Secret Life of Pets Hunt at the Paw Patrol Lookout Tower with the Assistant and Wiggles

Hey look everyone assistant services giant maids and the paw patrol lookout tower to try to find max in the secret life of pets let's go yes it that we're in the home troll lookout tower yeah hey you know what labels are waggles I could have a play date with Matthew secret live attack yeah wait a minute max left us all kinds of clues to try to find them right yeah let's go you can go down side first I'll go down the slide first we gotta look around the lookout tower we've gotta try it maze right right and then try to find them so I'll go down the slide first then the assistants going down going down the slide so I'm down now if the existence turned to come down the slide alright yeah we're ready good job well here at the paw patrol lookout tower you've got to find max wiggles and waggles right I don't know oh yeah this is rubbles digger right right it's chase chase what are you doing in the digger that's where Hubble's dinner not yours yeah we'll put him right here that's really we gotta find max though yeah way Levante level or does anything inside the lookout tower it's a lamp from Aladdin isn't it yeah let's rub it yeah yeah so that is the Lamborghini did you match up that force it's a very bright damn I take down cheese look at Marshall's fire yeah we found the Tigger down popsicles Marshall think it's time to go inside the maze let's go yeah thank you oh right right you might need to I love your strawberry kind of its kind of dress but namely shirt right right I'll hold that – okay cuz she's open up what do you want to find you I will find out – I wanna find holding I mean not gonna gasp boy captain snowball you wanna find captain snowball yeah it looks like we found two kitchens right we found this digit and we found the one in the blind box right right let's put her in there little pup still have to find easy not too fine legal okay that's a dead end over there so we should probably okay there's another way we found you yeah I'll take right let's keep going what did you okay let's keep going this way right finally we found max no you gotta find Wiggles right right oh it's a dead end number 10 thing if I was on the right track you must have been we grab the stuff here and then let's keep going inside the maze okay yeah he was bad he was a bad dog and baddest and waggle all right awesome there's Wiggles and every got max get ready for plating so why does this turn to hide witness your turn to hide soon max is captain Max's County Oh guess what our people home what do you think about this video do you think they did a good job playing with the assistant I think they did so we went through the maze we gotta clean the pulp to look out our we found chase and Marshall right right and we found on a snowball pet secret life a pet i and we found man yeah Gidget oh and the lemons lamp right yeah that was so cool Oh Cameron what should they do make sure you subscribe and ask your parents if you can leave a comment right right hey there everyone thanks for watching our video now make sure that you subscribe to the engineering family 60 laps the cool videos back there's another cool video right there you can select and watch it I think you're really gonna like it is a team umizoomi paw Patrol surprise eggs frozen flame Masha there's so many videos to watch bye

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  1. 'Really fun for everyone' is the word for it. I am 12 years old, and watching your videos since I was 7. Keep up the great work! ?

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