yo vector is gaming identity we have awesome video today guys and this is crazy Argos this video is crazy if you guys don't know Isaac has added the 400 million egg and welcome simulator now in this egg there is a lot of things I only had two of the legendary putts and not even the most linear but and then there is a secret pen the game which I'll be showing you guys so I only act these two but someone amazing help me out for today's video and it is oh gosh it is this guy with the Pringles shirt alright sukiyaki is helping me out with today's video and he hatched not awesome legendary pet and then legendary prep for the 400 million egg is going to be the Kraken now he named it ugly so I'm gonna keep it like that so let's go over here equip this now here is a Kraken it looks amazing or is it looks amazing if hysterics is staring to its ilakaka tub oh my gosh you look cute and at the same time kind of weird because of the kind of scary because it's not electricity going through you alright um so yeah that and this is the cracking guys it is super old Pete it gives this is when it's maxed out in level but for prestige I'm in chat for 11,000 6266 bubble 37,000 hundred seventy five coins 52,500 jumps twelve thousand five hundred forty-seven pearls now before we test these pets out and everything guys if he did not know camera semilunar has just been released all the new updates and everything guys it has been released to everyone that's watching don't forget to smack the like man on this game if you guys do want to free robux cuz roblox is actually gonna give out some give me twenty thousand robots to walk it out so if you guys do you want to win it right now guys comment down below right now how much real books you want in your roblox username okay then once you do that hit the like button on this video hit the like ground this video go down the description below and then there's camera simulator click the like button on it all right click the like botton now if this is a let's just say a thousand likes only get out a lot of robots so every guy's watched you just tick to like rap I might give it out so yeah to random person that has select wooden on the game also and when I was watching if you go on the leaderboard on this game all do a random random are guys random winner that is in leaderboard so you guys gotta grind if you guys do want to win that way too and of course you guys do on some family information on description below and game passes are here and shop button in the game will be added soon by few guys one game passes you got a click from the roblox page and click store then you can get this stuff from here and these do work by the way like VIP will give you 1 point 5 point boost and VIP camera and tag above you alright so really nice there we every team we're doing some codes as well it will be on my twitter twitter link is down description below as well all right guys let's get into this now first code let me just show you guys is going to be 400 and Argus 400m and that one would that one who ball give you two times hatching speed for 15 minutes alright guys now what we're gonna do is gonna open up a chest and this and the injunction now remember this is 50 thousand times so remember this is one prep guys and we get one point 89 billion so almost two billion gems from that now the Kraken also does give pearls so let's go over to Atlantis over here and see how be pros week again actually I don't think I locked everything yeah I still don't unlock everything cuz I'm bubble over simulator I kind of to find a second I'm not doing that much but let's go over here I think there's a chest where the first one is it just I don't know all right this is rewards oh my goodness guys okay let's see how much one tiny progams fifty thousand pearls guys not tell me pros against 58,000 now let's go back over here and remember the pearls is twelve thousand times twelve thousand times pros so let's go check this out guys the water chest and that is 15 million and remember guys this is the worst chest the wars chest out there and he's 52 million with one pet by the way one pup that's pretty good adage without two x pros because I don't have that game fast is that when we broke on roblox so yeah um all right so let's go to here back home and let's go ahead and check this ugly guy out now he hasn't really cool.i it's make those a roblox eyes that are huge and then go all the way around your head as one two three four five six tentacles it's a Kraken head that looks like that really cool uh and what is a percent chance of getting this some of you guys might say well it's really a lot it's like crazy so let's get into that now it's cracking so it comes up of this egg now this is a secret pet so to hatch it is zero point zero zero zero zero one five three percent chance and it's that basically beads one out of 6.5 million eggs so one out of six and a half million and you're gonna get it basically and then if you have a lucky chances game passed then it is zero point zero zero zero zero three zero six sorry about that and that is that means one out of three point 25mm so half of the 6.5 so still guys how many how much did he even hatch he has two hundred thousand eggs opened and he probably opened lusts to get the crackin so if you're lucky you know he could go and get it and then you need obviously luck boost and everything so there we need some coats right everyone needs some coach for boosts so it's good to this next coat guys down this next coat is gonna be Thanks and I will give you three times shiny chance for 15 minutes that boost then next coat is going to be mythical and mythical we'll all give you a few tips Shelley boost for 20 minutes so stacks next coat is gonna be Tomcat and Tomcat I'll give you five minutes of two times hatching speed by already redeemed it redeemed it then next cos gonna be ancient times which you're going to be 15 minutes of two times of 30 times shiny chance which are deep I will give you three times on each edge for 15 minutes all right now I'm gonna cause you be even give up I give up one two three four five great now let's get it to some more codes now this next code is going to be in the past now that one will go in 15 minutes of two times hatching speed and there's gonna be oh mucho call give you toots hot 20 minutes of two times look there's gonna beat Atlantis hats would you go get beaut oh you wanna see him valid and once his hats would you're gon give you Vic you mess up too tight at your speed and we gave how many codes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 then it's going to be secret luck code which you're gonna give you 15 minutes of 2 times look and then next code is going to be bunny which will gon give you 15 minutes of T times hat you speak so those are the 10 codes in bulk of simulator and this Kraken is just amazing it I gotta say that it is just amazing of how it looks I wish keep it guys I wish I could keep it but if you guys know any one with the shiny cracking if you know anyone what's this awesome amazing shiny crack and let me know in the comment section down below if you have any friends with this shiny version let me know guys cuz I really want to see a shiny version of the crackin so let me know that alright guys really want to see that probably looks really cool and he looks just amazing just going around man alright so there we go guys don't forget about that ads don't get to go like camera simulator and play guys game passes are on everything is on there's 169 players in the game at the moment to people in console that's kind of funny um but yeah don't forget to go ahead and hit the like button on camera Samuel cab or a simulator if you guys do wants a free roll book sleep with it either like where this video copy down below how much you guys warmed um other than that I don't think there's anything else I need to say anyway guys I'm gonna I'm gonna go now so see you later boys bye guys see ya actually before I go before I go I want to see how much one tiny corner gives let's go OOP floundered King okay that that's that's a lot of coins guys that is a lot of quite just for these tiny ones that isn't will have a pile a million okay I'm done with this cracker guys I'm just done bye guys I'm done I'm just done I'm done and I got so many bubbles bro

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  1. My user is tythtytg I really want rbx so I can buy equip five more pets I've begged my mom for rbx but he won't let me I will give you a plat dual if you can just give 1000 rbx

  2. 1,500 Robux please Roblox Name: AshFromPalletTown182

    I Will use it on compasses and Cosmetics PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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