Service Dog 2017

I joined it for the experience of how to train
a dog and later I found out that it was more than that. Its actually how you’d treat a human being. My name is Chris Matheson and I’ve been here
for three years and I have a year left. I know right now I learn responsibility, a
lot of patience and a lot of education on training dogs. I know Ican go to college for it. I know I can go to JC for it do it is an option
for me. (applause) My name is Mahana Halaweh. I got sentenced to 13 years, split 4 years
on probation, 9 years in custody. It’s changed, especially right now when I
just got the puppies in. People are like “oh my god, what a cute little
puppy.”And its weird, it’s like you have the biggest guy in the room, almost 7 foot guy,
would go down to the floor, pet your pup and have the squeaky voice like how does that
happen. My mind’s like how do you have this big man
who wants to be a tough guy and then nexcxt thing you know you have a dog and it’s like
(squeeky voice). My Name’s Aaron MacFarren and doing 2 1/2
years here at North County. I got about 5 months left. I really like the exposure to the public. We got to speak in front of the grand jury
and do a demonstration for the grand jury which is a pretty big deal. And for North County Facility to trust us
to not do anything stupid, to not say the wrong things, and to say the right things
means a lot, that there’s some sort of trust back in my life where it had been missing
for awhile. My name is Mike and I was sentenced to 5 years
8 months, 3 years 8 months in custody, 2 years out of custody. I joined the service dog program because it
looked like the best thing going for one, I had to enroll in starting point and complete
that and keep my head out of trouble and follow all the rules, just basically be a model inmate,
really I just do everything that was asked of me and don’t have any problems with it. Stay out of trouble. I think Ihave achieved it really, and that’s
learning how to train dogs and it’s really amazing. I’m excited to when I get out I can do it
with my daughter. That’s the most desirable thing out of it
for me right now. Patience and listening and how to synchronize
with your environment and the people around you. Just having a companion, just having a dog,
I mean how can you not like having a dog? (Music)

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