Secret Life Of Pets 2 Review (@RebelTaxi) A Worse Sequel Than Dark Phoenix

31 thoughts on “Secret Life Of Pets 2 Review (@RebelTaxi) A Worse Sequel Than Dark Phoenix

  1. I knew it was already going to be shut when I forcefully had to watch the trailer in the cinema

  2. Pan are you gonna review Brightburn? I wouldn't have known of it if you didn't mention it in the podcast and I enjoyed it a lot despite it's problems

  3. At least this movie doesn't have a hypocritically terrible message attached to it like Ugly does. It's just stupid.

  4. That kid's face… it's terribly familiar…
    Oh right, it's the face of every non-main human character Illumination's ever done.
    This is it folks, the prototypical Illumination Human is now defined.

  5. Not there best but far form there worst film in there catalog.
    Lorax is still regarded in my eyes as the worst film because not only the film was crap but paper advertising for the film probably cut down more trees than they probably could ever save.

  6. Ha!
    Everyone in my fam and friends loves pets 2
    And some people are harsher than u
    In fact
    U can't make pets lovers feel bad

  7. Personally i like the movie and think it's good. However it's not worth going to see it in the theaters over stuff like Godzilla, Aladdin, or Detective Pikachu. It's better to get it on DVD when it comes out.

  8. The amount they advertise this movie in Australia is staggering, I hope it goes away and everyone soon forgets it even existed

  9. That one chinsey looking dog looks like it was made in another studio.. it doesn't even look like Minions grade crap animation..
    That one dog looks too disney to be in this movie

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