Self Groomer by Catit – Cat Product Unboxing

Whatsup everyone! And welcome to Just A Cat Lover A channel where we do reviews and unboxing on all cats related. So you don’t have to. So let’s start unboxing Disclaimer, product are not sponsored or influenced by any 3rd party. And are solely purchase by myself The price as of this recording are as follows: Instruction could be found on the paper cover. So please do check it out You could cut on the dotted lines on the box, or simply open via the box flap More detail instruction, on installation and placement of catnip can be found on the box Items in the box are: Sticky tape Catnip Self Groomer And the Registration card Installation are simple Just flip the groomer at the back And place the sticky tape accordinging at the middle portion of the groomer Pick a corner wall. And ensure that the groomer is install level to the cat face height For myself I will just place on the dirt on the wall. Which is actually cause by the cat rubbing on it. Remove the paper on the tape. And install firmly on the corner wall My first attempt to place the catnip in the groomer was an epic fail Instructions are on the box, so please do read carefully Hence I lost a pack of catnip Here is the proper way of placing the catnip in the groomer First remove the cover by squeezing it and you notice there is a hole on the left and on the right Guess I will be using the catnip from Catit And I will link the video on the card above Just change the catnip configuration to the pouring mode And slowly pour inside the hole Stop! When it is nearing to the brim of the first hole Lastly, give the cover a little squeeze to place it back Support our channel by clicking on the like button, subscribe and ring the notification button to get updates on future videos

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