91 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie Play Name that Animal | Car Game #3

  1. I get to make the Sesame Street anime, well is coming up soon…and get to maket now.of the human

    A animation a Sesame Street anime.

  2. I feel like Peter Linz's Ernie is more akin to Steve's Ernie while Billy Barkhurst's is more like Jim's. I like Peter's better than Billy's however I'm concerned these performers are becoming too inconsistent, and I'm starting to see Steve Whitmire's concerns that the performers can't simply interchange characters.

    With that being said, I wonder if Peter would have been a good choice for Kermit. He sounds a lot like him here.

  3. …What's up with Ernie's voice? I already know about the Count, that the dude cannot voice him… but Ernie… what's wrong with Ernie?

  4. Great to see all these classic characters together, and especially to see Guy Smiley being used prominently again. Peter Linz is doing great as Ernie too.

  5. Gotta give Peter Linz, the current performer of Ernie, a lot of credit. At the very beginning, I actually believed he was still voiced by Steve Whitmire. That's the sign of a good Muppeteer.

  6. :47 He’s supposed to say This is Guy Smiley America’s Favorite Game show host welcoming you to (name of fake game show he’s hosting) after thanking th e (invisible) audience/Crowd.

  7. Guy Smiley: randomly appears inside the car

    Count Von Count: doesn’t even care that an uninvited stranger is in their car, and invites him to play the game

  8. It's a shame. Jerry Nelson passed away it so you got it some of the eight I like his version of the count voice better.

  9. Here is the cast of this video.

    Jim Henson as Ernie and Guy Smiley.
    Frank Oz as Bert.
    Jerry Nelson as Count Von Count.

  10. I dont like the count he scares me alot he gives me nightmares one nightmare he was coming from the backdoor and i held onto my mom and he came into my living room and i said hi count how long are you staying and he said forever and i hid under my bed and he never found me ?

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