Secret Life of Pets 2 Mr Man Operation Surprise Game with PJ Masks and Puppy Dog Pals

I love this cat boy I hate to see them go alright let's put it on our machine and let's see what happens look at this people at home cat boys boo boo boo boo hi people have all welcome back to our Channel wait what's going on with mr. man's tummy why is his tummy pain that's super weird and ultra rare okay let's open him up and let's see what's inside this way see what is going on in mr. manse is humming Wow look at all the colors you see orange blue and light and tear this green tummy away oh that was I think I'll start with this white blob of play-doh whoa it's already coming off and is it that way okay let's see what ultra rare colors I'm so confused is it ultra rare oh I get it now look mr. man's tummy was all for a rare grain because look at this we found an ultra rare friend oh my goodness does this mean you their other ultra rare friends inside oh boy I cannot wait to fifty let's take us this way and golde people at home oh my goodness who is this they're golden do you have any guesses yo way this gooey gooey play-doh that's so awesome oh boy super cool and super gold whoa whoa yeah boy you look awesome and this is an ultra rare cat boy oh man I can't believe we have two ultra rare character friends okay let's keep cutting just keep cutting just keep cutting let's take it that way this way let's get this purple play-doh off of here I don't get off of our friend come on purple play-doh get off of our friend play-doh get off of our ah my goodness people at home snowball Wow secret life of pets – oh man look at him and his super outfit his cape is gone and he's wearing this super cool Moss I can't believe we have the super ultra rare snowball this is amazing all of our friends are so hot goodness it looks like we might have is it this way and let's see who's inside I can hardly wait all right Plano out of here oh oh no way is 8rn robo-dog oh boy and look at these people at home these translucent that means you can almost see through him Wow that means he's super ultra rare I like him away we found him so cool okay people at home everyone more friend it's this friend gonna be super ultra rare too let's take a zip and let's find out let's take a seat that way that way let's take extra tips as well okay let's do this away in Syria No people at home people at home no way this is Rolly for puppy dog pals and he's translucent too this is an ultra rare Rolly it's so cool oh wow look you can stir him do you see my finger back there wow that's amazing oh wow what should we do with our ultra rare friends okay people inhale I have a great idea what if we put up inside the transforming power I wonder if they would turn back into their regular cells if you could answer their regular okay snowball get in there and let's see if you turn back to yourself what a costume [Applause] snowball doesn't have on his mask anymore or his gold cape it's just regular snowball hanging around oh okay let's see if it works or Rolly okay roll it get inside of there whoa and let's see if it works for my home roll he's no longer translucent you can't see through him at all he is still wearing his mask though and his red cape this was so awesome oh my goodness this is so much fun who shall we put in next how about cowboy right now super cool ultra rare and very golden I love this cat boy I hate to see him go all right let's put in our machine and let's see what happens look at this people at home cat boys booboo go back he looks awesome oh man I do miss a golden cat boy but we do love our Frank hat boy and look he is ready for a good fight uh I bet he's gotta go get Romeo oh boy alright let's see who else we can change back go let's put deco in his uh transforming tower and let's see what happens ok go see what happens people at home go is black and he is ready to get those bad guys Wow get those orange suit turn into green and then he's yellow little areas on his uniform turn to a light green oh boy uncle you are back and you are looking good I'm so glad you're back with us we have one more friend the eight are at Robo dog for puppy dog house do you think he can turn from translucent back into regular AR F oh boy we're about to see let's put them inside the transforming tower and let's see what happens hey our Robo dog is back for sure oh this is awesome he's no longer translucent though he's no longer translucent don't look at this he's what we call opaque which means you can't slip through him whoa and look at that his eyes light up that super cool wow we're so glad to have you back robopup whoa wow people at home that was so much fun no you wanted to turn back into a superhero what's going on who loves it be a regular buddy when it can be a super bunny I love being a superhero yeah I guess you're right snowball you are a pretty good superhero people at home we really hope you enjoyed this video bye hey there everyone thanks for watching our video now make sure that you subscribe to the engineering families you can see lots of cool videos that there's another cool video right there you can select and watch it I think you're really gonna like it is a team umizoomi paw patrol surprise eggs frozen fling Masha there are so many videos to watch bye

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