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seniors are I think the most neglected dogs yeah absolutely you know but I just have a heart for seniors like old people [Laughter] old people and dogs yeah I don't care if I have to grieve after a senior passes that I adopt I'll get another one and then I'll grieve again and I'm willing to do that because I think that not a lot of people are there's nothing better than having a dog by your side through a really hard time as you know I mean you're saving a dog from living the rest of their days here but they're also going to give you a lot back yeah they're gonna be my family I don't know I'd love stuff since I was a little girl Humperdinck came to Villalobos back in the California days and he also came from a dogfighting bust in San Bernardino Humperdinck 13 or 14 years old it's hard to know for sure but we are starting to see his age he's starting to have some arthritis and his back legs and he does have a kidney issue which is being managed with medication and with fluids once a week hi Bertie he does have some arthritis as well he is very old but like his spirit is very young when I saw Humperdinck my heart just left with joy I love him too he's like the best of both like if you're like come on Humperdinck let's go for a walk could be like okay let's go for a walk or come on Humperdinck let's just chill and laid out of it okay we can do that too he's she's grain now you know he's gray and he just looks like a little old man he's just so cute wait go home well you know what I've already made my decision oh you did yes Oh what is it Engelbert Humperdinck [Applause] he just fits he fits all my criteria for a dog that I want to help that I want to give a good home to and like a lot of love you know and a lot of belief he's gonna be spoiled but some of them you really think that when they get to this age you really think that they're not gonna they're not gonna make it out oh he's making it out this is my mission the oldest one is my house hyemi we can't be biased but I was hoping that you were gonna pick him yeah I think honestly this is well like I think this was his last chance to to to make it out you know definitely before we say comforting to his new home we're gonna get him to the vet and get him you know checked out one last time and make sure that everything's still going okay okay well we can walk you out and I'll see you soon Humber – yeah you're gonna go I wish you could go with me now all right come on humpy Humpy's coming you know Humperdinck has been with us such a long time this was a special one although we love giving every dog a home I mean we don't care how long they've been with us where they came from I do have to say that watching our California dogs get a home after all these years it does it does make your heart go you're coming up in the world gonna be so much happier having Tanya there Mariah there the twins you know Elise I mean those were all California humans you know and we got a lot of history together let's put em up just put them up take come on humpy because they go in style now he just gets to retire on somebody's couch and spend the rest of his golden years just like a little King all right he's got his happy ending it took him a little bit of time to get there but he's on his way happy trails [Applause] my cousin sook at us amazing I am just so happy I'm exuberant to get Humperdinck I've definitely been jumping up and down the past like three nights you know he's coming he's coming oh so beautiful so have you been very excited I didn't sleep all last night I was a struggling really we've had him for his almost his entire life you know that's so hard and I thought about that I mean I'm not gonna expect too much I'm just gonna give him time to just you know get to know his place kind of get to do me not so orthopedic bad for him okay you know he can get up on the couch he can get up on the chairs he you know I spoil my dogs really I really spoil them yeah this is like having a lot of space for him Hamburg is gonna be part of my family I mean he's it's only me so he's gonna be my better half I'm all prepared I'm all prepared to welcome him into my house happy cry well when I saw Humperdinck I was very happy I waited for him for a long time and he's gonna be my baby he wasn't lady what do you think calm you ready to leave us I'm gonna to convert into the backyard he he did great here actually just laid down and enjoyed being in the grass and it was really sweet to see good job bud this is your home now you're gonna be fine and I think that Bridget's life is gonna be great I mean he has so much happiness to bring and so much joy well I'm gonna give you to your mom now call us with everything anything hump my buddy I love you we're all gonna miss you we're all gonna miss you the best part about having Humperdinck is that I also get a best friend I'm gonna give him all the love and attention that he deserves here I'm gonna give you a hug all right I'll see you guys soon wasn't me later I love them byamba here we are you you

42 thoughts on “Senior Dog Finds A Home To Live Out The Rest Of His Days In Comfort | Pit Bulls & Parolees

  1. Even though he already passed away, we are all happy that even just for weeks we had a home of his own, we'll pray for you humpy!! RIP

  2. I was so happy then the “he passed away 3 weeks later” popped up and now I’m in my room crying ?? glad he got to live the last part of his life with someone who truly loved him ❤️ rip Humperdink

  3. Well, at least he got 3 loving weeks. We did the same for our Momo. Senior Cat that we gave 4 more years of love too.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you folks for loving Humperdink. So heartwarming that he finally got a home with the gem of a lady even if it was just for a short time. Three weeks of love, hugs and kisses, comfy beds, walks, treats and being reminded that he is a good boy. Humperdink's heart was full.

  5. Aww so sad that Humperdinck live only for 3 weeks after adoption…but at least he was able to find some comfort and love for that time..Damn these tears are starting again. RIP Humpy

  6. This clip brought tears to my eyes I am not a person who cries at the drop of a hat! I'm sure glad that old dog had three great weeks and his owner had three great weeks I'm sure!

  7. Rest in peace, beautiful Humpy. I am so glad that he was in a real home with someone who loved him very much. It's such a shame that he didn't get to be spoiled a little longer, but he was in his very own bed. Thank you to everyone who cared about this sweet dog and never gave up on him.

  8. I'm crying. I was thrilled he got a home. I think he was hanging on till he got a home. He was definitely loved. At least his last few weeks he had a home he could call his own ????

  9. He reminds me of our senior Moglie who passed away April 22, 2019…Some how he knew and my heart knew it was time…best 14 yrs …miss you so much Moglie…?

  10. Im not crying your crying ? dogs are soo special and yall better make sure to love your animals every single day like its the last❤️ rip hump

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  12. I am so thankful that he passed knowing a forever home n unconditional love. That 3 weeks was his best in life

  13. When this first aired I cried like a baby. I am beyond ecstatic that Hump finally got his happy ending. I’m so happy for him. Bless this wonderful woman for taking him. I’m heartbroken that he only was in his home for 3 weeks before crossing the rainbow bridge ? hopefully he left with memories of only love and joy that he received at Villalobos and in his home with Bridget ❤️?

  14. Of course, he got to pass the last of his days in bliss and serenity. But only three weeks, after 13/14 years of being 'homeless'? That's just not fair and feels like a punch to the gut.

  15. I’ve had 3 senior adult boxers and saying good bye was very hard but the joy they gave me was immense and permanent.i had them cremated and they’re on my mantle in beautiful wood boxes with their collars on top and picture

  16. I'm happy he was able to feel what living in a loving home felt like, but I'm sad for the sweet woman who loved and adopted the old boy. It made me very sad he had to wait so long. RIP buddy.

  17. Damn invisible onion-cutting ninjas in here… my God, he's got such a sweet face. So happy for them both – and thanks for all you guys do for these sweethearts.

  18. Apologies if I missed it but why did they move the sweet boy from the centerr he had known most of his life? Even if it wasn't technically a "forever home", it had been his "home" for a long time. Rest in peace and blessings to all who showed him kindness and love along the way.

  19. God bless her and hope she continues doing what she does. I too would do the same for any senior animal..when the time comes my dog passes I will definitely get a senior animal since they r the most neglected

  20. It sucks he passed but what a awesome three weeks he had out of the kennel and with his own bed good bless hump for hanging on that long

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