Sea Animal and Wild Animal Toys – Learn Animal Names

octopus color purple and octopus color
red. You guys go ahead and swim, whoa … Polar Bear wants to join them too this is cute orange dolphin I’m a
starfish and I want to join you guys, sure, my name is hammerhead shark I want
to swim too, sure, join the team I am the baby duck, go ahead and swim, here comes the
Nemo I want to swim too can I sure join the team, Nemo. Here’s
swimming the yellow baby shark go ahead and swim baby…
sure, thank you green sea turtle here comes two rabbits here comes two dogs I think this is Max
go ahead and swim, dog. This is white cat red stingray this is eel pink jellyfish, pink dolphin here
comes the pelican eating fish, purple seahorse pink flamingo baby and mommy kangaroo red baby crab the yellow pufferfish here comes the real shark thank you so much for watching I’ve just
created a brand new video for you, my friend and I’m inviting you to watch it.
I’ll see right there right now

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  1. THANK YOU, dear parents!

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