Secret Life of Pets Hunt Hunt for Wiggles and Waggles with The Assistant

hey assistant you got baby born bathtub right take a bath they can play with Matt that's right Marik some secret life of pets is coming over to play with the Wiggles and levels right yeah Blaine want them to be clean dog well that'll be perfect for good more laps yeah let's go get wiggles and waters JimBob okay I can't wait did you hear that dude all here why was he said he wants us to take it back I don't wanna take it back no wait I'm gonna go hide but I don't mind taking a bath well you need a high – he's gonna have to look for both of us I'm not taking a bath i out there Roberts duck mr. engineer do that we'll go to Michael's no you Sosa get on you got a rubber duckie dad that's full of water well that's great but we got a five-way little waggles yeah we're trying to get away from taking a bath or thing yeah all right so let's see we've gotten lots of places they can be do you think during the waterslide the water that would not make a lot of sense that they're trying to support a bath or down we're ready you're gonna come down well there she go you see anyone uh something's in there what is endles it's please it's blazing basement bar sufficient right it looks like they're awesome paw Patrol yep I'm sorry okay all right why don't you go down to one by one more time I'll go down again you ready watch her all the way down she's coming you see you're down there here she comes I think you got us what okay okay people here she goes are you ready can you go any other ways okay the next one's inside of it yeah he pushes belly talks right there's wood okay wiggle literally gotta go right okay we're going for you yeah yeah use the water honey this doesn't know you're getting in the face all right you gotta turn around so she doesn't just spray your face good job all right so we wait now you think it's ready to eat it what right Wiggles love water yeah I don't know why he didn't want to take it back I hate yours Raggles being a bad influence on him yeah – get him – get him all cleaned off how's that one second I have a parrot oh you need the rubber duckie yeah you can do it right now it's back there you go that's okay I'll let you try to play with it oh you love the rubber duckie definitely yeah we should probably find waggles we need to find waggles don't we yeah I don't think he likes that yeah okay assistant so we did Wiggles of that well you got really really wet we're just giving him a bath yeah let's just baby splash me slowly Wiggles all right let's look over here on your magic carpet you see anything carpet little Wiggles oh what's that thing it's a cigarette that's fine then run blind box wine box okay let's open it it's fun riding on this wheel of your magic carpet don't we know so we've got to have the play date formats Wiggles and wagons right I hope yet snow mom oh how are you captain snowball he's so funny yeah let's open up whoa find me it's the ultra-rare captain snowball oh really altered snowball no Max's brother you know the adopted one only men do yes you're right Elise dude looking people helmet she found to be funny your fuzzy you know what that means what we don't you forget the waggle right this is cool monkey magic whenever he comes over and plays it's really homesick brother it's reducing maybe winkles our waggles is high up top I don't see waggles either let's go okay I said let's go down the slide we gotta find waggles good job all right now let's go over here by the tent there's max in a second right and look here's the campground remember when you went camping with widows or waggles there's a s'more set and look like like if you push right there TV show the fire supercool dammit let's look inside that tent there's next they were gonna have a big sleepover tonight that was a big surprise Oh looks like max oh lucky front with a bully and bingo more dogs that's a Mickey Mouse tick mm-hmm maybe we should maybe we should keep looking for where could it be I don't know we need someone to try to help us find max yeah I mean help us find waggles yeah let's go see let's look back at that say it one more time okay okay so they want a little right right yeah max so they can play with them oh that's right so there's max right you saw how he plays right let's do it one more time so we can show the people at home okay you push down on him like that and you close right let's try over here by your here he goes ready so put the B inside its mouth you allagash cool toy in the whole world that's his favorite toy how did you whack over like that's right here recognize whats max doing go to the house yeah we'll see what's inside of their assistant yeah what's inside of the house we found you puppy you wanna kick it back he's going to get back together got him let's take it over the top okay okay radicals describe ticket bass if you can play with Mack you have to be all clean right and I try to go in those didn't do it let's take that help put him in whoa I don't think you like that part yes well I'll use this player right right oh boy did you master little that stick we had a look all over for you Yeah right it's just so we did the waterslide you want a mr. man we went down your slide we found the tent and we felt lots of cool things including like what it and the funny from tønsberg oh yeah we found the jelly bean all kinds of fun things I can't might not have found it Wiggles a waggle had escaped yeah people hope widows and waggles get in trouble I don't know leave a comment let us know remember to subscribe what assistant the engineering family that's right okay sister should we try to have was going in it I think he's okay yeah hey there everyone thanks for watching our video now make sure that you subscribe to the engineering family sixty lots of cool videos back there's another cool video right there you can select and watch it I think you're really gonna like it is a teaming with Sony paw Patrol surprise eggs frozen flame Basha there are so many videos to watch bye

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