hey what's up planet Pham today we're playing pet ranch simulator and Ken it is update 13 and guess what guys we have an exclusive code only for us guys this could only get this goat here you gotta come inside the video get the code come on let's go alright fam check it out is my super Opie ranch full of crazy crazy pets but I hear there is a brand new egg so we're gonna go check out that egg but first I need to run down up in here you know and pick up this chest cuz this chest is on a timer this is part of my routine and every time like I'm in the game gotta get that chest so that we can restart the timer and pick it up again this is my favorite chest in the game cuz BAM I just got 248 trillion that is pretty cool alright guys so I'm gonna head up there and let's check out the egg together hey but while I'm running guys I want to remind you all to go to our tik-tok check out our tick-tock guys it's at planet Milo gaming link is in the description check it out cuz we're doing just like funny roblox edits and stuff you guys might really like it also don't forget to go check out our Instagram too if you guys are on instagram follow us over there you can see a little bit of a slice of our life what it's like in our daily life and all the stuff we get up to outside of roblox link for that's also in the description down below alright so let's find this new egg this must be it cuz it's not it no no that ain't it that ain't it I think it's this crazy one over here I think it's this one no wait where is it oh wait so it's not a rebirth egg hold up hold up there's so many eggs here I'm just like losing track is that it no this is it no look at check oh this is it this is it right here so it's not a rebirth day guys it's not a rebirth egg check it out this is a regular egg to tier 8 egg and if you open up a thousand of them you're guaranteed a legendary that is really cool let's open one up right now just to see kind of what we get let's open three hey why not cuz I can I got some epics and some rares let's just check out their stats cuz I'm like super curious is that is that one of the the direwolf and then there's like this other weird looking thing this thing right here the horse okay so what if I take the direwolf this is just an epic and we upgrade it all the way to level 40 so let's see how far it goes up the list right so we got almost a 40 right now okay where is he at where does he stand that's him right there so even at maximum level he's not quite as good as this this rare but see that that's only an epic dialogue that's only an epic so I can only imagine that these ones over here up in the mythical levels are gonna be in the legendary are gonna be like pretty opie guys they're gonna be pretty LP alright so I'm gonna get you guys those codes and we're gonna open up some eggs and see what we get but before we do that stuff we gotta like call in this video that like call is as always 500 likes I know we can do it guys if we all pitch in and just hit that button right so I'm gonna put a countdown up on the screen and then when it all starts ticking down and the little thing keeps hitting it and then all of a sudden it'll come together and we all hit it at the same time let's go guys boom I don't even see it it's gone it's totally gone guys also if you're new here hit that subscribe button turn on the notification bells because we are doing all kinds of awesome videos giving you guys the codes getting exclusive codes for you guys and doing lots of just fun stuff just playing fun games having fun playing roblox so sub to the channel all right let's do a few shoutouts so this is our last video I just put this video out like a couple of hours ago and so I'm gonna be getting some people that obviously have notifications on guys first shout-out goes to a root whitey hashtag planet fam I love your vids next shoutout goes to roblox plays hashtag clan of fam what's up Bonnie Tiger boy how you doing in the next shoutout goes to william fuller hashtag planet femme if best whitey ever please do vid with Milo I try to do videos with Milo as much as we can sometimes I just got a whip blowing out really quick but we shot a video we're gonna be putting it out soon so just stay tuned for that alright then let's just get the coats guys let's do the codes right now I'm actually really excited for these codes because one of these codes is exclusive to us but the first one I'm gonna do and everyone knows this code so this is not like necessarily tip because it's right there on the thumbnail but it's update 13 I just got eighty six trillion coins whoa that is epic all right so this is our exclusive code guys it's really quite obvious all you got to do is type planet Milo and boom 248 trillion coins guys that's how much I got it's gonna be different for all of you guys but that is a really good code that's better than the update 13 code I think wasn't it wasn't it I don't know so here's what I'm gonna do guys I'm gonna just start opening eggs one after the other after the other three at a time actually I can open up three times I got that game Pass I'm gonna open up a lot of eggs and then I'm just gonna fast-forward right now so you don't have to wade through it and we're gonna see what we got I've been waiting to get something super epic on a video I think we can do it this time guys I have a good feeling about it you're with me now so stay tuned let's see what I get all right guys – super awesome so I opened up basically as you can see right here it's 312 and I got a couple of Legendary's I got a few Legendary's actually I got like four of these Legendary's and I got one of these plus I got enough of these pack of crows to make a shiny and then I leveled up that shiny it's actually pretty good let's check it out so this guy right here is the shiny thieving crows and as you can see it's actually better than some of the pets that I've been using as my main pets right now so I'm gonna definitely equip that guy I'm gonna clip that one I'm gonna bring that one in now that is a infernal serpent legendary and that's pretty epic too right so I'm gonna go ahead and equip that dude all I gotta unequip a couple here let's see let's open up a couple of spots right here there it is right there and then this right here is a shiny basilisk I had sitting around and so I'm gonna equip that guy – so that's my new pet crew guys I got that legendary and he's pretty good now they don't even have auras on them yet right so let's go like this let's find an aura that's not assigned to anybody like that will that too this dude let's also find this surah let's equip that to this dude and let's take da Torah and let's equip that to this dude and now we can see that these three new pets here actually rank really high so the shiny direwolf self didn't think it was that great he didn't really make the cut for my pets so that's the direwolf right there but from the shiny three crows on up is a good pet now here's the thing i make so much money in the game right that my money actually was going up while I was opening eggs I can actually literally open these eggs infinitely indefinitely as long as I want to and so maybe I should I don't know not on this video but leave a comment down below if you'd like to see a video of me just like spending I don't know I can I could put a few hours into it or something like that and see like how far we can get if we could get that mythic pet right there because I'm certainly not going to be running out of money anytime soon I also have been saving up my Reaper tokens and I've got like fourteen thousand right now so I could do that on the video too and see what we can get I'm kind of hoping for some new eggs I've got a lot of really great rebirth pets and stuff like that like I've got a bunch of these guys I don't have the mythic but I have some of the legendaries and I've got some really good auras too so I'm kind of holding on to those rebirths but I'm saving them up so from what I'm gonna do right now I'm gonna wrap up this video because I just wanted to get you guys at codes this is a cool update I love having the new regular non rebirth pets that opens up a whole new set of options for us for pets that we can get this has been really great I'm gonna head out but before I go I want to let you know about our super duper awesome rich guys check the link down the description it's great stuff this is planted dab and I'm signing out to the next video see you then peace


  1. #Planetfam I now 1code its free pet #planetdad #planetmom thank you so much for the all codes I hope you get 500,000 likes and I want get shoutout

  2. Hi my name on roblox is parties21 can you show me the rebirth glitch because my friend has 96000 rebirths

  3. Hey bro you got a pretty nice channel ! 🙂 Keep up the good work, if you want to collaborate some time hit me up ! 😛 o>

  4. btw if you double tap it will equip or eqip you pet i hope you make a video on it if you didnt know please give me shoutout

  5. May i get anothee shoutout please #planetfam #planetmom #planetmilo #planetdad u guys r the best family channel ever!

    Edit:can u plz do a video with the whole family thank u!


  7. #PlantFam can I have one more shut out I because I have 9 subscribers I I really really need a 1000 please

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