"Secret Life of Pets 2" makes me concerned about pet owners

hey everybody oh hello hello everyone welcome back to current movie reviews with Shawn and I we just watched secret life of pets – and that's my review of this movie thank you for tuning in next time we'll be watching I think Toy Story Toys R Us for rip Toys R Us trap okay but seriously though secret life of pets – made by illumination yeah he's a boring bad movie made by illumination I don't think we really felt any emotions other than like dull like regret it's not you were great I just I was either bored or going and that's mainly because like I really like I don't hate this movie but I really don't like how this movie handles pets and animals and considering the whole entire movie is about pets and animals did you hope that we that's the part the one thing that they can get correct right but no it's so I feel like I want to I want to explain this point right away because this is the part of the movie that bugged me the most and I do have some positive things to say about it but I'll get to that I want to get this out of the way first because it was my biggest takeaway from this movie if you are somebody who genuinely cares about animals and don't don't just like them on a surface level as in like oh my gosh my dog is cute if you like animals any more than that and actually care about their well-being this movie will be a nightmare for you because I sat through this movie and went oh god no what are you doing to these poor dogs and why is anyone letting this child do this to this dog and why is nobody like these are just common sense things and a lot of these a lot of things that happen in this movie are things that you know bad pet owners do like anyone who knows everyone knows these bad pet owners but this movie does not have any like ironic miss about it in this regard it just takes this as like yeah this is stuff everybody does and it's like you know considering the age demographic you are aiming this movie yet that's really irresponsible it's like it's an illumination movie or something Wow and it doesn't care it is very much about wasting my breath irresponsible is the name of the game when it comes to showing children anything you don't think about mm-hmm this this same complaint I have about the way animals are handled in this film can be repeated thrice fold for the single child that's in this movie hold on don't interrupt me I am making a point here right this same point that I'm making about the way the animals are treated though is can be copy and pasted for a lot of different problems with this movie it just doesn't care it doesn't care about actually making decent animal animation because the animation this movie is dull as rocks mm-hmm it is so uninspired it is from people who have maybe looked at a cat or looked at a dog once if any of these animators own dogs I'll be shocked because the animal animation is so uninspired it just looks like references from like vines or like oh yeah we're all sitting at the water like we're all talking at the watercooler and like oh yeah that's something a dog does let's put that in our movie there's no that the water color cooler thing just people referencing and dog things yes the water cool yes so like oh yeah my cat knocks stuff off shelves too like these things are so tired and there's not like a lick of inspiration or creativity in any of it and even when it's halfway like a decent like oh yeah that is something an animal does it immediately breaks character and they're like all right we can't do this anymore we have have them do something well like the break character to make the animal do a humanist thing in that case instead and it's it's so frustrating because it would be funnier if they just animated it correctly if they just I don't know acted like actual animals if you want a good reference for what I'm talking about if you don't see what my problem is compare this trailer like go watch The Secret Life of pets trailer and then go watch any shore any of the seven of them yeah and then go watch the short KITT Bowl be prepared kit bullies Pratt pretty and sad and intense yeah but it's free on YouTube and it's amazing if it's gonna make you feel feelings but Dad is actual animal animation that's the leg animals acting like animals and you care about them and they have more character than any of these stupid freaking lifeless puppets but if there's just no like okay you know how when people ask me all the time like well what do you suggest to do to draw X better use reference you know what happens when you don't use reference you get schlock like this you can tell nobody's like EP anime if they are using reference they're using it poorly like it's just not good it's not good okay I've had my rant about that you go are we doing a spoiler section for this movie the whole movies in the trailers with with the tiger in the trailer sure let's say the Tigers in the trailer okay guys warning right now we're not doing a spoiler talk because we're just going to talk about the whole movie because we're gonna talk about here I'll give you a summary of the movie in ten sentences maximum main character dogs family gets a child and he becomes shouting stop stop you don't need to do this don't like why why why the farming No stop stop stop no don't don't do a summary who cares like who cares who cares about what happens in this movie because the only thing people come to this movie for is to be to go ah that's cute oh my dog does stuff like that uh-huh when when did that happen that's the entire film it's just like oh my animals do stuff like this that's all the trailer fodder and this movie is like half trailer fodder clearly I haven't owned enough animals but we were sitting right behind people who were going ah that's cute ha my dog does that the entire movie yeah there was a mom and a dad sitting right in front of us with the kids I mean like they were having a good times they had a blast they were the mom especially was laughing and giggling non-stop yeah they're like the whole film oh good for them I'm glad they had a good time I'm glad you can turn your brain off for this good job do you have to be so petty illumination does this to me okay I know it does ah makes me cynical about the future of animation well luckily illuminations not the only one out there making movies okay can we talk about the tiger sure so there's a tiger in this movie and go figure it's a tiger that's in the circus and it has all the circus II things happen to it cuz you know animals are treated very poorly in the circus and the writers couldn't think of it anything more interesting to do with this that evil circus man has tiger that's there against its will so you got to save the tiger from the circus simultaneously what yeah this movie simultaneously really like milk-toast in like like the actual dangers of like the actual mistreatment of animals and circuses mm-hmm because they like they kind of imply some nasty things that this guy is doing but also this movies like really violent to animals at the same time constantly yeah but it doesn't actually want to show you what happens to animals and circuses mm-hmm it's just like okay I don't know if you played that out correctly but all right and so they save the tiger almost immediately from the circus and then the rest of this side plot is spent trying to figure out what to do with the tiger because it's like we saved the tiger oh wait now what do we do with the tiger by the way I really hate this Tigers character design it's so boring well I doesn't even look like a tiger yeah it's got gigantic feet its body is like not proportionally like big enough like it just it doesn't look like a tiger and the tiger every animal in this movie has a head that is three times larger than it's supposed to be I know but I think it's a tiger show some respect no also I think they mentioned one time passively that it's an adolescent tiger so it's not even supposed to be full-grown but like yeah absolutely I don't and this but they spend the rest of the movie trying to figure out what to do with the tiger and this never gets resolved no this never gets the tiger ends up just living with the crazy old cat lady the snake they don't have this Tiger be vicious at all like this Tiger is the like the sweetest he can't talk to anyone cuz he's he speaks wild I guess he speaks wild animals he speaks wild animal and the domesticated pets can't understand him is that racist I I'm not gonna I'm not gonna dig into this one I do not care this time but whatever they can't speak to him so it just this just all goes back to if you like animals you probably won't like this because people should not own Tigers I love Tigers they should not be pets they should not be left in crazy old lady's houses I'm just hmm okay don't watch this movie no please just stop giving illumination money force them to on top of that don't go watch this movie and tell your family and all your cousins and stuff not to watch this movie either I mean not that that's ever really worked but no but like but at least try try fur for the sake of anyone who loves animation try tell your seven-year-old cousin they don't want to watch this movie and sit them down and have them watch something anything better I mean even if they want to watch a dog movie have them like watch Oliver and company here something like I'm not saying that's a great movie but I like it it's better than that I yeah I like it more than that more than what we just watched okay I promised I would say some good things about this film I did like a couple of the new character designs Harrison Ford's character is actually probably the best part of this movie and I don't know that Harrison Ford really cares about his role at all which is part of the reason it works so well yeah I liked his character design he and Max actually had some kind of like character arc but it only takes up like 10 minutes tops of this movie and it's not enough like honestly if the movie had been centered around them I would have enjoyed this movie a whole lot more that being said that character arc the only character arc in the movie the only character arc I've seen ilumination try and pull off like in the last ever because I don't think I've ever seen them try and pull off a character arc that character boils down to hey are you nervous about your kids growing up and do you have anxiety like yes I do I suffer with it quite a bit and I went to therapy get over it oh thanks I will yep and like that sucks cuz you stupid Millennials get over your anxiety about the world ending and everything being terrible just let your kids crawl and rusty nails it'll be fine I turned out great I turned out fine that's essentially this character yeah yes it's a problem because this is the most enjoyable character in the movie it's the only thing with any kind of moral or message and that's it and it's a bad message yeah it's like hey I don't think there's a whole lot more to say about it but oh my gosh just you finally you finally came forward with a character arc and this is what you have to give I don't know if I want to see any more Oh looma nationwide you've got people who you know can make these movies so fast yeah how about you give them a break give them twice as much time twice as much budget and I guarantee you you will get a good film you'll make a good film and you know what you'll probably make even more money yeah maybe no they probably won't which is why they don't they're probably gonna make a lot of money off of this cuz that's just kind of how it works I mean what the budget for this was probably like $7 a 80 million would be my guess I gotta look this up now doo doo doo doo doo Walton eels looking that up this is just a general complaint I have about dog movies more animals movies and stuff mm-hmm can we like stop with main character dogs being breeds that are actively Wow I was right on the money 80 million 80 million Oh anyways can we start having main characters be like Bulldogs and other dog breeds that are intensive care because they will die otherwise yeah I look at these films that try and make like shih tzus and pugs out to be like these great family pets and it's like man these kids are gonna be really disappointed when they get a dog that like can't breathe can't breathe and I'll die in five years lives its entire life and pain and don't get me wrong if you have a pug or Shih Tzu or any one of these dogs that is high intensive care and you love it like that's great but you know give it the best life it can have don't let it breathe please yeah but just know that these breeds are in pain and you really should not support breeders who keep reading these dogs because they're not healthy no matter what you do for them they are not healthy he'd be better if we did not have these breeds anymore yeah we should let them go extinct I'm not saying go out and show all the dogs know that's a horrible thing to do yeah but though all the ones that are alive right now cool that's it no more they don't get to breed let them all have good lives there's horrible as they are gonna be yes'm give them the smoochy rooms and then once they grow old and die that's it don't breed them more yeah let's let's breed some more sturdy stocky dogs that are like not in pain all the time mm-hmm yeah yeah yeah that's that's my thought on dogs dogs cats don't really have this problem as much a bit there's some there's some breeding issues it's just they don't get over bred as often yeah like I think the worst thing I know about cats is like the really short legged cats well they can have the oh the munchkin cats the munchkin cats yeah they can have some of the same issues I think with their own hips but like the Persians and stuff any animal that has the smashed face that's not okay if you see a breed with a smashed face and you know it's an animal that doesn't typically have a smashed face you know that's kind of the kind of glue it probably has breathing issues and eating issues yeah because its skull is deformed mm-hmm Wow this gun this is some kind of a bummer okay we saw a trailer for a movie that we haven't seen oh wait I did have one other positive thing about this movie okay go ahead this story structure in this film is I think better than the last one oh yeah okay yes that is one positive mm-hmm there are three separate plots of this movie yeah we're anxious dog has to get over it goes to the farm the rabbit needs to save the tiger from the zoo with help of new shih tzu Doug and the pom-pom dog I don't know what kind of Iranian Pomeranian Wow okay the Pomeranian dog has to save achoo boy from a den of cats and so has the fat cat teacher how to be a cat huh and believe it or not they actually tie all three plots back together at the end as they have to save the tiger from the evil circus man on a train again but like this time it's on a train and they actually work together to save it and I'm like wow they actually tied all these disparate plots together all I can honestly say I was not expecting that no I thought like these three plots were just gonna kind of end and that would be it but no they actually came together and I was like oh a small amount of thought went into this I am mildly impressed also I just got to say there's wolves supposedly in this movie I didn't see any wolves yeah they're black pointy dogs whatever okay there's there's other things I couldn't pick about this movie I think I've said enough about it yeah I just I don't know this movie like I said I don't hate it it just kind of made me grumpy me and grumpy and made me think about uh associated things that I'm not okay with noting yeah or pet owning in general mm-hmm either way let's let's talk about the new trailer we saw yeah we saw a new trailer for Spy in disguise which is coming from blue sky mm-hmm you know the people that don't that actually pay their employees the correct amount of money and for that reason the other companies try to shaft them on marketing I just not hear about this oh yeah I am actually very unfamiliar with blue skies work this isn't this is old news okay Disney and DreamWorks and the other little illumination probably actively work to suppress blue skies success because blue sky actually treats their people correctly wonderful isn't that great Jews – no Irene it's sweet it's bitter so yeah it's like cool I'm glad blue sky treats their people well but they don't make the money they need and also the movies aren't terribly great if they have a lot more heart to them then yeah some studio Oh cough illumination cop yeah but it's like we can't just say it's only illumination or DreamWorks because Disney definitely is a part of the problem oh yeah I mean just I I love Disney but Disney's always been able to get away with under paying their employees because everybody wants to work at Disney it's such a prestigious choice to work at yeah it's a bittersweet thing when blue sky makes interesting things but then their movie is not really that great but also the people working there actually paid more so what they're supposed to be getting you know what if they're happy I'm happy yeah cool anyways the movie they're making is spy disguised starring Will Smith as a secret agent spy who is the best ever and then he gets turned into a pigeon and that's all the trailer gives us yeah yeah it looks fun I'm I wouldn't say I'm excited for it but I will say that the trailer had a few laughs from me the animation looked fun and poppy um I wasn't like super keen on the spy design at first especially when it showed up it had that very like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs art style and you know how I felt about the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs art style it almost ruined that movie for me like I avoided that movie for a really long time cuz I really disliked the art style that is good yeah and then I finally sat down and watched and I'm like okay this is actually a gem I love this movie but like I had that like very Tunis like flat floppy looking foot would agree with the Wibbly feet and were just like oh I hate it anyway then the trailer got going I'm like this is fun so I'm kind of looking forward to it and it looks like his sidekick character is going to be shoot is it Tim Holland Tom Halden Tom Holland I was close you were cool who is the new spider-man in the current Marvel movies so that's neat man Tom Hollands been busy again I mean everyone understand of almost everyone in the MCU can get pretty much any role they want yeah because they're in the MCU and it's wildly lucrative and famous and every other companies like hey won't work with us yeah but I mean Tom Mullins also gonna be in the new Pixar movie onwards yeah he's the main character of that one yeah so go Tom Holland yeah busy good I hope you do well in animation cuz voice acting is definitely different than regular acting mm-hmm we'll have to see how that goes well other than that again I think like I was saying earlier Toy Story 4 I'm pretty sure is our next movie in like three weeks give or take two or three weeks two or three weeks it comes out at the end of this month yeah so I think that's what we'll be seeing next so bye see ya take care of your pets give them smooch rooms from me

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  1. People are pointing out I didn't link "Kitbull"! Go check out Kitbull! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZS5cgybKcI

  2. it isn't really true that kitbull is an accurate portrayal of animal behavior. while the character animation on it's own may be lifelike, even a pit bull that isn't trained to fight is more than likely to rip a cat to shreds in real life, but one that is trained to fight will absolutely kill a cat or smaller animal on sight. even pet pit bulls chase/attack/kill cats frequently so it's not realistic animal behavior at all in that sense.

  3. I was really happy to hear you guys talk about Spies in Disguise at the end! The president of Blue Sky actually came to my university and talked a bit about the movie, it seems like Blue Sky genuinely cares about their films and employees. Also they’re animating Nimona after Spies in Disguise which I am so so excited for. At least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel after all these deadpan, monochrome Illumination films. Also, great review as always, I really enjoy listening to these! 😀

  4. Damn, that note you guys made on the anxiety and how the message is essentially "oh, you're anxious? Just get over it!" really pisses me off since I'm actually someone with anxiety (GAD). Well, hopefully if that is something in the film, they don't treat the dog like a victim. Also you guys are on point with the issue with inbreeding and dogs. I love dogs but whenever I see those breeds, like a pug, I just can't stop thinking "these guys are darn well adorable" but then just think of how much abuse and inbreeding had to happen for them to look this way.

  5. If you want to see animals being rescued from circuses in real life, then go check out Lion Ark. It's a documentary style movie about lions being rescued from circuses in I think South America? And being brought to a reserve where they can have a better life.

  6. Besides all the other arguments> Your weakest yet being that the Movie was unrealistic?? Honestly what did you expect lmao. Its ment for kids, not adults. Its not suppose to be realistic, its suppose to be appealing to little kids. Sending a tiger to an proper animal control shealter won't be as entertaining to kids as giving the big "cat" to the crazy "cat" lady. They stress making it unrealistic to make it entertaining to other kids. Sorry, but thats just the crowd it was targeted to, you guys just dont fit into that crowd :

  7. 6:09
    Do you ever try to copy the movement (reference) of animals in your animations/drawings (can apply to artists) or maybe looking at pictures? Do you see animatiors doing so? Kitbull's animation is splendid.

  8. I saw the tiger in the trailer and I was like "… Oh god is that a tiger it looks terrible. Why is there a tiger"

  9. I'll definitely have to check out the trailer footage vs Kitbull when I get the chance. It's always really interesting to hear your critical opinion on animation considering all your personal experience animating and with your historical knowledge of the field. Gives a lot of great insight that I normally wouldn't have thought of!

  10. What were you both expecting from Illumination? They're the creators of screaming yellow pills with arms.

  11. Tenelle can you react to yuumi character reveal from riot games, its a very interesting concept for a character in a game

  12. Oh no and my mom wants to take me to watch the movie and she gets pissed when someone is mean to a animal :

    I’m not gonna tell her how the movie is to the animals srry I’m evil to her

  13. 9:13 its super duper easy to be cynical about the future of animation if you only pay attention to films and ignore the amazing work being done on television. Cartoon Network has been releasing mostly awesome shows ever since 2010 with the start of Adventure time and its cohorts, and a ton of upcoming shows seem amazing.

    Ive honestly kinda given up hope on animated theatrical releases outside of like a few exceptions in the past few years like Spiderverse and Zootopia

  14. In my freshman biology class, some people were saying they wanted to own a bulldog and get puppies because they are so cute!!! My biology teacher then pulled up pictures of bulldog skulls. Those kids stopped talking about dogs really quickly. It was a harsh slap in the face for me too, i didn’t realize how awful these “designer” breeds had it.

  15. Wow almost half an hour of tennelle complaining, I love how you care about animals! Plus I watched it and hated it too

  16. Ech, those dog breeds existing are why I'm glad I have a purebred Collie…
    Please tell me that Collies are okay, they're ok right?

  17. This is the same company making the mario movie in 2022, so i was hoping this movie would be at least respectable but i guess not lol… and now im scared for 2022

  18. Wait, how is a language barrier racist? Is it because it's called "wild" or whatever? (Why is this my only take away from this video? Must be one dull movie lol)

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