'Secret Life Of Pets 2' | Unscripted | Dana Carvey, Lake Bell, Bobby Moynihan

people said to me hey you're you're actually technically in a movie with Harrison Ford and when they asked me that I was on on a diving board near a pool I said I don't care and then I jumped and that's really future no sorry hi everyone welcome to Moviefone unscripted I'm Dana I'm Lake what I'm Bobby and Andrew f in Burbank California tasks as an animal activist what's one issue that you would like people to be more aware of here's what I think I think people should without a doubt always adopt and it's kind of obvious but I think it's really important because there's always like if you're out for a puppy you're like I got it I'm set on a puppy that's fine there's puppies to adopt if you're out for like an older gentleman or gentle woman who have been already potty trained and knows what it's doing that's also an adoptive thing so I just think you got it up you gotta do it Bobby honey you've done this voice for several animal characters yeah you come up with a unique voice for each one I don't oh I try to do whatever the director wants you know it's usually some sort of a shy or somewhat adorable animal Yeah right right ladies hey guys did you hear that what Tony em in Cleveland Ohio wanted a Bobby that's more yeah I was talking to Tony em in Cleveland Ohio and he wanted me to ask Dana Carvey a question okay he said where did the boys from pops come from don't be so dramatic but yes probably meditation pops pops pops pops pops I did that for a couple weeks yeah and finally I insisted a lot of my voice sessions no it's basically it's from an actor called lionel barrymore that's the core of it and then I used it in other times in my life on sale right live oh yeah I'm Lionel Barrymore from It's a Wonderful Life your father you know so do it frighten your parents makes your friends look up It's a Wonderful Life lionel Barrymore and thank you very much when you were a kid yeah gene cartoons whatever what was your comes to mind is one that I was on like Filmation like he-man you know like Thundercats that was my era though I know I'm older but also younger well there was a thing called my very first one was Felix the Cat black-and-white late 50s yeah yeah Felix the Cat was really cool and then Clutch Cargo or cheap animation they just matted the voices the mouths were moving inside inside the little cheap animation then it was el Kabong it was Yosemite Sam hey Lake oh hey yes what Gina T on Instagram Gina – I love it is your favorite part of voicing Chloe oh I think my favorite part of voicing Chloe is that my daughter thinks I'm a tiny hero because it's pretty cool she thinks that it's pretty groovy that that I play Chloe from secret life pets whoa whoa whoa hold on now you got to learn how to act like a cat so Roger and in Salt Lake City Utah yes um is asking Bobby yes um as the king of impressions did Dana inspire any of your character ISM voice of course yeah I mean well yeah my I grew up watching SNL so everything everything was was SNL for a very long time in my life kind of still is this is from starlet a and Yonkers New York very strong what do you think pops the character that you might would have been like as a puppy very very cranky I think he was born old I have a question what do you think of in the movie who's the cuddliest character Oh Chloe I know Chloe a little bit lower legs it's a pillow but she's like get away from me I wonder what other sounds I could make Liz M on Facebook is asking all of us you guys know Liz Liz you can now all say that you have been in a movie with Harrison Ford is this a dream come true that is a true thing Gus got two things in this life his water bowl and his dignity I'm thrilled I love Harrison Ford yeah yeah he's an amazing range of an actor the everyman who also can be funny and dramatic this is him right here do you guys have a pet do you guys know I not currently out we had a cat for 18 years yes ginger ginger fish fish and here now you do not anymore so you have no pets yeah at some point yeah we're probably gonna get her probably gonna get her a bunch of pets you're gonna sit down on the dog probably we're gonna adopt four dogs okay six cat like that we're thinking about trying out a little manatee in a tank backyard that was weird Oh sister it's gonna get way weirder I have pets now I have a dog that's like a classic American might called Texas and the excess that's a good dog my old girl who died my one that I had for 15 years was Margaret and now we have two lizards one's called happiness and the other ones named tree that's because I have a four year old who named it and then we had to tube golden orb weaver spiders named eita and Lila also named by the floor you have a pet spiders buddy we had boots boots and Pepe's so Pepe was what's a big role I'd watch that baby poodle and and boots boots that it was a black cat with white feet so we came up with this I don't know why they came up with boots but it looked like he's wearing boots thank you so much movie phone unscripted go and see a secret life of pets due on June 7 June 7th June severe bye thank you have this summer

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