45 thoughts on “Secret Life of Pets – Lovely Day by Bill Withers

  1. he copied this from a youtuber so i disliked it and the graphics are pretty bad for you mr trumpet vivek idot duck

  2. Did anyone notice that there was a minion at 1:08 near the lamp of the kid like if you agree with me or if you saw it.

  3. i'm british. i live in exeter uk devon south west i was born 5th july 2008 i'm 10 my name is george fredwick port yesterday i went to the cinima with my mum to see secret life of pets 2 and when we got of the s bus on the corner of sidwell street where zebra crossing is we walked down to the odean and i had nachos with cheese but not the salad because i hate the one with salad anyway at the end when max started talking my mum thougt this song was playing and it was not

  4. This music is a copy ( or inspiration, idk ) from Twista – Sunshine.

    Edit: Actually, Twista – Sunshine is the one who copied this music.

  5. I low key want to live in that city. like, it’s so sick looking at night, lots of urban things to climb onto and shit

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