Secret Life of Pets 2 Max Slime Belly with Captain Snow Ball Toy Surprises

toys unlimited with Matt Etsy and sprinkles the bear sorry I'm late captain snowball there was a lot of traffic getting here but I made it thankfully you made it you almost missed max jumping from the tallest building I'm so excited I'm so excited max is the bravest puppy I know go man Oh max Oh max okay max we see you up there whenever you're ready to jump go the gooey gooey slime bath is ready for max okay max on the count of three ready um max max you can get out now max max do you guys see this max is covered in what Everest is it's like in his belly or something I think something magical happened when he touched that green stuff and it's got bunnies inside you guys know what this is called what's inside of his belly max are you okay I think something happened to me I'm not feeling the greatest can you guys help me uh guys max wants us to help him okay I think I know how and here's what we're going to do we're going to empty this out and hopefully once we get rid of all of this green stuff he should turn back into himself first let me know if you know what this is it's covering his entire belly and second let's make him feel better look max looks pretty SiC oh poor baby max come on give him a big thumbs up and help me save max wah oh we got our first look let's take one of these bunnies and another bunny yeah let's get it out what's in his belly keep going keep going dig I got a little bit more I can't figure out what this underneath something whoa hey I think this green stuff made some magical toys this is a lucky fortune lucky fortune miss miss max turn walking tall and slow let's open up our fortune hmm it pops from this side and in stride is our fortune for the day you will find friendship and unexpected places Hey YouTube's an unexpected place oh look our first bracelet has a black kitty cat in a mug and it's even big enough for me to put on my hand what a cute little fortune yeah but what's this how I open it it's a pop-up slime come on let's keep looking oh let's get more of this green stuff I can figured it out yet what could it be it smells like Apple candies though mmm and there's bunnies that's so fun max are you feeling any better yet does it look like I'm feeling better yet no maybe a little bit I think you need to keep searching and getting a litte stuff out that green stuff why did it make me turn into this right let's get that green stuff but hey there's even a secret life of pets to toy inside hmm how do we open it up okay we're going to open it like this oh it looks like a house and you can open it from the front and what we got inside Oh funny Oh super cool look what we got it's a Disney hmm tail spin and we got a Toys R Us exclusive oh there's still a lot inside here Oh Rose more whose paint ones hmm what's this you stack comes and this is from paw Patrol hmm it's tricky and it's sticky and I love it it's so stretchy I'm covered in this slime I can use sound to Lego blind bags with Max's help we're going to clean this all out that magic green stuff it's almost completely out of his belly see what we have for the first one whoa I've been looking for him forever we got Scrooge in for our second one it's chip friendship and Dale was taking a look inside of his belly there's not much of this booze left taking a big handful of it and there's two poppers down here ooh cover two hey there's something inside of this one there is what is it oh it's like a dragon war I wonder if there's something in the pink one no pink one is just more this is cool okay I can't see anymore of that moves but I do have two more surprises this one had a little character inside oh it's maybe a turtle Red Riding Hood and our last surprise is a Barbie Cooper farm inside of here we can get any type of farm character one there's even two I'm starting to feel better oh thanks something's happening oh wait then before it happens let's open up our last two surprises we have a cute little pony this is the limited edition it's a piggy in blue something's happening hello max you're back it was that ooze hmm maybe next time we shouldn't be jumping into something we don't know what it is look how many of these we collected all of this was in his belly couldn't do it it's my turn to try it oh it doesn't feel right maybe it is scary oh thank you for watching if you want to see more videos from us just click one of the boxes on the screen right now don't forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking sprinkles the bear also let's continue to find all over the Internet follow us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter by besties

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