SCRAPS encouraging people to adopt adult cats during June

In the market for a new furry friend? June might be the perfect time for you to adopt a shelter pet. Currently, SCRAPS is packed to the brim with these furry creatures and they’re begging people to come out and find a new furry friend. June is national Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat month and it couldn’t come at a better time,” said Nancy Hill, Regional Director at SCRAPS. “We are absolutely full. Right now SCRAPS says the shelter is almost at capacity. They’ve had to create auxiliary rooms to house the almost 100 cats and kittens. All throughout June, SCRAPS says you can adopt a cat for a steal. Adult cats, cats over the age of six months, are free with the purchase of a $15 license, and we’ll sterilized them, vaccinate them, micro chip them, and they’ll be ready to go, Anna Parker took SCRAPS up on its offer on Saturday. This one here, she caught my heart so she’s the one we decided to take, For her, kittens are a little too high maintenance. She wanted to adopt an adult cat. It’s something SCRAPS is encouraging other people to do, too. With an adult cat, you can tell a little bit of their personality,” Hill said. “They may already be litter box trained, they won’t scratch and hang on your drapes, and they make wonderful companions. The sale runs throughout the month of June. SCRAPS is open seven days a week.

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