7 thoughts on “Service Dog Attacked At Christiana Mall

  1. Omg..i see a lot of people who have fake service dogs who are not even trained to sit….BET YA THAT IT WAS AN ISLAMOMAZI….and.WHY 3 SO.CALLED.SERIVCE DOGS..THEY ARE NOT UNLESS LEASHED…ALL.SERVICE DOGW ARE.LEASCHED IN PUBLIC..

  2. The new stations need to stop calling Emotional Support Animals(ESA) Service Dogs. The dogs that attacked this beautiful LEGITIMATE Service Dog where ESA's not Service Dogs. the ADA does not recognize ESAs and the ADA state emotional issues are not a disability. This beautiful legitimate medical equipment for this poor defense disabled man could have been killed by these ESA. ESA’s are Fake Service Dogs and they are still pet and they not disabled medical equipment for the disabled and they don't HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AS SERVICE DOG MEDICAL EQUIPMENT! It's about time to make ESA's illegal, already over 100+ Service Dog Medical Equipment, a have been mauled to death by ESA's and over 30+ children and adults been bitten by ESA's.

    ESA’s are useless and there is no need for them. There is No medical proof of them being beneficial. The only thing emotional that an ESA dose is cause a Legitimate Service Dog Team GREAT EMOTIONAL STRESS! The ESA originally started as a fashionable fad when Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and The Kardashians for Emotional Support because being famous was oh so stressful for their emotional health. All ESA are is a very bad fashion tread started by Hollywood Celebrities, there is no medical proof and even Stanford University in Palo Alto CA did a ESA study within their psychiatric department and said their is no emotional beneficial gain from ESAs.

    There need a federal law in place that any dog or dogs attacking Service Dog Medical Equpment are to be automatically confinscated and EUTHANIZED by Animal Control!

  3. Let this be a lesson to all those people who justify bringing their pets in by saying:

    We’ll only be there for a minute.

    They never asked before.

    He’s friendly.

    He’s my baby why wouldn’t I take him.

    Emotional support animals are service animals too right?

    Wrong if you can’t leave your dogs at home then don’t get one stop acting entitled we don’t have to put up with your dogs bullshit and you will be fined

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