Secret Life of Pets 2 and PJ Masks Zoo fun with Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2 and Paw Patrol

oh this is so fun guess what we're doing today we are in a zoo but it's a friend zoo so we have to find all of our friends this is so fun oh wow it's this one of our friends oh I don't think so oh wow look at these people at home we found our first container I can't wait to see you inside let's open it up and see oh boy from a secret life of pets – oh wow minis in the supercool car awesome is there anyone else in here let's look around oh boy oh boy see oh wow look at this people at home there was someone else inside oh boy look at this it looks like a cage and a sue who's inside oh wait to see I can't wait it's snowball our secret life of pets – he's super : is super fury uniform Wow snowball you look amazing oh wow help you bud home let's see if we can find any other friends did you see any oh boy Wow let's see oh my goodness let's see whose let's see whose side is this people at home boy I can hardly look at this one home it's enough Rosen – Ayanna you look so amazing this is so much fun they are so good friends – fine oh no way people at home look at this it's a max or a secret life of – it wasn't even all the way inside of this container we found you max and you're looking mighty fine oh my goodness this is so fun people at home do you see any other containers with friends oh look up here oh wow look at that cool paw patrol water side oh wow that's awesome whoa okay let's see what's inside of this container it's tiny from secret life of pets – he's tiny but his ear sure art wow we found you tiny you look super cool okay well let's see people at home Wow is there anyone else in this water oh wow look at that oh we're looking there's some water let's shake it off people at home let's see who's in this container I think I see I think I see I can't why you look so amazing what are you taking a little dip in the pool you look so cool cool in the pool alright Catholic that's awesome Wow people at home this is way more fun than I could it's another container oh boy let's see who's inside I can't wait I can't wait I whoa look at this you're looking great I love her hair look on top of her head okay people at home oh wow oh wow people at home this is so fun it's like a little adventure okay let's keep looking let's keep this is so fun oh my goodness look at this isn't doc McStuffins bag okay let's open it up and let's see who's inside okay let's open up she's in the suit shoe and she's so cute Oh Lambie we love you okay people at home let's see let's see let's keep looking let's keep oh I don't wonder if anyone's home dude okay um they should be here any minute okay well let's just go in and see if we can find that gosh this is so cool huh who's inside can you see Boyd home hi sky you're looking great wow so many friend okay people let's keep looking oh this is so much fun let's see who's inside all right let's open it up let's see new hair there's no secret life of pets – its Daisy hiya Daisy wow you are looking so cool I love Daisy this is so fun oh wow people at home look at all of the friends that we found a magical frilly zoo which friend is your favorite oh we really hope you enjoyed this video hey everyone today we're gonna look at the brand new character toys from The Secret Life of pets that's right it's all new characters from the movie The Secret Life of pets we've gotten back to Mel and we're ready to have some fun I can't wait to open up let's join Maxim antics and explore their secret life as pets none of these cool pups are out of their box let's get them ready to take him to the park but first we need to talk about all their cool features and they are so many you meet max he's a Jack Russell Terrier he loves to run and jump and play and he especially loves his owner Katy they live in the big city but sometimes he can get into a bit of trouble think he loves his blue collar I know I do and look at the little bone tag right there on his neck I bet you it says max ma X meet Mel he's a cute little pug who is full of energy and is very easily distracted he loves having a great time and look at that brown collar it matches his firm I bet he really likes that and trust me Mel loves to play did you hear him scream how much you love playing ball oh yeah I've never heard him yell bomb oh wow I think that's what he'll want to play with when we take him to the park oh I bet that'd be one of his favorite activities I didn't expect him to run off like that though yeah that's right these dogs can run jump talk and bark all you have to do is push the button on their back right here all right I think these dogs are ready to go play outside what do you think I think so I'd say they're ready [Applause] oh it looks like one of them's trying to go for the ball who's gonna get it first [Applause] where you going mouth this is just so excited oh it looks like max went hiding again can you see him over there I think I see something could that be oh there you are max up it looks like Mel wants to hide too oh it looks like he's found a good hiding spot where could he be could that be him no that's not him uh-oh I think I see something oh there you are Mel we were looking for you are you eating a flower yeah that's really you're supposed to do with that silly pug oh no they've gone and hidden again Max and mal where are you I think I have a way that I can draw them out of their hiding spots no dog you can't resist a ball oh I think we found them [Applause] we're sharing it they sure did have a lot of fun today playing at the dog park while they play ball and hide-and-go-seek and definitely do a lot of running around oh yeah Wow we've had so much fun today at the dog park with Max and Mel from the new movie The Secret Life of pets I'm so excited to see what are the crazy adventures these pets are gonna go on next time hey there everyone thanks for watching our video now make sure that you subscribe to the engineering family soon see lots of cool videos back there's another cool video right there you can select and watch it I think you're really gonna like it is a team umizoomi paw patrol surprise eggs frozen flame Masha there are so many videos to watch bye

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