Sean Lock & Miles Jupp Funniest Moments! The FULL BROMANCE | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

– our first numbers round okay John and Sarah your turn to pick nanami's Sean smiles Jordan miles one said again fingers on lips heads pay attention it's the numbers around ya ready were you ready no he'd brought up hitless whispering to me about Hitler what why was it whispering to you about her learn about you miles I'm on the fence the Swiss during the Second World War gain I could see the good side and the bad side yeah okay on to our first now no it's been in the family for years this is a [Applause] since I was very a Mike Ryan genuinely random yeah music though press the randomizer again let's see how our enemies I think it's gonna be two to three is the next one up it's a good thing to lose a lot of money on the three Eminem's dunvegan to Alan Carr mugs we've invented a new round one three four I'm going for one three four I'm going between 500 and 500 and 2000 you're not saying an exact number oh it's got to be the exact number Shawn by five to six yeah yeah between 500 and 529 for this part four seven eight eight two four miles miles where you go I'm going for 673 okay press the button Oh with a game countdown I'm sorry for what we did will say again for a second birthday game scary that scares you why don't we just take the numbers with a Ouija board closest you only house a tenner yeah never mind your fear of the occult what do they mean I'm sorry but we have it now cuz we know what you like [Applause] [Applause] now you want to play along for fun sort of personal battle between you could play the claw I've already got him just check you are you playing along with master but not for Claude no money in the grass I won't spit on you when we're having sex tonight good luck trying here without spit I'm working to tear up she was just very kindly offered not just [Laughter] in five cities nice guy [Applause] I do have a mascot Jimmy yeah here it is [Laughter] what what sir what's this it's my new thing Jimmy your new thing I arranged fruit find something that was I could express my creative side soothing relaxing it was something that I just I went on a course I never looked back as I stepped in there with ghee he just set me free it literally just set me free and he taught me like what reasons okay I've done well in bold through that I've arranged right and one just day I think they were they are the production team did this looks like a zookeepers bucket doesn't [Applause] don't come with just gone again sorry what I've got to do is try and forget wait can you stop moving around quite a shut up I don't want this to generating to the saw shambles we've seen over there are two directly to the surface can you sit still right your fat I'm also moving its cheese boards have you ever seen a better cheese board it'd be a crime to eat any of that a lot of people arrange cheese boards in different ways some people do it in the region some people do it for hard cheese – soft cheeses I've done my cheese board politically so we've got some Manchego there we've got some compte from France we've got some Dolce latte from Italy we've got some Dutch gala there and from England we've got some cheddar – cheese base brexit Joe I'd make a lovely countdown casserole slow-cooked it what is this bake-off all the ingredients are letters of the alphabet so in it it's got Apple Bovril coriander mmm Pinto then a whelk just one new zest of lemon and here it is and I'm gonna have a whelk on top temperature underwear honking this name I've never seen a well before in all honesty I've got about 30 there I'd pay 10 pounds for charity of your choice if you ate all of them in a row that's your magic number to eat all the whelks give 10,000 pounds Jimmy the gallery whether we can can say huh what does the bank you say definitely yes yeah yeah do it [Applause] what well you're quite truly miles you'll turn shoes the letters just take some responsibility for once in your life that means so frightened of making mistakes and just live a bit i right okay well I mean just half and half four and a half of each is all nine are five and four you decide decide see what you get you want to see what you dig okay can you just spit out my Arbor you choose the rest Sean cuz you're opinionated whereas I'm sort of more of a team player you might even do the bare minimum take a shoulder responsibility as a team member bear take responsibility for this other than the financial aspect [Laughter] I mean you are you taste this Jew what do you think it was quite nice a lot nicer than a hundred well we're sharing a room Oh you could it'd be very sick the worst thing now would be to yourself and not erased any money [Applause] sure what about society why don't you open up the curtains and I'll let the Sun in we do the final scores Shawn did you manage to down all of the walks power works do you know those people were specially designed to clean horses willies so there's people specially designed people that their job is to go and clean horses Willie's sure they do the rest of the horse while are there no especially they're heavily heavily unionized

29 thoughts on “Sean Lock & Miles Jupp Funniest Moments! The FULL BROMANCE | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

  1. Don't see how you couldn't love these two together, to be honest. The best pairing on the show, ever.

  2. what bullshit, the people are dying and these lot do what, laugh and joke.

    RUSSIA , CHINA, IRAN, LOOK AT HOW THE UK GOVERNMENT TREATS ITS ILL AND VULNERABLE IN SOCIETY, starves them and leaves them to die in their own home emaciated

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​STEPHEN SMITH RIP LEFT TO DIE BY THE UK GOVERNMENT DWP AND MAXIMUS,put that in youtube and see howthe UK governmenttreats the most vulnerable in its society,and the media go on aboutrussia

  3. Am I the only one who had to google welk, lol. It's a sea snail btw and spelt whelk 🙂 Great job in the name of charity, Sean!

  4. What I've learnt is Miles has a real tendency to gamble… Wouldn't be surprised if he's lost his house gambling

  5. I’ve seen the welk eating bit probably close to 50 times now. It’s maybe the funniest bit of television I’ve seen in my entire life. I wish I could have my memory erased so I could enjoy it for the first time all over again.

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