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Welcome. Here at NPIC we’ve been working on an app designed for you, the pest control shopper. The Pesticide Education and Search Tool or PEST provides quick IPM tips for home and garden pests It also has a search option for you to learn more information about the products being sold on the shelf. You can get to the app, from our homepage by scrolling down to “web apps by NPIC” on the right-hand side. Bookmark for quick and easy access This new web app is optimized for mobile devices and can be used on any tablet or smart phone So lets try it out. On the home screen, you’ll see two options “Pick a pest” or “Pick a Product” Let’s say I know I have a tick problem, but I don’t know much about ticks or control options that are available. So, I’ll click “Pick a Pest” and there I’ll select ticks. Here I’ll find several helpful tips on prevention and management which don’t require pesticides. If after I’ve read these tips I’m still thinking about applying a product, I can then click here, to learn more information about products I see on the shelf. Let’s say I’m at the store and I’m looking at products on the shelf Many products here say they work for ticks, but I’d like to know more about them. So let’s try entering an EPA registration number for one of the product labels. Let’s try 7401-502 On this screen I can learn several things about the product. Such as the formulation, signal word, ingredients, and pests. For example, I see the formulation is an emulsifiable concentrate. When I click here I learn that this type of formulation can be absorbed through the skin more effectively then others and so therefore I should avoid skin contact. And it looks like I need to dilute the product before I apply it. Here I can learn more helpful tips about diluting pesticides Such as I guess I might need to pick up a couple of mixing spoons before I leave the store. Back to the main screen now I see the signal word for this product is “Caution” When I click on it, I learn that that means that the product is found to be low or very low in toxicity by every route of exposure. Another helpful feature of this app is that I can get the common name for the chemical which might be listed in the technical language on the label. The app also allows me the check whether the manufacturers claiming this product works for ticks. Scrolling down here, I see that ticks are listed. Finally, if I have questions about where to apply the product, the app directs me to where I can find the information on my label. Remember, the label’s the law and the product can only be applied to places listed on the label. If you need help, Contact information for the manufacturer is easily accessible at the top of the app. If you have more questions about a product, or you need help with the app call us at 1-800-858-7378 to speak to one of our pesticide specialists Thanks for watching!

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  1. In the 3½ minute video, you don't say what the website is for this app. Better yet, put it in the description so I can just click it. Instead you have a link to your "deletion policy" — how unhelpful is that?

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