! There’s three! Oh, there– BABY BIRDS: Mommy! Mommy! Mommy, can I have a– GROVER: Oh, no! BABY BIRDS: Mom,
can I watch TV? GROVER: No, wait! BABY BIRDS: Mom, can I
have my allowance? GROVER: No, I’m not
your mommy! I just up here for just
to tell everybody about you the bird. I’m not your– oh, here comes the mommy bird! Oh! MOMMY BIRD: Oh, my babies
have hatched! I’ll count them! One, two, three, four! Oh, and you’re the cutest
little bird of all! GROVER: No! MOMMY BIRD: I have a nice,
juicy worm for you! Open your mouth! GROVER: I’m not a little
bird, I am a monster! I don’t live here! I don’t want a worm! No, I do not like worms! Please! MOMMY BIRD: Well, I’ll
leave it there for when you’re hungry. GROVER: I will never get
hungry for a worm! MOMMY BIRD: Now, it’s time
for our flying lesson! GROVER: Oh, wait! I do not fly! No! BABY BIRDS: Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! GROVER: No, I am not
your mommy, your mommy’s right there. I’m not your mommy! MOMMY BIRD: Flap your wings! GROVER: I am not
a little birdy! I cannot fly! MOMMY BIRD: Flappy,
flap, flap! GROVER: I am not your mommy! MOMMY BIRD: Flap your wings! GROVER: Yes ma’am! Ah! Ugh! Remember what I said about
birdies being cute, and adorable, and lovable? Well, forget it! Ah!

40 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Grover Finds A Bird’s Nest

  1. "I will never be hungry for a worm"

    "Now Flap Your Wings."

    "I CAN'T FLY AAAHHHH!!!!" Or something like that. So funny! I'm actually laughing out loud at a grover skit. Seseme Street had funner skits than many comedy shows today!

  2. what kills me is the way the mother bird peers over the nest after he falls out of the tree. and then gives a dead pan confused expresson.

  3. I think the Mommy is either a re-dressed Little Bird to look more feminine or a bird of the same design.What does anyone else think?

  4. Yes, I do remember seeing this one, quite often, in the 1970s! ANd YES, I also remembered the part, of one of the baby birds asking, "Mommy, can I watch TV?" first, of Grover(when they first see him, and think he's their mother), and then, when their REAL mommy comes along, they repeat the question.  And YES, I also remembered the part of the mother bird mistaking Grover for one of her newly hatched babies—EVEN IF he does NOT look the LEAST BIT like the others—and thus insists on including him in their "flying lesson." The look on her face at 1:50 is priceless, as if to say,"Huh!" (expressing puzzled feelings.) Well, mommy bird, like Grover was trying to tell you, he's not even a bird! He only climbed the tree, to look at the nest, for crying out loud! And one of those classic examples, of POOR GROVER, at the end-he's a little like Kermit(or "Froggy," as he always called Kermit, in the early skits), when it comes to Kermit's NEws flashes–he can NEVER win, due to ALWAYS getting OUTSMARTED, in some way or another.  Can't blame Grover at all, at the end, for taking back what he said about baby birds,being "cute and adorable," certainly not after the way the mother bird treated him!


  6. Serves you right Grover!
    You're always pestering people!

    How does it feel getting a dose of your own medicine? The shoe being on the other foot?

    Maybe this'll teach you to leave people alone!

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