Sesame Street: Elmo and Rabbit Discuss Practice

RABBIT: Ah! Ace! ELMO: Oh, hi, Rabbit. RABBIT: Hello, Elmo. ELMO: Whatcha doing? RABBIT: I’m practicing my tennis
swing so I can win every game I play. ELMO: Every game? RABBIT: Yeah, sure. ELMO: Really? Well, Elmo practices at
basketball all the time, but Elmo doesn’t win every time. RABBIT: What? That’s unthinkable, Elmo! I really, really like to win. And I thought that practice
was the best way to do it! ELMO: Well, Rabbit, practice
is fun and can help you get better. But Elmo thinks that nobody
can win all the time. Even when Rabbit doesn’t mean,
Rabbit can still feel proud when he works hard and
does his best. That way, we all
can be winners. RABBIT: You know,
you’re right. Thank you, Elmo. ELMO: You’re welcome, Rabbit.

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