Secret Life of Pets has the Assistant becoming a Puppy by Romeo with PJ Masks

they can talk I can understand that that's so cool I want to become a puppy – okay tiny now he'll be a good boy from this Becca okay okay Daisy now I know you're a good pup so be really good for Miss Becca and when we get home I'll give you lots of treats all right snowball dude you are definitely the coolest pit in here but uh listen to miss Becca all right I will be controlled by no one snowball dude did you say something okay back you be a good boy okay now make sure you listen to miss Becca all right good boy Oh Gidget you must behave you are my special girl aren't you um excuse me pet parents mom hi I can do now I'll take care of your pets for the next hour so you guys can do they must have had a lot of things to you yeah I can definitely step away for a bit you wanna tell me the 500 things that you love about me all right pets the coast is clear oh sorry guys I'm so glad we can talk now I sure do love my owner bud oh it's so nice to get a break from working well for me it's nice to get away Oh sometimes my owner is so neat oh yeah I love ya we have a break can we please go so carrot cake I am so hungry just Hong Kong man talking about food lately super Audrey I would love to go for it club sandwich right now well shall we only feeds me organic so whatever we kids can it please be sugar free gluten free soy free and daily free man taste free oh no thank you I'm sorry did I just hear that that puppy just asked for some organic food wait they can't talk I can understand that that's so cool I want to become a puppy too now I can go play with them excuse me oh I could really go for a milkshake who is that snowball he'll be rude Oh what's your name my name is no my name is Ashley welcome Ashley you can play with us did someone say play I have a fun game rodeo what are you doing here Oh so many questions well I have a question for you what do people love more than anything they're children and pets what is your pull out man with crazy hair my point is if I capture you little pets I can easily know I'll try to take over the world one loss at a time now that I have all of these pets I will train them to be my girls don't worry guys Becca will save us Mike you are so funny what's 398 I want to hear it again that was our only hope Oh No now to figure out who I want to train first guys I have a plan how about we bark as loud as we can and they don't want us out I guess that's worth the try try guys how you try to annoy by making so much noise that's not gonna work I carry a spare pair of earplugs gotcha dude why did you get so loud all of a sudden now who should I train oh I bet you I'm really loud because of these earplugs I'll tone it down a bit who shall I train first no puppy but we don't know you maybe I can try and show up the lock it's not working how are we gonna get out of here y'all I really think my plan might work you with the really big ears come with me Oh oh no guys he's got tiny okay listen to me but all push against the doors that land will pop open and we all can escape okay on the count of three why we got you Romeo come with us oh no gotta go I am in so much trouble well my I guess I should tell you my secret assistant I told y'all to trust the new puppy okay sure sure you did ton of fun all right that was great good job you guys on the mission I assisted thanks for your home so Romeo needs all of his doodads to make the best straight machine ever and that way we'll steal all the go ah here we go Romeo needs here you go boss you're all the gadgets you need excellent hahahaha The Incredibles the PJ masks the paw patrol of the supers won't know what hit him they thought that they caught me but no my first plan this morning was just a decoy now this time they won't see me coming I can't wait to take all the gold and garuda mick ducks golden mansion hahaha and I'll need my gadgets to make the ultimate evil tool here now but what is his plan now nobody can stop us first we'll take over the mansion and next we'll take over the world it was so easy tricking the assistant and all of those supers and behold the shrinker Dinka doodler 3000 ah now that I just shrink down the mansion and take it all by myself it's nice to see you again assistant a hat you think you're gonna fail my plan again well I don't think so don't worry Ricky raccoon the assistant won't be in our way she's too tiny to stop us now let's move on to our mission to take over all the gold away from the goal I don't think so Romeo you thought you could try and trick us with only one sneaky scheme today but we taught you all thanks to the assistant assistant where'd she go I got it I'll get you next time hey there everyone thanks for watching our video now make sure that you subscribe to the engineering family sixty lots of cool videos back there's another cool video right there you can and watch it I think like it is a team umizoomi paw Patrol surprise eggs frozen fling Masha there are so many videos to watch by

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