if you're new I want to see more videos be sure to hit subscribe and hit the notification bell for new videos every single day if you've done that be sure to comment down below hashtag big army Anna's will enjoy this video let's get this going by murrow's guys be sure to use code to foul and sweet me that you have used the code and maybe win yourself a cool roblox swag package for me as well so code filed inside of the roblox robic shop hey guys what's going on smoke lazy or welcome back to another just today we're back in roblox it bugs you simulator for in the video and today guys we're gonna be testing how oh pete is a hundred time and shutting XP actually is gonna be we're gonna be spending I think my full diamond cash tech guys which is like at one point five billion chips I know you get a lot more because I have only claim to a hundred and ten K hats guys I know you get a lot more but like otherwise this video would take ages to record so we're just opening up a 1.5 billion as will already get hurt a full inventory of bad guys so this actually like it soon after lien I think opening today so there's absolutely insane did I actually get this Pat hey cuz I wasn't actually checking if I actually did I get this bad I got the golden toilet are you kidding me I got the best mythical bed oh my god I didn't even notices all this it just you go to the mythical but all these level 750 why is it only level 750 I have no clue but it's five we're gonna go literally upgrade this golden toilet until the best one ever I didn't even know we go this guy's so we got the best mythical pet level seven or fifty we're gonna be chucking it up a 1.5 billion gems and then see what kind of level we can expect guys it's gonna be insane if yes our high for today's video gasp hit the like button down below guys subscribe if you do and they get the location button down below guys will be I'd appreciate if this bad boy I don't know why it's only double 750 cuz it should be higher because the rainbow gem already is at level thousand if you buy it maybe it's not that high but I know they're you're the golden toilet Dario there it is so we're gonna level up this bad boy guys it's gonna be insane Oh My lordy I'm excited so we're gonna sort of of course as well we're to give away cuz we're gonna do a giveaway every single day just we're gonna open shop guys we're gonna give away a VIP and as well a double coin stay so what you guys have to do right and now guys is it like button below and subscribe if you're new because otherwise she cannot win can we get a thousand likes video would be insane and as well guys comment down below hash tag coins in the Premier shed and hash tag whoo what should we do guys hash tag hash tag golden toilet in the comment section down below to enter into those things so that should be good guys this everything you have to do for the premiere giveaway and of course the compensation giveaway we're actually cutting close guys to the three billion bucks oh but everyone's going home right now so probably tonight we'll have a beautiful video on that cuz it's 50 million away gosh 55 million away that's absolutely insane so we're gonna go over to the incheon guys cuz we have ourselves a lot of pets look at this guys a full inventory of these bad boys so we're gonna go Meg so this golden toilet like maybe will not do to 1.5 goings I don't know how long is actually gonna take to do this but we'll keep you guys updated on that in the long run but let's go and shine this guy's boom we're gonna grab ourselves the filter we're gonna get ourselves LED shares on there epics and their wares in their Commons in there boom ever gonna go from level 750 to level takes thousand eight hundred and twenty seven in one go Oh My lordy that is Oh Pete that is Opie got so we already level 6800 we're already getting five fifteen point eight thousand level bonus that is crazy so there's just literally one of entry so I'm gonna go back guys to this egg buying a bunch of them 1 million a pop and we're getting to see how much you're gonna get so let's just do open up some eggs in three two and one there we go guys we are back we were cells not a full invent you are now down to 988 million of these beautiful that seems that we're probably gonna be able to get two more inventories but let's just find it out so we of course last time we got ourselves up to six thousand eight hundred and twenty seven levels guys Michael is gonna be above my level ten thousand froze bad guys getting above that they'll probably be very easy today so let's see if we get already get up to ten thousand right now in one and Chen so boom let's go check it out we're gonna add ourselves every common every rare every epoch every legendary guys boom and we're getting ourselves up to nine thousand three hundred and eighty guys Oh twenty one thousand bonus levels that is crazy guys that is crazy now we're up to fifty four thousand level bonus Louie that guy's top right fifty four thousand right now let me get let me get ahead guys let me get ahead real quick I want to see guys what level this head right now is that cuz this is gonna be insane like of course if I did this a little bit more I'll maybe even do this off camera until tonight cuz I think I'll be like shooing guys the update when it will drop cuz it's going so fast right guys it's going so fast like how many boxes do we need we already got 4 million more since the last clip which is insane so let's go guys d new hats what level rd level 386 thousand compared to 308 58,000 that's insane we're already 30k a levels higher that is it's a guys that's so so good oh my god like I could literally use an adventure in every new space and these pets would all be level 6000 plus which would be insane I probably should do it cuz it's more efficient again on there but I want to get at least a level like I'm we're gonna level 13,000 golden toilet today guys so again I'm gonna have to hope some eggs and this time we're gonna do it in three two and of course one course if you guys are still watching I'm right now I'm super super grateful guys if you guys can press that share button would be absolutely insane if you shared a video as well again like having out a thousand likes on today's video but guys whatever to quickly you guys what I wanna do is I wanna give away a extra little thing so right now if you're watching the premiere or watching the video guys i want to give an extra hundred row books for people what she's still right now so what are which guys to do it's coming down below your highest level pad right now with the newest update which could be insane as well like what are you guys most excited by the but the next update i think guns are gonna be in sense let me know quickly right now down below in the chat and the best answer guys are the coolest answer bouquet themselves 100 x two robots let's it's a there you guys little victory has been done or down to 476 million diamond so really close to be broke guys we're getting close to being broke but it's fine okay guys moment of truth guess right now it said on which levels are we gonna get a 3 a 2 and of course a 1 let's filter our pets in a boom boom boom boom and let's go check it out and we got ourselves up to level 11 point mm boys and girls that is absolutely insane apply that beautiful we didn't get it ourselves another mythical or legendary but it's so cool that i actually got the new mythical from this agonist more as the owner it is correct guys it is double 850 for the pad because I thought that this button this but it's the same but it's actually two different pets and it's actually insane so maybe I may be able to go for this but in the future as well I said let me know if you guys want me to grind at this pen as well but it's insane that these are actually two different paths case they look the same but they aren't which pretty cool so we're like I said guys level 11200 up to twenty five point nine now Sons level bonus that is insane so now if we get ourselves a hat that's quickly do you guys get ourselves a hat come on gimme gimme gimme my head guys there we go this has never had we got ourselves a level 390,000 that is insane gasp all my lordy oh that's so many levels I so guys what we gonna do when I was gonna do my final inventory 436 a million diamonds left I don't think I makes you go to put them on this pad but I kind of want to spread out my level so we can actually get ourselves level 400,000 hats because if I could get ten thousand levels I may I don't actually I don't think it's possible so let's just blow up everything on the list but see how many we're gets so guys I'll be back in a few seconds with another event tree so let's do this it three two one and there we go guys the final inventory were down to four hundred and ninety K downs of course if we do this right now guys for getting back to a few million every single click gasps but that's not that's not the that is not the thing we're going for gas we have drained all our diamonds today we're gonna see what the final level bonus is gonna be guys then that's what we're gonna get ourselves a full inventory of the new to your hats cause right now these are these are pretty bad guys he's a pretty bad right now so I'm literally gonna unequip all of these trashy trashy hats guys no no no no that's not gonna happen we're not gonna wear these we're gonna get ourselves a love at a level so this we're gonna do it a little bit so let's go over to and shine guys let's add ourselves our bets guys too so now we have a level eleven point two thousand gold toilet cats let's go and shine this bad boy but I beam bada-boom let's add up all the comments all the rares all the epics all the legendaries to it boom there we go up to twelve thousand seven hundred and twenty I think that is a beautiful level to end it off with guys that's access to rigorous twelve thousand seven hundred twenty levels guys we're now up to sixty two thousand three hundred level bonus that's absolute saying so let's go use this to get ourselves like even without any hats guys I'm already literally tearing through these boxes without hats like I'm wearing to a support but like this is literally a freedom player would be better than I would be right now that's like this is so fast guys this actually is not bad to be honest cuz like of course like right now I'm just getting more level bonus but it's not like pets aren't editing anything to my speed or whatever only my movement speed so this is like let you how a free to play player would be if they had some hats and it's super cool let me just let me get some hats though let me get some hats I need that later bore as warmer ahead and if I have one more hat guys then I can get myself a full inventory and we can see how Opie we are there we go I see a head on the ground we're gonna pick it up guys bomb there we go so now if we go to add guys we're up to level three hundred and ninety four thousand guys that is insane oh my lord that's to put on all these said this actually still a little better than this one because that was actually filtered on damage but there we go now we're up to six hundred and thirteen QI damage with a love potion guys if we make a potion we can get up to a one let's just do guys let's get ourselves a potion let's quickly get ourselves a potion we're up to six and 13q eye damage but how much can we get gasps that is gonna be the question boom boom boom let's go and use the potion we're up to 1.22 as X gets well put 22 as XS absolutely saying that is a lot of damage guys that's a lot of damage 1 points 22 sx as well we're getting close to the update guys getting close to it I'll probably lush me tonight so that's absolutely saying so guys I think to be honest everything I want to show off with this new leveling guys it is insane we right now have the most Opie pack as level twelve point seven thousand I got a legit myself I didn't even get it from the owner because otherwise I would have said that but this is saying guys if I can finally keep this bet I got all my stuff you can see it over here all my Laurie this is absolutely insane so guys like I said it's gotta be it for me today yes of course as well when did you and long for the migrant adventure my servers in description down below guys we have some new updates today maestro I've been streaming at it on deal I so you guys wanna join along on D life you get searched me at the foul plays on there as well for a large team so come check me out guys maybe I leave a live stream right now when the premier is life will maybe yes see that guys but that's gonna be freezing ApS epitopes video of course that match that like button down below has subscribed for you I'll probably live tonight for the opening of the bathtub otherwise you guys will see a beautiful video tomorrow on it so we'll have to see no promises guys but I'll definitely be live streaming some minecraft or not so so you guys take care love you bye thanks so much watching and of course as well take care


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