41 thoughts on “Secret Life of Pets 2 Review: WHO CARES?

  1. Something funny about this slice of coal is the fact that in my country has the name Home Alone

  2. Good to know, THANKS SPEX!! I didn't know the name of that cat anime until you brought it up… Also I still want a new Darkwing Duck after that plot twist, they just have to bring it back at this point! Getting bored of waiting for the McDuck Family

  3. I hate this movie. Why? The advertisements. There had them way too much, and EVERYWHERE. I was going goddamn mental ?

  4. 7:07 HOLY CRAP Y E S
    I’ve been waiting for someone to talk about this series since it came out.

  5. i watched my roommate as a cat, while my 2nd cat Riley went missing. I eventually found him after praying (thanks god) but i can say the show got my through his absence

  6. You think You Story 4 is going to be any better? Please curb your enthusiasm . . . Wait. That's another show I could watch instead!

  7. I don't care. I even kept RE-LOADING a video when I got an ad.

    Also, for something so bad it's good, watch the room.

  8. BOI I SAW THAT YYH OVA. You never ask and I never knew you watched it! I wish people would talk to fans (including myself) a lot more

  9. I adore the new ducktales. It is one of my favourite series ever and I would die for all these ducks. Please review the new ducktales

  10. I love that I thought there was no reason for me to listen to this, but I had no idea Yu Yu Hakusho was on Hulu! Thanks!

  11. Nothing but another cash grab from an animation Studio that cares about cash grabs

  12. i loved my roommate is a cat a friend recommended it to me and after the 1st episode i waited awhile but then binged the entire season i so hope it gets another season

  13. Thanks to you I just watched all of svtfoe season 4 because I didn't know it was even out yet! I cried about 27 times!

  14. I forgot that there was even a sequel to Secret Life of Pets. Especially when I forgot all about the first movie.

  15. A movie that thinks it's funny to have a bigger dog rip a cone off a smaller dog is funny. Screw off Illumination, just screw off with that Shit!!

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