Service Dog Gear Haul [CC]

[UPBEAT MUSIC WITH NONSENSE VOCALIZATIONS] Hey! Welcome back guys, just thought I’d bring you a
quick little service dog gear haul. I’m filming this on the same day as the “What’s
in My Service Dog Bag?” and I just had to take a break for,
like, 20 minutes, literally laying on the floor because I got tired just from the first
video, so we’ll see if I can get through the whole thing. Probably, hopefully, otherwise you might see
me in a different outfit on a different day to finish this up. But, let’s get going. Alright, as you can tell I have a large amount
of things. So, I kinda tried to organize them in a group
of- like group the stuff together that matches, er well, doesn’t really match, but like, that
goes together. So, first things first, we are gonna start
with vests. This one is a heart-shaped vest. All the vests except for my last one I’m gonna
show you I made myself. You can find me at DesertDogGear on Instagram
and DM me there to order. Anyways, this is a heart-shaped vest made
from canvas and then the bottom side is just like, a lightweight cotton-type. I can’t remember what I used for it. Lightweight cotton on the bottom, canvas on
the top to give it a little bit of sturdiness. There’s a strap that goes all the way around
the belly because I didn’t want to just attach it at the bottom here. I wanted to have more of the sturdy, full
strap all the way around. I have a plastic D-ring there because I made
this vest to be TSA-safe in case we go on a plane because my family lives in Texas so
sometimes we do go on planes. There is no adjustable front strap just because
I made it specifically for Pepper and it didn’t really need an adjustable front strap. Then I have three places for patches. Let’s see if I can pull it off. I originally started- I’m just gonna leave
this on there because with one hand it’s very difficult I originally started- these two patches with
the “in training” ones have adhesive velcro, not sewn-on which was a mistake, honestly
because I screwed up my sewing machine trying to help attach it later when I realized the
adhesive wasn’t enough. So lesson learned, don’t use adhesive velcro. This one in the middle is a sewn-on patch
so it’s easier to take it off. Still not gonna do that, because I have one
hand [laughs]. These two patches I got from Happy Rover on
Etsy. This one I think I got from Amazon, but I’m
really not sure, I don’t remember. Actually I think it was a pack on Amazon I
got it from. Anyways, this tag I also got- no, I didn’t
get this from Happy Rover. I got it from Creative Clam? Yeah, Creative Clam. Says “medical alert dog, do not distract”,
and I like it just because it’s something a little bit different so people can kinda
draw their attention to it a little better. This vest right here is my pocket vest. It comes up like this, this is the way it
goes. It’s got three D-rings this time, one up top
here and then two on each side, and then I have two places for velcro. This says “service dog in training, do not
touch” on this patch and then “access required by law, no exceptions” on this patch. It also has- if I can open it. This is really hard to do with one hand, guys. It also has two pockets. Both layers of this vest are made with canvas
because I wanted it to be a little heavier duty for whatever I put in the pockets. We haven’t actually used this one out yet,
just because we use the heart vest honestly more often, but I do like this if I ever need
to carry more, so yeah. Got that one. Moving on, we have our mesh vest. Because we do live in Phoenix, it gets super,
super hot and I saw this- who did I see. I think I saw Chronically Jaquie on YouTube
had a mesh vest for her service dog Harlow, and I thought that was super smart and would
also work for us. Honestly it was a pain in the butt to make,
so I’m probably not gonna sell these. If I ever did it would be really expensive
because the mesh was really hard to attach to the binding. I mean if you’re interested in it you can
still DM me and we can work something out. But like I said, it was a pain in the butt
to make. This one has the straps attached to the bottom
here, like I didn’t want to do for this one, just because I honestly got tired of fighting
it and I didn’t really wanna like- didn’t really like the way the whole strap around
the vest worked. This has two continuous strips of velcro right
on the edge of where the- this is canvas, one layer of canvas, made from the same canvas
as that and that. One layer of canvas with the mesh back. So it’s got two continuous strips of velcro
where the mesh and the canvas meet, and then these patches-, “service dog working, do not
touch” and “please don’t pet me, I’m working”- both of these came from, um I just realized
this is a little bit sideways, gonna fix that. Anyways all these patches, the bigger ones
that are rectangle-ish, looking came from a pack this one… actually did not come from that, it came from
Etsy. I don’t remember who I got it from. I’ll try and link all of these places down
below so you can check them out on your own if you want. This one is a more simple cape-style vest
that I made. As you can tell I kinda have a theme with
the red coloring for most of our gear, and I’m starting with teal as well because, if
you do not know, teal is the awareness color for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome,
which is what I suffer from. I also- honestly when she was a puppy I started
out liking teal and I think I might just go back to adding more in. On the edge here we have piping. This was honestly my tester vest, so I don’t
super like the way the piping turned out, but I do have- oh, it’s upside down, that
might be part of why I don’t like it. Anyways, I do have binding instead of piping
as well, so that’s always an option for you . It’s got a single D-ring right there in
the middle. Then I haven’t added any patches to this because
all of my patches are red, black, and white, and then I’m looking to get more black, white,
and teal ones eventually, don’t have the money for that right now, but we’ll get there. And then this is the only vest that I did
not make. It is a tactical-style vest. This is actually the very first vest that
I had for her. There’s like a bunch of dog hair on the bottom. It’s padded on the bottom which is really
nice. It’s got a huge clasp which was really funny
to put on her when I was first getting her used to the vest, and then this front strap
is also really wide. It’s actually, well- I haven’t put this on
her in a while, but it was super big on her when she was a puppy, so it’s literally pushed
as far as you can to adjust it and make it as small as possible. There is velcro on the sides here, it is-
oh you cannot see that at all. There’s velcro on the sides right there that
you can put patches on but it’s covered up by the saddle bags. I got both of these from Amazon by the way,
I’ll try and link those down below as well. And then these saddlebags have a big pocket
that unzips, and then they have a smaller pocket that closes with velcro as well as
a spot for velcro on the side and a spot for velcro on the top. And then this is my only black, white, and
teal patch that I have. This says “not all disabilities are visible”. I’m pretty sure I got this from RiverDogGear,
not 100%, again I’ll link everything in the description below, so there’s that. I have this harness right here, it’s a y-front
that I made. Red fleece with black webbing. Got the clip like always, there’s one D-ring
in the middle there as well as some velcro- you can’t really see it because it’s dark. And then this loop on the bottom here loops
under the dog and then these go inside the loop to hold it together. I don’t really like the way it joins right
here. The store near me didn’t have any of the triangle
ring things like you see usually with a y-front, so I’m looking into ordering some of those
and adding them to my repertoire, shall I say. And then I have another harness right here. This one just came from Petco, it is Gooby
brand, I think is what it’s called, yeah. And it just goes on top like that, and then
you clasp it underneath… actually no I lied, just kidding. This is the top, it goes like that. So, it crosses underneath and then the clasp
goes through this little hole right here, and then you can also hook in right there
to a leash. This is the two harnesses that I have. Pepper does use a Gentle Leader when she’s
working, so there’s that. Then… oh I didn’t take out her thing. This is her e-collar that she also wears whenever
we’re practicing recall or when she’s out. I use it only for vibration because it does
have shock, vibrate, and beep settings. I only use the vibrate because I’m not a fan
of the shock. And this is really an insurance policy more
than anything. I’ve had to buzz her maybe once when we’re
out because I use it- she doesn’t practice recall when we’re in public access, obviously,
because I don’t trust her off leash enough for that. But if she does a low growl- she doesn’t bark,
ever, she’s not a barker dog but if she does a low growl or tries to jump on anything I
buzz her real quick just to tell her “no, that’s 100% not acceptable, at all” and she
knows I’m serious when I use this because I only ever use it rarely. I’ve had to buzz her like, maybe once- I think
I said that already. This is the controller, got this from Amazon,
it’s from the company… let’s see if I can focus this properly. Dog Care, that’s the company that it is. We are moving on to leashes. This one is a 30 foot? Maybe? leash that we have, I’m not sure. And then it also has a bungee-type leash on
the end because if she’s sprinting full-out I don’t want her to get jerked on the end,
so this helps cushion the pull on the end. This right here is a hands-free leash that
I made, it’s also available in my shop. I got the wrap from Happy Rover as well on
Etsy. It’s got three different D-rings for connection
points, but I honestly don’t use this longest one ’cause this one right here that it’s attached
to is a shoulder and this one right here is a waist setting. I really don’t know why I put this ring there,
so I’m gonna fix that and use it for something else. And then this leash is a light-up leash that
I got from Wish. Honestly it took literally forever to get
here, so I don’t ever wanna order that again. I tried Wish just ’cause I saw there was some
pretty cheap stuff, but I really didn’t like it. We also have a light-up collar that is pretty
much exactly the same, but red- like the fabric is red and it also lights up red. Also got that from Wish. didn’t put that out,
but oh well. Got some collars here, right now she’s wearing
an Atomic Hound collar that has a “service dog” ribbon on it. I will insert a picture that show kind of-
so you can see it because I really don’t wanna go get her and… go get her and get it off
her [sighs]… for now. If she’s not wearing that she’s usually wearing
her black collar honestly ’cause I have a ton of bandanas, literally a ton, I’ll show
you in a second. A ton of bandanas, so I find that black is
easiest to keep with her, since it matches most of her bandanas. This teal one is her very first collar that
she got. Super cute, super tiny. So you can see what I was saying, that teal
was her original puppy color. And then this is a sparkly blue collar- I
wanted teal, but they only had blue, so I got blue. She ate the end of it as a puppy, so I really
don’t use it too much anymore. I might trim it and seal it with fire, which
is how you seal it, because it’s really annoying to thread right now, as it’s all eaten up. Then we got this collar at a craft show that
I was participating in. It is from The Ruffery, I think they used
to have an Etsy, I don’t know if it’s still open right now, but I know they’re on Instagram
and Facebook so I’ll try and tag them on those platforms. And then this is a martingale that I got from
Pet Club, that’s also where we get her food. I tried it before I got the head halter, but
she’s just not a dog that responds to martingales really, so… At some point I might just try and offer this
for sale, because I literally put it on her once, and she has not worn it at all. Here is Pepper’s collection of like 5 billion
bandanas. I have made every single one of these myself
and honestly I have a hard time picking some days because I really like a lot of them-
like this one I like the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter. This one was really fun for Christmastime,
it has the black and red checker, whatever pattern it’s called. This one was one of the very first ones that
I made her- let’s see if I can find it- ’cause I embroidered her name on it, so that was
the very first bandana. This thanksgiving pattern is super fun with
the chalk outline and then of course we had to get succulents because of Phoenix. What else… ooh, I like this bandana color
because it’s a dog pattern but it’s still the bandana type, and then of course I had
to do chili peppers because her name is Pepper. And these are also not even all of them, I
started running out of space on the clothespins so there’s some hanging out in here. And then these ones are the ones that I don’t-
oh that’s a costume. But like these ones are the ones that I don’t
like as much, but I still have like 5 billion bandanas. It’s that right Pepperccinos? And then last but not least we have her Ruffwear
dog boots. Super cute, super tiny. This is the 1.5 inch size, or 38 millimeters
if you are not in the U.S. These are not the first boots she had, I originally
started with some from Petco or Petsmart, not sure which one, but I really didn’t like
those at all, so we moved on to these ones. I will be uploading- I might’ve uploaded already
or I will be uploading a review of the Ruffwear boots, because I think they’re super great
and they’re useful here in Phoenix when it gets super hot on the pavement. Alright, that is pretty much everything that
we have for her service dog gear haul. I have literally so much other stuff, but
it’s not really- doesn’t really pertain to her service dog work, it’s kind of more her
regular dog work, so I didn’t include that. I might do a puppy, regular dog haul eventually,
in the future. Comment down below if you think I should do
that, if you’re interested. Alright, I am running out of spoons so I’m
gonna end it there. You know the drill, comment below if you have
any questions and subscribe for more content. Don’t forget to hit the bell for notifications
and I’ll catch you on the flip side. [UPBEAT MUSIC]

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