oh yeah fill it up what the hell are y'all going stop giving them freakin shotguns man y'all better stay in there don't move damn it never gonna position this trucks and when we need to get fresh meat we come back and get the dogs thanks man appreciate you running over my merchandise like that never aggressive when I get out engine off and then I can open doors from the back like this I go I need more fresh meat hold on and then go there I'm selling fresh hot dogs you want some hot dog let's treat it out free hot dogs for cops outside 24/7 come over here stupid I'm tuk why are you who are you talking to come here who's that boy answer sirens outside oh hold on one second hello oh oh it's you again do you want free hot dog uh do you know are these your dogs I know these aren't mine do you want three hot dog sure I'll take free hot okay come to me come to me oh wait yeah offices for your work you two come here free hot dogs what it they're free come here it reserved 20 don't be beer just take free hot dog jeez oh shoot hold on I need to go get more meat can you wait for a one second please yeah okay give me one second okay let me just go grab the bat Oh give me one sec everyone what are you doing get him out of my my gosh okay there we go perfect what what are you doing you idiot oh my gosh this kid ruined it or actual have them follow me to do a quick and I'll kill them they're not follow me pugs come on dogs let's go die in the ocean real quick because some kid real the scenario come on merchandise this way let's go die in the ocean well you don't like water alright yeah that's right gather round gather round I'm gonna have a family meeting let's see how this guy reacts to me trying to sell a dog to him real quick these people are really more about car roleplay and nothing else so I'm curious to see how they react to like you know all people are inside they get some dope cars out here though my frames are not liking this one bit hit ah knock knock I come in hey hello hi um I'm selling hot dogs does anybody watch them yeah you want a hot dog okay come outside follow me uh-huh I make you fresh dog how's that son back here I make you fresh hot dog real quick hey come here come here come here now I'm gonna make you a fresh hot dog come here oh oh no how no where you going hey I just killed the flesh dog for you bringing the dogs inside I come on my little minions let's go inside come on oh I bring free dogs first hot dog hey do you want a fresh hot dog you don't want fresh hot dog they're free Heidi was fresh hot dog I mean they they come cooked no they don't come alive let me let me cook one oh can we show you no no no no I'm gonna have to ask you to cook your food outside or something do you attend a fresh hot dog made with real dog thank you I'd find how about to make my dog lover get out of here actually I pick my business on us run either enemies got it I heard mm deep eyes it has a lot of dogs oh they buy a lots of nnd what is that that right there you two go bug go so you take the highway down all the way down you'll see a building on the left it says you two'll it's right there they buy it Oh the one near sandy shores yes yes that one right there if you look at Twitter he dropped a pin so you can just go to him his name is real life player okay got it thank you so much and goes by thank you so much Hey make sure you bring lots of Duggars okay lots of like $20 okay I will I promise I would thank you so much come on come on merchandise this way okay this time we're Tina sells they were selling dogs and then be like we're gonna be confused when they're like wait white you don't want him killed that's how we do it back in whatever Asian country I'm from what's through the Philippines since I'm Filipino which dude the Philippines he said bring lots of dago's so uh we're bringing lots of dog cuz we're gonna drive super slow for this one oh my gosh guys you better not die back there don't you fall out again I got the dog I was in the back the leash is there the test when they got this car from best best in various I am just going door-to-door trying to start off my business by selling dogs do you want a dog yes I'll stay here that dog just stay here I'll bring the merchandise here stay here y'all ready to come out meet your new owner come on come on let's go get over here or do you want the dog I'm selling them cute henna they're so cute the odds one the fresh do you want one I think three of your dogs died oh yeah that happens when they you know they do be a lot one okay cool just let me let me prepare them for you give me one second look I'll never mind it just vanished I'll be inside okay yeah yeah I'm sorry I didn't mean to hit you hey that's my merchandise careful boys yet don't kill dogs hey I killed them for you they are you ready take two take one ready for lunch so I do you honestly want it now they're much better they're much better like oh no I'm calling my gun whoa whoa what what what I don't understand about even why are you guys so freaked out to be this is a norm back in Asia I don't understand it's not here in America here in America we love it right from the dogs right now I don't understand oh wait hey again they follow me they under master for now tell them to sit I know what now you know do you do you not want them I don't understand no I don't want dead dogs I don't want dead dogs live dogs oh I mean like like I can't I gave them poison earlier they're gonna they're gonna die like right the back now oh yeah there it goes so I'm what do you know what I don't feel like putting them back in my truck so you can have them okay bye no you know no come come it's weird come here I didn't mean to do that alright have fun with them they're pretty good just make sure you season them with casseon season them with cat nails and then put them in a you know make sure you share with the dog Fred up okay okay I never so they were all like oh they're so cute and then just freakin hit him with the bat


  1. While I was watching this as they were “cooking” the dogs I looked outside (I was in the car) and saw a rspca adoptions centre sign and a scuba dog wash place and I was just like is that a coincidence

  2. He should be a Uber driver who does business like kill and get money and crazy stuff for a vid and if he should like this so he can see this comment at the very top ?

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