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this is the one review where it's actually okay for peach to come in here and constantly interrupt us everyone's mirin I'm Michele speech yes and I didn't see this movie either to peach they don't allow dogs in movie theaters despite how many letters I keep writing them this is the review for secret life of pets too she saw and I was busy hating and I did like the first one so I was curious first one actually it's definitely my favorite illumination movie yeah I'll give them that there's an easy bar to walk over but still by the way before we get into the review I've got one correction and one announcement I'm going to go ahead and make you at the top of the show first correction in our Dark Phoenix review I said they never said the name of the aliens in there I got someone who contact me and said yes I did it was during this moment I was like I watched that moment and I did not see it like it wasn't like I was distracting them but when I was looking in man I did not catch that at all but face someone out there said they said so I trust you on that so I was wrong about that they say what the name of His grace was that's I literally just said they said what the name of the race like what the Oh was that great rice that what they were yes yes yes I had to look it up but yeah they do say that is that race still 100% different than how they're in the comics and I still stand by them being the worst villain in any comic book movie but I'll give you this they did say the name of them in there so there's that as for the announcement for him I was into video games III is currently going on so we're gonna be streaming all the conferences we're going to be chatting hanging out as that's happening over at Georgia TVs let's refresh stories you go over there hit subscribe if you want to follow that alright so on do they review yes so what is this one about um well Duke and matches owner gets married and has a kid this happens within the first five minutes of the mortgage there was like no like his the last one like there was nothing about like a boyfriend or anything in there no wait like I said like they like it's basically like a review of what happens in between this movie and the last okay it's like oh well I was not expecting that and you know max grows fond of the little kid his name is Liam and you know he's ends up being very protective of the the little the little boy is like most dogs are yeah yeah and because of that he starts to realize there's a lot of scary stuff in New York City for a little kids okay okay because in the trailers you see him like he's too nervous no it's like especially if a dog like grows up like spends most of his life in New York he starts to get used to those things so it's like oh that makes way more sense but I understand I'm not wanting to like spoiled that I guess and so that's why he gets so knit anxious and when he starts getting anxious he starts scratching himself which is why he's not getting neutered because I thought that – yeah all right so it is it's a dog with social anxiety disorder all right it's I guess I'm putting a cone on a dog is funnier than giving the dog medication yeah there's no story about just giving a dog medication like yeah cuz just like this one segment where he tries to get his ball that's stuck underneath a coffee table and his cones in the way so you know for the gags yeah it's I'm just thinking about those like that's not does that actually is that thing that they do where they get like dogs who are too nervous like just come like dogs are scratching those stores but then again like I don't know how most of us would be able to tell the difference between the dog scratching itself because it's a nervous wreck and scratching itself because it has like a condition like a physical you don't know hard about this know like especially one secret life of pets but like and the first one they literally have like an underground rebellion against humans I know that's the con okay so I'm assuming that they have to send Max and Duke off to a farm to get away from the city because that's what it looks like in the trailer it's more of a vacation okay like a little road trip I guess like basically so the humans are there with them yes but the trailers maybe they just get rid of the door upstage yes get rid of the dogs and they tell Liam oh they went up to the countryside and because that's what they always tell little kids when their dog is put down yes well like that's what the trails may look like it may it look like oh this is for the kids out there for when their parents dog back his owner her husband who's name is Chuck that's not really important but Chuck has an uncle who lives on a farm so that's where they go they're basically like visiting like a family member okay like enjoying the countryside and all that stuff so well there's actually like three different plot lines going on in this movie they look like it from the trailer yeah the trailer is because I kept looking at the trailers and it's like okay that the farm they're upstate okay all right that makes sense why is the rabbit in like a luchador outfit and what is the cat doing in there with a bunch of other like I'll explain okay so the rabbits snowball he has his own like little plotline he like tall like his kid is been obsessed with superheroes so like that's why he's dressed up in a superhero country to get an owner of the noise remember yeah like basically like like a little kid like finds him and like it takes him home in like snowball is just so happy that if it gets all about the remember those yes so like so because of that like whenever like snow black he thinks he is a superhero because of all that of other playing and pretending so like whenever his kid goes off to school he's like out on the fire escape like patrolling the area for crime guess I need something to do with him all right yeah and there's turns out there actually is us crime that he has to like like open yeah like basically it's an annual animal rescue oh you mean he's rescuing he's rescuing an animal I thought you meant he had to stop an animal rescue team no no no no no okay so I guess he's stopping PETA [Laughter] like the new Pokemon yes I like PETA point out the babes I don't share your sheep and like Osby there's no one here about farms go yourself yes you don't know anything about sheep you in so anyway okay Munna wake up sheeple no anyway so that's one plot line then there's a plot line with Gidget the Pomeranian oh yes Max's girlfriend yes okay which normally have much of relationship here because you know matches away at the forest they don't really have much of a development but they don't have mutter relationship here we get the Illuminations whole plan for when they make animated films is just what ideas do we have for other movies into this illumination does illumination is not very interested in building things like and Despicable Me grew getting a girlfriend is like the most development they have had of anything and there's like twin brother comes into the mix they're hard okay but yeah like all of the illumination sequels are always just I don't know we had an idea that's it and that's kind of what this is sounded like to me like we're like three ideas for stories that kind of maybe she's like one of them show up in a movie but sound like the other ones were like animated shorts that should have come on before the movie almost but go on alright so with Gidget like max MECs get like before max goes on a trip he gets his favorite toy which is like a little squeaky bumble ball bumblebee ball and he's like Gidget I want you to take care of a busy bee this is my favorite toy please don't let anything bad happen to him and she gets like really excited like oh he's like her little kid and you're the father and I'm the mother and it was a bit stalker as yeah yeah she was very obsessive with Max but like thankfully she kind of like what was Charlie Brown's sister's name Oh Lucy yeah no Lucy was the one who random oh yes I'm sorry Sally yes Sally enlight is I was thinking of Lucy and Schroeder yes that also got Wow the peanuts okay baby yes you know he's gonna remind me of like that yeah yeah um so by accident she drops the busy bee out of her part of the window and it lands into like the an apartment of a low lady who has a whole bunch of cats okay by the way it's not the crazy old lady she's just like very sweet I've known oh yeah yeah she's very sweet but like she's so she can't really see you're here do anything so like literally her catches like take over the entire apartment so she has no idea what's going on so Gidget goes to Chloe the cat she's like that's a big fat cat right yes the only cat honestly I'm trying to get most driven yeah okay yes sorry I guess there was only one cat yeah I mean the alley cats but they were in the first movie okay so she's like I need you to teach me to be a cat so I can infiltrate this apartment and get busy be back so there's that that's their blog yes do any of these pots intersect very end and it honestly did not seem like it they needed to yeah okay that's the vibe I was getting from the trailers is that it feels like you have story a and then they're like motor geysers and some of the other characters there all right fine it'd be kind of like if in the Toy Story films buzzing what he had their own thing to do and all the other toys stayed home yeah and they're like oh my god do something with them some big crazy adventure like man I haven't I story when you think about the long history of animated films about animals going on adventures it's always there's no reason for eight animals to be on this adventure but they're all going to do it I was a brave little toaster they're not animals but yeah like there's a long history of okay well we really only have a journey for one carrot let's have everybody come along yeah so it's kind of odd that they decided just to again to me I didn't see it but it sounds to me like these are things that should have been animated shorts like five ten minute max shorts honestly like I would have I think the animated shorts or like even like an animated series like Netflix or something it's really story to me that see one pet it's not got an animated series it might I'm hoping it does cause like it really does have like a lot of good ideas I like you and fun ideas for kids yeah good toys that you can develop yes yeah I mean it was like yeah why not yeah it's kind of shocking to me that like they haven't done that yet uh but again that's illumination style illumination does not think along those lines illumination things along the lines of we had idea put all those ideas into a thing so I'm a little bit concerned about that Mario movie Mario movie that's coming up uh so yeah it's just so weird to me that need to know it's so weird to me that Nintendo for years like we're not going to make any of our things into movies because I'm super Mario movie screwed us over too bad all right after years we've decided to do it again we gotta hand it off to an animation team so DreamWorks no well Disney had some of your guys in reckon Ralph or you guys couldn't get dizzy no illumination okay so guess we'll see that third term Mario's movie in twenty more years sir fine we'll go to Universal Studios and they'll have like Mario over there yeah they make a crap movie you know there's going to be some good rides at Universal Studios Mario theme parks though like they've been talking about making one they have yet to start it but they are going to make one but yeah we went to Universal Studios in the despicable Me ride despite the problems with this pickle made that rides I feel pretty good I gotta give them crowd on that alright so back on to secret lever pets – yes um so which supply do you want me to talk about oh well we've been talking about the main blog they get to the farm then what happens that's the thing the main plot is probably the least interesting plot of them all goddammit well basically how old is Harrison Ford we know that means a dog there he's played by Harrison for Harrison Ford tries to like toughen him up here's the Fords also kind of been known over the years of the guy who just kind of stopped caring about acting how is he in this he definitely has that I don't give a kind of attitude but I think they kind of like based his character around does it work enough for the character it works enough alright fine and that's all eating like basically the dog he plays his name's rooster okay it's funny like he says my name is on the bowl and he turns it around there's a picture of a rooster on it and Duke is like sorry mr. chicken I thought they were gonna say honestly they're better than that they're not about a fart joke so yeah basically he's like this you know tough old man is like you you city folks are too soft and stuff like that so it's like because like you Millennials with your fancy squeak bumble bees yeah nobody's like like you know the little kid he's like in a little playpen he's like what's with the kid Y Z and is he Y Z crate is he sick lot um LM run around and Max is like but he might get hurt and and Brewster's like well then Oh Lord not to do that so it was like very much the old guy like in my day we just threw the kids into the water see if they were witches yeah pretty much like that fits him it fits that is a child like it's nothing very original but it's a type of character we know so all right that's fine and it's like he basically like runs the farm like he barks and like all the other farm animals listens to him cuz he's the boss and everything and you know max he's like freaking out because you know this is a new area there's like a giant turkey is always chasing after him I mean when you see the trailers and everything the thing is Duke doesn't do yeah you don't see him at all in the trailers and I was honestly wondering like it wasn't until like the third trailer came out that we saw Duke on the farm it was like oh I thought something happened to do they just dropped his ass from this film and that's so weird to me he has such a huge like he was the entire point of the first exactly like max getting used to having another dog in his life now he did have to get used to him that are nope so it's like honestly you could taking Duke entirely out of a movie and nothing would change so there's that there's that issue hmm so um basically we're was like dude you know they're at the farm oh yeah so with Max it's like he starts becoming more afraid of everything which is weird I mean you think like basically the whole reason why he becomes afraid is because he's afraid for the kid yeah but now I sort of feel like shift over where he's like afraid for himself and I thought that was really weird hmm cuz it's like you know like rooster manages the kid looks fine you're the one who's scared I can see if this is one of the things words like the kid made him realize all this scary yeah that's true that is the point but like the kid himself he's not afraid to do it I thought it'd be more like a a Finding Nemo sort of thing where the father learns to let to let his child grow up I thought it would be the kind of saying the same thing with Max but it's about Max getting over his fears that he never even had before you the kid came around so I thought that was a bit weird okay I can see that yes they create a problem just for this movie so that he can then you know exactly yes all right so what happened with the rabbit well without spoiling anything yes boy rather um basically they introduced a new character a little Shih Tzu named Daisy okay and she's like I need captain snowball there's an emergency going on and because I guess word got out that he likes to be a superhero or something I don't know how that works how much of like a superhero thing do they go do like is it like she's his like Oracle like I like I need your help but she basically becomes like a sidekick okay all right so like yeah like snowball puts on a slow super suit and he's like what's the problem citizen and stuff like that and she's so weird his whole character time from the last moment I'm the crazy anarchist rebellious character and now I was like they something like they create a different character well the thing is they obviously want to like keep like the craziness like the super high-energy that's Noble yes but I guess they want to redirect it because he's no longer part of our rebellion so and because like his slow kid is obsessed with superheroes he's like obsessive crime-fighting so I like you know stuff like that so she's like basically saying there is a tiger that's being abused by a circus my circus owner and she wants to help the tiger escaped okay yes okay these sound like interesting stories but I have to like they're not Fame together like puzzle pieces at night no it's like like you say they're like three different like three different storylines and it's like they're all like they're all like going along the same line doesn't someone describe this as being like Pulp Fiction for kids where's like very different stories that seem like they have nothing to do with each other like what you're showing me actually kinda reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons the 27 stories about Springfield or whatever it was where it was just a whole bunch of random stories and then at the end they kind of come together it's basically like that all right well what about what's-her-face the Pomeranian digit okay so she bitched cheap you know like duh Chloe teacher had a big cat she putting up cat ears on and a sock on her tail to make her look more like a cat all right like she gets in and she realizes that a busy bee is being like held by like like the biggest freaking cat in the room those like prison she has to be to be living there kind of like she tried to be sneaky about it but failed and um Norman the guinea pig he's there to help boozy noise yes he was it was in the basset hounds place yes okay I'm remembering a little bit of this okay yes so basically he's there too as backup and he uses the laser pointer to distract the cat okay I saw this in the trailer where like she catches those she catches the light and the cat worshippers yeah the cats worship her so because of that she was able to like get the toy back but she decides to stay because she likes the attention I guess they're not um so there's that so I guess I should go back to the a plot with max like how he how he learned to face his fears you don't need to tell us like how it happens all Explorer unless he burns face his fears then he goes back home and he uses his courage to help along with the merging plots okay okay all right all right interesting does it feel earng does it feel like it works when it comes together not really not really the way max ernst is max gets his courage back it feels like very half-assed we've seen that in the trailer where like the dogs are barking outside he just goes downstairs to confront them I mean is that what happens yeah all right here's the thing though I don't know this much of a spoiler but those aren't dogs they're wolves okay yeah basically the guy who runs the circus who's abusing the tiger he's not your typical ring Master difficult like circus later he's like he's like the most stereotypical evil villain you'll ever see like I was always like with most ringleaders know by me like you expect like you know who's not your different cartoon ring later no he's basically your typical like snidely whiplash kind of character okay basically he's you know how like artists will draw human versions of Pokemon yes he's like the human version of hodge crow okay I got you I got you all right so moving on to your score what you're going to give this um what's going to get the first one I think I give this an a – I really yeah I did enjoy it oh well what was that you enjoy about is we mostly just gotta talk about like plots and how like they don't quite work coming together and well I'd like two separate plots and I know I didn't like that there were separate plots hi peach hi you you just you're being oh she's drawing away on board I didn't but I like what they did with the characters oh yeah I didn't really like that the plots were separate but you'd but they are okay so it's like three films that don't quite work together but they're three good films yes on their own yes okay all right I see and you know I like that they expanded more like what the would be pets do outside when no one's really around so it is when you think about what the initial premise of this you know when you remember that very first trailer when the first home cannot it didn't even look like it was going to be one big story yeah like the very first trailer for the very first film did kind of set it up to be peachy were just going in on those licks they did set it up to be more of like a bunch of short films that's how it kind of looked to me at least when the first trailer came out because I know that was that British claymation studio armen yeah oh yeah something like that like creature comforts yeah you'd like the and zoos and how they feel about like being in there and that's what the very first trailer for the first secret life offense felt like it was going to beat me like a bunch of short films just focusing on individual pets so it's kind of interesting that this one actually was that because even if the story's don't come together or anything it does kind of interesting me when I think about what I thought the initial premise of this was going to be that like oh this is kind of what I thought the initial purpose was going like I really enjoyed I did it's very cute it's very charming it was very entertaining if you like animals and animation you are a huge animal and animation yeah so this is definitely my thing yes exactly which that is the important thing what people know everybody's going to judge a problem based on the type of person that they are this is a movie that is made for the type of person that you are so what you're saying is that it was mostly a success used in you just want like one main story rather than three three plots sort of merge together yes or like cross the interstate now intersect every now and then yes mm-hmm almost like it never Seinfeld what you're describing to everybody has their own story in the very in like 30 seconds before it ends Seinfeld with animals that's basically a secret life of yes well basically I guess the first thing she talked about was how max like faces his fears he accidentally like lets a sheep out of the pen and it's like the smallest one so uh beep our daughter just sugared herself off and she's got these big floppy ears that has made it well whose are floppy but they make a floppy noise with no shakes so I basically like roosters like this is your fault so you got to go out and get that sheep back can the sheep talk can a the farm animals talk some of them the turkey cannot talk you saw the cow talk in the trailer the only time the sheep talk but they're like really stupid so they only like say a few sentences oh like the sheep that that escaped he's like hi okay well a lot of stuff like that okay so basically the Sheep gets stuck on a cliff and because he's basically stuck on a tree on a cliff and so rooster says you have to climb down there that tree won't support my weight so and then that's when you get the hole the first the first trip tete being brave as acting brave for a thing you know he he goes and rescues the sheep and everything and that's how he gets over his fear it's very like I said it was very quick and not very climactic it says very satisfying that's the word yeah all right so yeah and then the very next day they go home and oh by the way the net once once they have now it's back to the subplot with the bunny hee hee hee and not Daisy helped the tiger escape and not like so what are we gonna do with this tiger yeah ok that question yeah so what happens with the tiger they decide maybe he would be best if he was over at pops place because his owners the old dog yeah but because pops has a new puppy around he's you can't really have a tiger around with the puppy ok actually like it's basically like his whole thing rate has like puppy classes now rate teaches the puppies had to be brave dog bunch of ok I saw a bunch of tiny puppy dogs yes ok yes and it's like and then and then like off-screen Podge is like this tiger ruined my apartment he can't stay here anymore and you don't see the ruined apartment or the tiger ruining the apartment so it's like ok I kind of wanted to see that ya know what a good boy yes yes vision illumination not knowing the funny thing in their movies yes so it's like ok you can stay in max and Dukes apartment until they come back then we'll try and figure out what the heck to do with you ok and then Matt can do come back home so but like it's late at night so it's like they try to sneak the tiger out max makes up like why is there a tiger in my apartment yeah and snowballs like we'll talk about it later and Daisy like oh no the wolves are out out there and that's when max faces them like you saw in the trailer okay so what happens with this hire just get to that I don't need to know every step what happened the tiger tiger gets caught and so it is Daisy so does that lean to the big chasing that we see on the trailer uh yeah like basically like they're on you know it's a certain as a traveling circus so of course they go under train and everything so no max has to like go and chase a train yeah they just need a big action scene yeah yeah and he uses a walkie-talkie like that's basically how the pets in the apartment communicate with each other so it's like Gidget I need your help so she's like she gets all her cat friends she try and convinced the old lady to drive down by the by the train and everything to help him okay so max is on the train with a wolf chasing after him and he like tries to outmaneuver them but you know I'm trying to make him fall off a train and he's trying to like get to the engine so you go like pull the brake and rescue the tiger right meanwhile the Daisy Daisy little Shih Tzu she got caught and snowball is trying to rescue her from the psychotic monkey you see yeah it's like basically he's like me throwing knives and everything he's basically like the the ring ringleader circus owners like little hench animals so like he's supposed to be like a big deal because he is Iago Iago yes but he doesn't talk yes because yeah it's really weird how they have always some animals talk about yeah don't ya like the tiger doesn't talk that's really weird like takes like they explain it like he's a wild animal so he doesn't understand yeah fair enough so yeah there's that and all the end while I get you and her cats are driving so like they're all like on this big chase like there's one chasing and to fight scenes okay we don't even know if I say yeah basically like you know max fries the tiger and pulls the brakes and you know snowball help save Daisy and by shooting the monkey out of a cannon he goes circus okay and so like they finally get off the train and everything and a circus the the ringleader he like Lori pulls out a gun is ready to shoot max and then go real yes he's like I'm through with you and then he gets run over by the old lady with the cats okay and so the old lady picks up all the animals and they drive back home and the old lady adopts the tiger if he because she just thinks it's a giant yes so and you know max learns that it's okay to be if that that Max is his fears you know yellow just okay to be afraid but he overcomes them he learns to let go of his own his a his little boy because another yeah like basically I didn't mention this before buzz like he likes noble men just like hey your kid has started getting old enough to go to preschool right and Max is like oh no no no he's too young like how many years has this been going okay Wow yeah yeah watch Wow you know like like you said like all this happens in like the first five minutes of the movie she meets a guy he gets they get married they have a kid and the kid grows up god max is gonna be oh now his voice is different like that's that always kind of weirded me out how like the animals don't really age even though like there's a little kid growing up and everything but we don't really know the age of the animal so there are all those animals from that a dog's purpose so they may be tied off and then come back as themselves again so yeah like all that and you know Gidget like goes back to her owner and everything all right then everything's wrapped up oh I don't talk about the credits or anything are they interesting in there um well during the credits they show like you videos of dogs and kids to include things together then snowball does a rap about a panda alright sure and I'm like that was complete yeah I could have done without that alright anything else add um that's pretty much the basics okay alright there you go that is her review of secret life of pets to next week okay what the hell comes out next week I don't know it's our movies out all right that we haven't seen yet well we're not going back that's too late Rocket Man we'll have to wait until the end of the year yeah we're in summertime now so there's a big thing each week so come back next week for whatever the hell comes out next week and follow us on twitter and twitch app refresh story they've tuned everyone cover next on our on twitter add tune scribbles yes fire one

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