‘Secret Life Of Pets 2’ Drops Purrfect New Trailer For #NationalPetDay | Access

>>>We have a one-eyed deaf pug here. Are you a dog person or a cat person?>>I’m just an animal, I love them all. That’s an age old question and debate that really never ends.>>You have your two cats, I ve two dogs. Look at your kitty cat.>>That’s Harry. Prince Harry, who becomes Chris Harrison during the bachelor. Remember I was with you, I got little George right here. We want dogs, so we have — right now we have bunnys and Guinea pigs and hamsters and kitties. The thing with a dog, I’m note home and I’m not going toville a neglected puppy. They need energy. They need people. But there’s a survey that shows. My girls –>>Look, my girls.>>Where’s your new one.>>And then there’s Obie who’s becoming a best dog ever. He’s still learning.>>There they are together.>>Obie had a case of doggy diarrhea. I don’t know what happened. It was like having a baby all over again.>>The survey.>>They’re the cutest dogs.>>It is national pet day. The survey today, dog owners are happier than cat owners, I’m not sure I believe that. I believe whatever you have, you love.>>Pets just make you happy all the way around.>>We’ve always adopted. If you adopt, I swear they know it, there’s something special about them. Look who’s here today. Here’s a brand new trailer. I thought we were coming to you guys. One shot over here for us. Look how sweet this is, this is our team with their animals over here, I love it. There’s the deaf pug named Dexter. Are you talking to me?>>Okay, but we have the brand new trailer for the secret life of pets 2.>>So great.>>The baby is leaving the nest.>>No, he’s staying home with me.>>Liam just left.>>Wait, what?>>Home base to all units. Package has left the building. Does anyone have eye on him?>>I don’t see him.>>We need backup.>>Buckle up, everyone.>>The first step of not being afraid.>>I’m gonna die!>>Is acting like you’re not afraid.>>Oh, just this weird little guy. Ow! Ow! Not cool.>>That looks so good. You.>>Think these two are doing what those two are doing?>>Hi, come here.>>They’re so cute, come on over, guys.>>Who do we have here? Karen, what are their names, they’re so cute.>>Dexter and Cody.>>Tell us about your baby.>>This is his 11th appearance on the show.>>One Halloween we wheeled him in. He’s so great.>>This is jazzy.>>Jazzy is so cute.>>We did a photo shoot>>And bronco I bought when I interviewed George Clooney. He’s a famous dog, remember, George Clooney — we wanted a

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