Sesame Street: Big Bird Visits A Farm

BIG BIRD: Hi. This is Big Bird at the
Green Market in Union Square, New York City. These are my friends, Hailey,
Austin, and Travis. CHILDREN: Hi. BIG BIRD: You know
why I’m here? I’m going to buy a tomato
from their dad. Oh, those tomatoes
look so good. DAD: Here’s your tomato,
Big Bird. BIG BIRD: Oh, well here’s
some money. DAD: Thank you. BIG BIRD: Mm. Did you ever wonder where all
this food comes from? Well, I’ll tell you. It comes from out of cans,
bottles, and boxes. Right, guys? CHILDREN: No. BIG BIRD: No? Oh, I know. It comes from the supermarket. CHILDREN: No. BIG BIRD: The stork
brings them? CHILDREN: No. AUSTIN: They come
from our farm. BIG BIRD: Your farm? You mean all those vegetables
came from this farm? CHILDREN: Yeah. BIG BIRD: Ah. Wow, tomatoes. Hey, what are you eating? TRAVIS: Hull beans. BIG BIRD: And so this stuff
just grows here, huh? TRAVIS: No, it didn’t
just grow here. We planted it. BIG BIRD: Oh. I get it. You grow food, and people
and birds in the city can buy some. TRAVIS: Right. AUSTIN: Those are especially
for birds. BIG BIRD: These? Flowers? AUSTIN: No, sunflower seeds. BIG BIRD: Oh, my favorite. I didn’t know they came
in such nice flowers. What else can we eat
around here? So can you eat these? TRAVIS: That’s cherry
tomatoes, sure. BIG BIRD: Oh. Hey, they came in their
own little sack. Are they good? TRAVIS: Yeah. BIG BIRD: Hi guys. How’s the food? Oh. Can you eat that? TRAVIS: Lettuce, sure. BIG BIRD: Mm. Travis, can you eat this? TRAVIS: Basil, sure. BIG BIRD: Oh, can
you eat this? CHILDREN: Mustard
greens, sure. BIG BIRD: Mustard? I thought that came in a jar. Ooh. Can you eat this? CHILDREN: Sure. Broccoli. BIG BIRD: Mm. I guess you can’t eat
this stuff, huh? TRAVIS: Sure you can. BIG BIRD: It’s a carrot. Wow. Oh, can we eat this? AUSTIN: Yeah, corn. BIG BIRD: Ah. I love corn. Can you eat these? CHILDREN: Sure, peppers, sure. BIG BIRD: Oh, one
last question. TRAVIS: What’s that? BIG BIRD: When do we get
to eat all this stuff? CHILDREN: Now. BIG BIRD: Oh boy! All right. Now we get to eat. Yum, yum. Well, this is Big Bird
at Bloominghill Gardens saying goodbye. ALL: Bye.

35 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Big Bird Visits A Farm

  1. I think they had a different Big Bird puppet then for these outdoors segments, that just happens to look like the one we use now

  2. just plain gay as fuck. I hated sesame street due to all the cheesy acting. I'm just stating my personal opinion 🙂

  3. Big Bird is showing us how easy it is to buy fresh fruits and vegetables from your local Farmer's Markets and where it all comes from.

  4. For those of you that were unaware. Big Bird is my mother. I can't believe how uneducated my mother is that she didn't know that vegetables came from the ground. Well she is from the city and you know, rural Jarrettsville, MD AKA sesame street was a whole different way of life that she had never seen.

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