birdies first in the room Bernice gulls first in the room hi Bernice and I get to give myself and alike irony oh we're just kicking it having coffee and kicking it scrap dog chat I feel like pawpaw you guys ever watched pawpaw hi Suzanne hi Karen back freakin Frances back turn back in the room yeah papa he looks like Santa Claus he's pretty cool to watch sometimes he even get a little weird so done he's pretty cool though he just does chat sessions where he just sits there chats with coffee he looks like Santa Claus he's an older gentleman I'd say he's about 65 what's up Patricia Russell ah his channel is not called pop arts doing it cheap but his name is pop odds the channels called doing it cheap yeah and you too we're back we're back in black yes we're back in there grandpa campy never seen that one psychotic is back tada I got that sound effect on my editor tada angels parents are doing good their dumpster plants but they're not pop plants Steve Beezus home are you doing steer Christy Jordan is back angels got a glasses on now she can see Simone Souza from Brazil how are you can now give as Stephanie canal daddy a Stephanie hello and not asking hello Lindo Lindo we're back Brazil to Alma I'm Mara Chris and I'll have any favorite candy besides chocolate if it ain't chocolate I don't really eat it I can't think anything yeah I like those peppermint patties but those little nuggets that psychotic found those are good those little Hershey nuggets they cut like a little square a rectangle those are good especially the ones with the nuts in it Thank You Nicole I'm glad you were here I like mounds too because sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you don't I don't have a doggie share um I had to put the doggie to sleep about four months ago I have a video line there of the memorial for she was thirteen year old Akita yeah I don't like no Sour Patch real fruit watermelon oh I like Apple I might have an apple little bit that's okay she lived the good life I brought none you can do it's the way it goes oh I like blueberries too and they're good for you especially for guys blueberries but I won't eat them plain I gotta have cereal with my blueberries yeah I just said with me it is hard to do I like strawberries but only if I'm gonna pick it right out of the patch myself and not the patch at the at the strawberry farm either like your own personal strawberry patch I Peggy I'm gonna go shopping at Aldi Carol when I get a truck ing Andy Blackman is with us again Jenna King this is the third live stream I don't know how long it we started at I'd say around 12:30 in the afternoon but I turned it off this is the third one I turned on this way they don't erase my videos because those long live streams they just they don't process so they disappear and you guys can never go back and see them and they just disappear so I've been restarting it every few hours good evening DJ this didn't come back maybe she will maybe she went to get some knee yeah I know it was too long you won't process so that's why I'm starting them over now so they can't do that to me anymore hairless monkey hello yeah he can't be dead Scrappy's dumpster Andy oh I found me a new one too and instead of Scrappy's dumpster Scrappy's cousin the one that eats walnuts I found one that actually has a dumpster instead of a compactor that's where I got that fan in yesterday's video and that other stuff I'm gonna have that and that's gonna be a new stock for me everyday I'm gonna be going there now I didn't know they were there in fact I wish I could have went there today those places throw out so much stuff they're the best hello Shirley Orin SIA I don't know what that name would be walnut head angel went to sleep or she's might be on here still she might be on the chatter but she's in her room she's tired daddy scrappy maybe this weekend me and my sidekick Sasha Walter no I didn't sell that boat I haven't even tried it sitting in my backyard crappy well Hawk you have Boulder hood Illinois huh I grew up in Illinois but I never heard of that one Boulder report Illinois I Coleen Burke where's Boulder hood I know Illinois pretty good but I never heard of that town is that West I'm still here bus rider I just restarted the live stream oh yeah don't forget everybody give me a like now you can give me another like everybody cuz you're on a new live stream new like Thank You Shirley I've been five times in heaven God nothing five times to wear you gotta go every day I go every day of the week except for today I didn't go today because my daughter came to visit me I go seven days a week to all the dumpsters that are it not all of them but all the ones that I can go to with the car I'm driving I say the best time to go is between 10 o'clock in the morning and 11:45 10:00 a.m. to 11:45 that's my favorite time I don't understand that do you like doing it Frank oh do I like doing dumpster diving yeah it's a treasure hunt you never know what you're gonna find yeah I'm not gonna get a storage building at all I already live in a storage building Thank You Simone yeah I enjoy it do it John try that out what you got to lose John I say yeah do it John my work yeah I like doing it bus driver it's a treasure hunt if I didn't like it I wouldn't do it that's awesome John in my opinion that's a whole new hope in the game there I'm so happy for you I can't do the ollie till I get a truck Shirley hi eros Jones how you doing Tami's back in the room everyone Paulina's in the room Marylyn lagger burg how you doing yeah I like to give a good deal on that food because I get so much of it I had to stop going and getting it I can't even go to the pet dumpster anymore cuz if I see the food I gotta take it and I got no more room for any more food I've got so many bags of food so I stopped going to the pet dumpster and I'm probably missing out on a whole bunch of cool stuff so I feel great about making that $40 off those three bags I'd sell I'd sell it all like that so I can go back there hi Elaine Williams I don't like going a night bus driver our bus rider I don't like going tonight but good luck to you I hope you score big time I shower I would do that Christy if I had my own truck but since I'm using somebody else's car I really can't be doing that yeah that's a good deal Melissa 75 bags that five bucks of bag is a lot of money hi Amy Finch how often do you go DJ go everyday check that dumpster every single day I go to the same two dumpsters sometimes they cut it and sometimes they don't because it all depends on which employees throwing it out some employees take their job seriously and others don't yeah use packing tape to come fix those bags I was using duct tape I'd recommend everyone use the tape use four boxes I got that idea from mr. scrapping he I don't know if you guys watch this channel but it works way better it sticks better and you can see what's behind it that way so it doesn't cover up the riding for the people who want to buy it sometimes you don't turn on the light it's dark in there alright I'll turn on a light someone stole my mailbox you hear that guys someone stole jon's mailbox his whole mailbox that's crazy they stole his mailbox like they really needed a mailboxes you have some special kind of mailbox was it a bigmouth bass mailbox or a sports mailbox I'll turn on the light but I don't want to oh it blinds me guys it blinds me be right back raka a little house one was probably why they took it when you replace the gist replacement with a plain old one they won't take the plain one anything that they want like that they're gonna steal that crazy dough stealing mailboxes yeah what are you in the big house for man whoo I stole a mailbox it looked like a little house I really liked it I got a do five years in the big house now no it's not here I live by the Lake Michigan so it's cool here it's gonna stay cool here unless the wind changes direction it stays cool here by the Lake Michigan Tina stealing anything is wrong except for one thing stealing second base I che Fisher you're right it is more impressive Montana I'm doing ok how are you the cop told me last night it's stealing from a dumpster I'm stealing from a dumpster they do love the lie that's true they making up stuff they love to make up stuff that's why you gotta call them on it show me write me the ticket we'll talk about it when we get in front of the judge we'll see what the judge says ah there's Lisa I was asking about you everybody Lisa curds I was in the room I am 53 Mary god bless you god bless you and party every day look Lisa wants to sing everybody I Lisa don't worry people sing I think everybody's coming back to the live screen the chats moving kind of fast when it slows down we'll sing happy birthday Nicole happy birthday to you happy birthday the lady down the street just found John's mailbox all smashed up I am NOT at your Idol that's a false idol I'm just a guy it likes to say hi and sometimes I cry because I got something stuck in my eye and I never tell a lie but I might say good bye on the back of my head is a fly you're a cool guy that's a funny one I wish I knew why then I would never die I mind that out of side or I smoke a bowl and get really high TV dinners Lisa got TV dinners from the CBS Leila's back for 20 Lisa that's how you know how to get into my money box now then you eat pie and I used to watch magnum p.i it's like GI Joe GI I don't have anymore Mia Dylan why Pauline's gonna be back soon god bless you too Leila give me some Kleenex ain't that funny you call it Kleenex it's one that you ever think about that Kleenex is one of the few products just like coca-cola give me a coke give me a Kleenex when it's just a name-brand it's not really what it is it's kind of funny when I cook I make you hungry I'm playing with my gun thank you John think I'm gonna eat something just to eat I think I'm gonna have half of a hamburger half of the hamburger guys I'm gonna have half of a hamburger that's a Big O hammer bye bye miss American Pie drop the chevy to the levee but the levee was dry and those good ol boys were drinking whiskey and rye singing this will be the day that I die this will be the day that I die did you write the book of love you have faith in God above the Bible tells you so do you believe in what enroll music save your immortal soul and can you teach me how to dance real slow well I know that you're in love with him cuz I saw you dancing in the gym you both kicked off your shoes and I dig those rhythm and blues I was alone with a pink carnation and a pickup truck but I knew that I was out of the music yeah and we started singing guys bye bye miss American Pie throw the Chevy I lost the hella P no I mean it man was played helter-skelter in the summer swelter the birds flew off to a far-off shelter eight miles houses look guys let's see if i can see my own burger in there you really see you dear how's that look guys eight miles high and falling fast when the gesture saying for the king in Queen in the coat he borrowed from James Dean in a voice Wow the King was looking down that jester stolen horny crown the courtroom was adjourned all right and eat now that I'm kicked out of Holly do you have to buy groceries yeah I had to buy groceries then though I don't I always had to buy me I got tons of stuff still from all Dido I'll be eating all these stuff for years hi LG about time you got here we've been waiting on you all day LG's in the room everyone what's my favorite TV show is already over with it was king of the hill I don't watch TV anymore I'm done supporting those guys that make those TV movies they've gone crazy and Hollywood they don't represent me and I'm not gonna let them I'm not gonna watch their commercial the peppers not hot neither I mean it's I have a peanut but just now I don't know Lisa I don't like God in night jaren I like to go in the morning yeah you don't angel sleeping Wisconsin Federico eight months Sasha I don't like bell peppers I like them hi the hotter the better well I take that back I don't like the ones that they do on those shows you know what I'm super hot peppers because they don't have any good flavor to them but as far as they're hella Pinot or a serrano pepper just my Aldi robe here Katie I got like ten of them but the lady from Aldi told me they never throw away anything good I'm andylou yeah I like those peppers I don't like the taste of the habanero good luck please I hope you kill it by Cathy you miss seeing my daughter algae you missed my daughter and the cupcakes you bought me you'll be able you'll be able to go back and watch it though this time cuz I made three live streams instead of one long one that way they wouldn't make them disappear so they'll all be on there tomorrow so you could go back and see how beautiful she is yet she drove me around LG first time in her new car she ran a stop sign or a stop light yes I like climbing in I was a retail manager canal life that's what I did most of my life retail manager I'm not retired I'm making my money off the YouTube and whatever I could find in those dumpsters Thank You Leila I'm from southern Wisconsin Sharon cuz the jar is just cooler than a glass I'll be right back guys I gotta go potty and if you didn't know that rhymes with ladi Dadi and I need a hot toddy well I'll need a napkin too they're not gonna be able to fight eating the ride where napkin though we think she went to oh yeah she is still awake ja I see her there she's still awake Thank You Heather Heather let Lee League little a leg I hope I said it right I probably did I died in the no thing I don't understand rock you won't be watching me dive tomorrow Christine I took tomorrow off but they'll be in gardening video a gardening video instead because my daughter came and visited me so I didn't get a video done today Michigan Sharon's from Michigan Alabama Teresa Taylor you're welcome Lisa I'm not the reason though you're the reason you got food I already ate the hamburger LG smoke gets in my eyes I feel are you doing eleven years Jackie Thank You Sheila we we did check it today though there was nothing in there today all right we'll stay out and keep you company hey guys Sharon has an hour and a half ride home from work wouldn't that suck an hour and a half ride home from work every day that's three hours a day just to work and make your money that's so sucky I feel so bad for you'll probably come tomorrow Sheila they're pretty fast yeah that's crazy I wouldn't want to drive I hate driving I absolutely hate it I wish I never had to drive anywhere I wish I could take public transportation dumpster diving I will say Oh cuz I'm gonna open it live Sheila I'll wait to get it to open my other hopefully it'll come tomorrow cuz I was gonna have an opening tomorrow I'm gonna check first thing in the morning hi Pamela Mackenzie yeah I'm a good driver but I don't mean I like to drive I hate it I wish I had a chauffeur it's not that so much I just can't stand the other drivers it's like a big psychology thing out there everybody wants to get ahead of you so they can slow you down they either want to speed you up or slow you down no one knows how to use the turn signal they don't I don't even know why they have them on cars anymore they muscles stop making they make you pay for the turn signal they install in the car but nobody uses it because they think they're better than everyone else I guess yeah I'm too good to use a turn signal I'm too good man I'm better than you sherry dresses back come on drive me I need you now I'll have you driving all day my worst pet peeve is when they got two legs that go into one when you're gonna have a stoplight it's a racetrack guys every time it's a racetrack wherever they got those two lanes that going to one it's a racetrack who's gonna get to that place first the person always wants to beat you they can't stand being behind anybody yes what is road rage and the problem for me is I get the same thing so that's why I don't like to drive I don't want to be disrespected if you disrespect me while you're driving then I get angry and I don't want to get angry so I don't want to drive you will live too far away LG angels in the bedroom honor honor uh tablet yeah that'd make a good video driving mr. Frankie dumpster – dumpster could make a whole movie out of that I have never well have I ever gotten hurt dumpster diving I hurt my private parts a few times and then I did one boo-boo I never told you guys one time I was up against the dumpster was a tall dumpster and it was in the winter it was cold out and I picked up the top and I hit my mouth against it and I hit it pretty hard right out of my tooth and about six weeks later I started feeling pain and turned out too messed up my teeth down here I had to have for my teeth pulled they probably would have had to been pulled anyway it just speeded up the process but that's what happened American Pickers that's right we should have our that make a good a good deal there American dumpster divers that make a good a good sitcom I know this is high on the list Machpelah this is high on the list I don't know what my favorite item is to be honest I just like finding anything Maggie's back in the room everyone she woke up you know that pisses me off you stop in the middle of the road and I come up behind you you better move man I've been known for driving junky cars a lot I don't have one right now but yeah that pisses me off dip my strawberries in chocolate your strawberry God in my chocolate no your chocolate got in my strawberry to great tastes that taste great together I Phil's fan how you doing Rhonda time scrap dog and scrappy to squirrel that reminds me of Rocky and Bullwinkle those plants are the ace of spades plans that I found in the all these there are not at I forgot the oh yeah there and thorium's there an Syrians I'm happy it's working out for you Phil's fan those apples that all these are good too aren't they all these has the best apples I'll tell you what God their apples are just the best that's because they throw out so many they always only have the freshest apples cuz they keep throwing them out I never found an African violet yet I don't get it sir I'm sorry yeah when do you do your merge you need a scrap me to squirrel in the dumpster it's so funny I just got this pop-up rich person keeps throwing away everything hot dumpster diving rich person everyday I see the same thing rich person throws away this rich person throws away that yeah yeah yeah John backed into somebody and they took away his driving license oh yeah I like to have those shirts I'm just never made it that far I like to have those scrappy t-shirts the self and ones with the wick air out of the the dog too now there's one that's even worse Sheila I'm almost afraid to mention I like making people mad at me but there's one that's worse it's the same thing every day they always buy a storage unit and it's from a drug dealer or a car thief or something you get my idea every day yeah yeah I'd wanna storage unit from the police officer and he used to belong to a world war two veteran in well I didn't know they write that stuff down when you're buying those storage units yeah what's your occupation I was a drug dealer we're gonna have a storage auction in fact I wonder what I did with that you got it let me have that we're good you guys want to go to a real storage unit auction I'm gonna record I don't care what they say they won't know I'm recorded I just found it in our local newspaper what's today on June 23rd right down the road for me they're gonna have storage auction they got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten units guys right here I was thinking ago and I never been to one before I thought it'd be kind of fun to see what it's like you know what you guys see my dog in the intro right well when the angel got that dog she got two dogs one was named Cara and the other one was named poo poo poo died way before who died with 11 years ago when I first moved here but that's what they look like right there when their that was Kara when she was young the little one and that's poo bear two big one that's our living room back then what things are puppies yeah marry Cleveland is back yeah you can rat one if you had to though the funny thing is they rent trucks for $20 a day right down the road from the same storage unit like not even a block from this storage unit they rent trucks you all trucks for 20-25 dollars as long as you can clean out the unit you don't need a truck dough so if the stuff was not all units are gonna be full some of them have just a little bit of stuff you watch the storage auction shows before they don't always have full lockers a key LG I could buy a 16 thousand dollar truck if I had $2 everybody brand-new I like peanut butter cups to raka Wow 85 people the room weren't wearing up whoo when we switched out it was only a 40 something it doubled I'll in hammock Lila wants a burger everyone yeah it's like dr. pepper Sheila is up it's the pick and save store kinda pick in save which is Kroger yeah everything costs more in Canada well unless you have American money if you have American money then I guess it don't actually would cost less you don't have rhesus and there's your new job freakin France quit dumpster diving you need to import rhesus candy bars you could sell those rhesus I'll tell you what you could make a mint selling rhesus candy bars once the person tries them they're not gonna stop eating them I'd quit dumpster diving and see how you could import rhesus candy bars to France hi Laurie Lee yeah it's like the Kroger it is the kroger brand that would get us well let's see does I don't see that oh yeah it's the kroger brand I like it cuz it's got a lot of fizz like coca-cola has a lot of fizz that swai like coke a lot of the store brands don't have a lot of fist I like a lot of fizz in my pop the more fizz the better yeah recess is like crack Ronda that's why she should import that she could make a killing the biz all right Pamela I have a good night pleasant dreams I burnt the how you doing Russell Stover dove I love those and Hershey's those are all good ones you don't have any of those then you need to start important that you could make such a killing that stuff's addicting that's why it sells so good in America those are the biggest companies you could make a fortune selling that there must be some reason you don't got it I could almost guess the reason but I'm not gonna say it I never had green or black chocolate I never use that barbecue I plan on selling it Jenna yeah I can't box up anything more buzz Rider there's the reason they don't export that stuff to France though I'm not gonna talk about it cuz it's a political deal how do I get into anything political we're gonna have it this weekend maybe Lisa depends on what the weatherman says dr. Trixie is too pooped to chat but she wanted to say hi and night-night pleasant dreams dr. Trixie scrap pop says hi iris is back in the room guys iris is back in the room and you can't find no one to go dumpster diving with her the natives back in the room everyone good night Lisa Leroy Brown he was the baddest man in the whole damn town your dog as a good song Leroy these wrong shootin dice and he stand about six foot pole and he liked to wear his diamond ring the pone everybody else he had a custom continental an Eldorado or two he had 32 gun in his pocket for fun he had a razor up in his shoe good night Lisa that's what I need Leila I need a microphone a mr. microphone I found one of those yet I need a mr. microphone remember those mr. microphones Jennifer Messer made it home after seven hours for a four-hour trip hopefully she'll come let me see if I can go get her to join us in our room here guys she was on a big long dumpster-diving trip let's see if I can get her to come in the room dumpsters were bare she said oh there's Jennifer I just sent you a message to come to come in here I Jenna fer empty dumpsters I sissy Meijer it is 8:56 Shannon the room is growing 92 really dr. John passed away this week that's weird either Cinda new locks yes I do Leila I'm so lucky I really am Angell just was in the kitchen she just went back to the bedroom but she's got her tablet so she'll probably be in the chat no probably Roy sorry Mia I can't agree with you on that I do not agree I Sarah Church Thank You iris yeah me too Laurie come IRL water none could stop me LG just don't stop your a lot LG you're a lot like Linda you don't know Linda but she'd be watching all my videos I keep writing in there and going and going and going on their comments like the Energizer Bunny there's a good reason for that summer breeze because he's not a pushover he's not a pushover that's why my daughter's I Kaitlin how you doing Kaitlin everybody Caitlin's watching I like my nail gun Kayla thank you Mike MC thank you very much I love your Simpsons icon it's Homer as my second favorite show after Hank Hill is The Simpsons Christie's back in the room Marty's wife from then I get all twisted from crazy family tubes wife is in the room she's got her own channel called help nuts Thank You iris you stop it though please you give too much you've given me too much it's bad enough that you be buying all that stuff I Wanda Brian Marybeth you're back in the room I'm gonna sneeze I think thank you Wow that's a lot of god bless yous I'm in good shape guys you guys put me in good word for me thank you I needed that Algie keeps going and going and going the burger was good summer breeze the first one was better than the second one now Jenna King thank you so much Thank You Jenna I Gloria okay July sounds pretty good especially like toward the middle when it's gonna be burning hot yeah you already gave Tammy don't give anymore Thank You Suzanne you guys are so sweet marybeth thank you Mary Beth that's a lot of money – thank you so much I love you Mary Beth you guys make me feel bad now wanna be cool when you guys see me in my new truck I should write your names of everyone that donated it on the door or what do they call that where you put the truck in uh wrap it I think it's wrap it wrap it with all the names of the people who donated for the truck it's all for my truck I understand LG stop it now Mike that's enough thank you 90 people in the room my MC I want a Toyota Jackie as bad as that sounds cuz I would rather have an American truck if I had my choice though I'd pick Toyota though I would get a Ford Ranger but I think Toyota is the most reliable truck unfortunately I Brandon Zack nissan's good – yeah I agree Nissan is awesome I had a Nissan not a truck but a regular Nissan car that thing was just to die for you it would never break down that last it kept going and going and going and going never broke down nothing ever went wrong with it good night Laurie Lee Nissan Frontier that sounds cool to Nissan Frontier Toyota Highlander it's right there under the chat reader underneath where you type in the chat no I don't want a new truck and I when I say new truck I mean used truck but just new to me no I don't want to use a new new truck that'd be like throwing my money away in the garbage can yeah I'm not gonna brandon Zack you ever uh watch um I just told everybody what hold on Brandon let me see if I can find his name I might not be able to oh yeah there it is oh I forgot it just that fast Oh Scotty Kilmer Oh madam problems guys Brandon Scotty Kilmer watch Scotty Kilmer's channel he's the car guy an older guy he has the YouTube channel he would not say to get the Dodge or anything made in America except for the Ford Ranger Weesa hi yeah that's it Mike MC wrap up your engines that's what he says before I start wrap up your engines I like watching him Scottie Kilmer that's right i Jesse young Louisa's from Portugal that's a long way from Wisconsin Lee Louisa what year was it Kirsty the old ones proudly did run forever and the Vans run better than the trucks but if it's anything made in the last 20 years it's gonna be not very good good night sherry I Tony did whoa yeah an old one yeah the old ones were good they made all the good stuff back in the day but they're making it so cheap now they make it to fall apart just keep staying here if you gotta go to Home Depot take us with you yeah 1990 there's a long time ago those were good drops then they still made him strong Morticia you made it hi Morticia are you doing Toyota four-runner I would like that we're doing pretty good Morticia my daughter came and visited me today she was on the livestream with her boyfriend she took me for a ride in her new used car that her boyfriend bill for and she was so nervous she ran through a stoplight and Roberta thank you so much I don't even know you either Andrew I never noticed you in the chat before thank you so much goodnight goodwitch yeah that was very nice of Andrew especially since I don't I don't recognize this comment and I usually know all my commoners so he must be pretty new to my channel that was very nice of him I Jamie Stevens Emily lives an hour and a half away in a terrible little town called Elgin terrible town I hate that she lives there but there's nothing I can do about it thank you my boy it's an all these rope I Priscilla glad you made it you missed my daughter though but I'm glad you made it she won't be moving closer anytime soon Tammy she thinks she needs to take care of her mom she's afraid to leave her mom you'll be able to go back and watch the livestream for still although I this is the third livestream I'm on right now I turned off the other two and restarted it so they wouldn't delete it so they'll all be available for you to watch so you could go back and see what she looks like new for mr. scrapper T London d-did kitty mr. scrap buddy you'll be able to see our two mortician the live stream should be available he maybe even already because I cut him off shorter so that they wouldn't cut me out so you'd be able to go back and see it watch your run through the red light and stuff I Arlene Yeah right I agree Kirsty it was completely clear it was a red light that's in front of a college so she just didn't get it hi Joan send me AK I hope I said that correct kami ik I'm not sure I read how are you my barbecue was good I Kelly yeah new surroundings that's what it was I'm Mildred I haven't checked it out sorry Patricia I'm Priscilla I will check it out though I have not I've been on live wall since uh basically since 12:30 this afternoon so and before that I was answering all the comments from the video this morning so I haven't had a chance to check it out yet I'm Mildred goodnight Kathy god bless you too and going and going hi Jackie how you doing good night Leila I'm just fine my daughter came and visited me today she was on the livestream I'm not sure yet Kirsty I said you tracked it I blew she's in her bed she went to sleep Maggie yeah I'm gonna I'm tired but if I can't go to sleep though cuz if I go and sleep I wake up too early I I can't go to sleep I only get this I can only stay in the bed six hours so if I'm lucky there's six hours of dreaming no I'm not going all night at least I don't think so unless you guys want to watch me sleep again I'm going diving no matter what this yeah I don't know six hours of snoring yeah I'd like to have some of that the smoke stuff their list but until I get my truck I can I don't want the front ambien though not interested in that but the smoke stuff sounds great that's the only thing that can let me sleep but I can't till I get my truck there's none of that I can't have it so I'm gonna have to no sleep I can't take you Morticia I want to but I don't have enough data on the phone we get our new data tomorrow but I'm not sure how long that'll last I need to upgrade the phone plan they cut me off and then they put me on slow and then you guys only get a blurry vision of everything yeah I agree Jackie I'd sleep like a baby if I could do that but I can even if I could afford it I don't even know anybody to get it from unless I drive an hour away I soo in we're still on we keep going and going and going just like LG we keep going and going just like Linda I stopped about as soon as my truck door my car died I had to stop since I'm not I have to drive a family members car you know it's angels miles car that I'd be driving in those videos so I couldn't keep on smoking and then driving her car it just didn't seem right so I had to quit which is really the first time since I was 13 cuz it's been a daily thing for me since I was 13 years old up until about 7 months ago I'm guessing now fact I'm not even sure how I did it you know how I did it from this YouTube it keeps me busy without the YouTube I'm not sure I'd be able to do it but the YouTube keeps me so busy pretty much 18 hours a day on the YouTube hi April Smith thank you I me too you miss my daughter is right but you could go back and watch the live streams because I stopped and restarted them so they'll be available to watch tomorrow maybe even tonight they're available No no Sue Ann not really but I don't got to get up and go to work every day well I do in a way I gotta hit the dumpsters but at least I it's it's I'm happy it's better than the job I had dealing with the public I'm in Wisconsin April southern Wisconsin hi Jacqueline hall how are you doing I'm right next door to you but I'm on the other side of the state you're on the west side I'm all the way next to Lake Michigan a hundred degrees in Nevada that is hot Victoria Walker I made it hi to you kids I guys I got she hit the sack it doesn't work out to the hourly wage because I'm putting in 18 hours a day suanne so I pride be like a dollar – let's see little over a dollar an hour we'll be under two dollars an hour wouldn't be over two dollars an hour there goes LG she's going she keeps going and going maybe tomorrow friggin France maybe tomorrow for I'm hoping for tomorrow yeah it's not easy sue an but it's the long run you're looking for it a long run after you get that big amount of subscribers and then the things start to change it's snowballs you know like a snowball it starts out small but once you get up there big it gets rolling and rolling and rolling thank you so much Rita Amin's I really appreciate that thank you very very much Rita Amin's there's another person I don't even know Rita Amin's she's not a regular commenter thank you so much it's a new person to me he brought Indiana goodnight blue Crown Point yeah me too me too [Laughter] I gotta go potty guys give me a song your piano man sing me a song tonight we're all in the mood for a melody and you got a singing all right that fan feels good what Rita Rita gave me $20 and I missed it is that what happened Thank You Rita I think I can't see the today name in here yes thank you so much Rita thank you very very much Rita Emmons that's very kind of you Wow that's a lot of money guys 20 bucks – ours is somebody's hard labor I pearl Thank You Rita I want to get the truck – it's gonna be an awesome day when I when I get it an awesome day I can't wait Tami's going to sleep good night Tammy I got my little fan I'm making use of it feels good uh guys my travel it's even got free batteries I found in the dumpster in it double dumpster define there yeah that'd be cool wouldn't it but I don't think they will Morticia no one wants to be known for sponsoring a dumpster diver maybe a dumpster company that's the only place I could think of yeah I got money saying every bit of money that YouTube has paid me is saved I have never took in a penny from them yet it's just sitting there in the count so every penny I made from YouTube is just sitting in my truck fun I have not took a penny out of it I shall I don't want to say miss V you're back and I'm still alive let's see how long has this one been it's been two hours since I restarted it two hours I better cover up the Restless Hamburg Glantz glad cling-wrap guys sponsor me glad I recommend glad cling-wrap sing me a song Rumble piano man sing me we're all I'm Marty or Ellen whoever it is I'm Marty or Alan I brand the Davis watermelon Mildred it was the piece my daughter didn't finish when our picnic to any of you ain't dried salt on watermelon you ain't had watermelon yet sweetens sweet and salty no pearl I paid for this one it was on sale for 399 at the brick and slave I do not know that down I never heard of Theresa Wisconsin but I only moved here 11 years ago I grew up in Illinois I spent most of my life in Illinois southern Wisconsin Deborah I don't know where Merrill Wisconsin is either sorry that's all right Dinah I'm old No to have a compactor me too I grew up in Antioch Illinois Antioch Fox Lake Lake Villa Spring Grove area Thank You Donna I never heard of those towns either candy I don't know where that is I like Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday Deborah those are my best days Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday you know what guys I wish they still had watermelons with seeds in them they may always hokey-pokey watermelons those watermelons with seeds were better I like the seeds they taste good how do you make my name in orange I don't know no feel it is young every year they begin smaller and smaller amounts this year I haven't seen any ones with seeds in it yet none of them I'm sure they'll probably have it when it's more toward the middle of summer but they haven't had any yet no I live in the North hour huh I can't I can't grow candy we don't got enough Sun I don't have enough Sun to grow it's good curly Scrappy's good Tana Virginia I got in I didn't know you were still here you've been quiet that's okay guy and it's cool that you're still here what as fans making me cold now thing works pretty good blueberries 2lg blueberries 90 people surely all uh played out of Monday night nine forty nine and nine I'm guessing the temperature is I don't know for sure I'm guessing at sixty-five maybe a little less my barbecue was good I was totally happy to see my daughter but I hate when she leaves it always makes me cry yes that's the rogue from Aldi Sheila I got like 10 of them but they never throw away anything good as what they told me all the stuff they throw away is no good she'll be coming back pretty soon she didn't have she just got her first car really she's had the car for a while but her boyfriend's been fixing it it was not runnable and they just finally got it all done so she'll be visiting more often now but she's got a full-time job she's the manager of Jimmy John's so she has to work my daughter was an angel Mildred an angel sent from heaven I got so lucky I prayed for a daughter too I didn't want a son I was afraid he'd be just like me I'm so happy I got my daughter an Angels what she's been not causing me a bit of grief in my whole life not a bit of grief yes only one child I see people on the hook up miss V and read you guys to make a good dumpster-diving t miss V and read it sounds like a good channel to I'll be your first subscriber she is daddy's little girl you betcha Mildred yeah we don't want her to think she looks like me though it's better to say she looks like her mom she'll have a complex if she thinks she looks like me i pati lawyers yeah surely that was a while ago uh but not even a year really cuz the August August fourth is a year from the very first video I made August fourth will be my anniversary on YouTube it's cool to see all these people trying to find their partner here everybody's trying to find a partner November 29th safety first yeah I know I know Maggie I want to go to gurney I just don't want to drive the gurney that's a good spot that's about 40 minutes from me maybe a little less lot of money in gurney I'd like to get up in those dumpsters don't get a GoPro re Guinea Samsung an older Samsung like a 7-7 I recommend it highly it's got a killer camera if you like the way my videos look that's from a samsung 7 an old one you could get that real cheap you can do your editing on it you know you don't have to download it to your computer I recommend the Samsung over the GoPro yeah at seven that's what I got the edge seven it's a trooper camera 2 let me tell you this phone is four years old it's been used as not only the phone but a camera gets used every day hard I dropped it it's got broken parts on it but it still does the job after all this time it's even got the same battery because you can't take out the battery it's the same battery all this time still works good they make a quality phone I'll tell you what you got to use a selfie stick to hold the phone we use a selfie stick bye-bye Maggie sleep tight what do you mean Suzanne download what I download mine to my computer but only because I want to you don't have to you can just send it right to YouTube from the phone and then it'll go in 4k I put it on my computer only because there's more options from YouTube if you use your computer than when you use the phone you don't get the same options go eat your dinner and we'll be here okay Jennifer see you soon and you can add it right on the phone Suzanne I use a power director I highly recommend it for someone who doesn't know how to use an editor it really is easy I tried when I first did the editor I tried a whole bunch they are drill hard to learn but the power director is pretty easy there's a company that should be sponsoring me power director pistachios yeah CyberLink PowerDirector by CyberLink if you get caught they're gonna ask you to leave that's it yeah I still got a little bit more time left yeah that Adobe costs money plus it's harder to use it you gotta know what you're doing 4:00 a.m. where Susanna's good morning Suzanne what is the app you use to download your videos I don't understand what you mean by that I don't to download my videos to what to the computer I just plug the phone into the computer with the USB cord with the Samsung it just goes right on the computer I just transfer drag and drop the files I don't buy paper plates Tania I get them out of the dumpster for free I got so many paper plates and cutlery all for free from the party city and from the dollar store you can you can uh to youtube you can just send it from the phone to you – you don't need no app it'll go automatically good night steer Sharon finally made it home from that hour and a half drive from work time to eat cheering time to eat good night Jackie I add my graphics with power director Brenda power director from the Play Store on the phone I add that all on the phone I do all the editing on the phone thank you Karen over here good night iris god bless you thank you very much iris pleasant dreams good night miss V good night Brenda Davis maybe this weekend Joan see you later Leroy Brown no Sharon she's from an hour and a half away you gotta go potty guys hi Betty you remember when I got those from Aldi I'm still eating them now all this time they're so good almost as good as Hershey I Cameron maybe this weekend Joe it'll be a live stream I forgot yeah she got home fine Patti good job NW our sous and right Jackie I don't too bad you weren't my neighbors oh I just wish you could have seen him more clear I need to get better high-speed data good night Marty you'll miss anything okay Jamie I'm sorry good night Marty yeah coconut or nuts LG that's the way to go and some coffee or Diet Coke all the candy bars Mildred they're from all these when I made that big candy score it's good I could eat this whole thing follow it I gotta force myself to stop em I see ky MOU se Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse forever let us hold our better hi hi I like Cadbury too we went to three places we do not have bounty never heard of bounty I love Whitman's what's his name Tammy I'm Melinda Reeves the quicker picker-upper Jevon I'm not sure I'm even gonna be able to sing that right David I jayven you like my Black & Decker poof nail gun iconi Ramirez mounds we love mounds sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you go almond joys got nuts mounds don't cuz sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you don't look at all the people saying hi to Javon I Buffy how you doing you're back the barbecue was good you could go back and watch the livestream she took us dumpster diving she ran a red light in her car we had fun my dog wants some watermelon Diana said I never get sick from eating I was a dumpster Sandra because I know what kind of food to pick to eat like that chocolate bar I just say I know that chocolate bar is good you know what when you go to a restaurant imagine how bad that food is and then what you've been people who've touched it and didn't wash their hands and scratch their butt and all that crazy stuff let's see if we can get Diana's poodles barky Sharyn one time I went in to pick up a pizza I ordered and the guy one of the cooks comes out of the back room he's where it is his chef's uniform with his hat he's got a plunger in his hand and a bucket in the other hand and this big pooey Dan grin on his face needless to say I never bought another pizza from that place again I got Pepsi carwashes dogs barking oh yeah Whitman's boy if I had a Whitman's near me I'd be in their dumpster daily even if I had to climb the fence to get in some enchanting sis because you are there we'll all get together my friend then we'll comb your long hair Catherine Smith thank you so much that's awful nice of you that's another person I don't even recognize who is Catherine Smith you're not a regular chatter that's so nice of you to do that I hope I could see you in the comments more often does nice of Catherine wasn't it Mildred I don't even know her from the comments you know like I know all you guys mostly everybody in here I know no I don't remember seeing any of her comments so it's like she's a new person then she just gave me that gave me that that's so nice a Wisconsin fan you live in Wisconsin where are you are you uh you guys are you the same Smith I think that has the other channel that I met it's not the same icon no I met some divers I think their last name was Smith bus rider Jackie me thank you thank you so much me is the regular viewer she stays up at night to watch my video in the morning because in where she lives in the morning isn't it night for her and then she always tells me good night when I'm just waking up I see her every day oh you live in Milwaukee that's pretty close though you're only about well depending on where in Milwaukee live it's less than an hour probably 40 minutes away right down 94 I'm south of you it was nice of her wasn't it Sue Ann i Julie rod mocker rad maker I'm hope I'm not saying it too badly rod mocker Wisconsin Alicia I'm close to you Julie Rhode Island I'm far from Rhode Island Sandra who is he Sue Ann I didn't even see a guy Riis having a Moonpie from the morning she got it at Tuesday morning dumpster what's the claim I know your favorite show is when you say that what's the claim that's so funny how you doing van de I Diane Stewart the only thing I ever found there was Green Bay Packers is I think was a trophy uh not trophy but uh little boxes that Michaels the old uh collectibles in it and had a picture of the Green Bay Packers in there but I'll find much Green Bay Packer stuff I try to remember everybody's name Jackie but I'll always remember I forget and I also have mental blocks where I know their name but I can't remember it at that very minute and then it'll come back to me and in a little while but I answer or I try to up until I answer every comment I ever got up until about two months ago and then I still try I try to answer every single last comment I can I spend about I try to spend about six hours a day probably to answer all the comments sometimes it's impossible though if I want to make a video it's either make the video or answer the comments so I gotta pick what I'm gonna do is sometimes I get behind it's very hard to get caught up because I'm getting 400 comments a day approximately and once you go past it there's 400 comments on there it's very hard to scroll through YouTube makes it hard to load load through the pages so when you get down like two three four hundred comments it moves so slowly and you're typing when you type it's one letter every like three seconds that pops up on the screen it takes forever but I try to do the best I can with the comments I'll have any fear the only fear I have again card is if they're gonna break the stuff or lock the dumpster as far as just catching me I could care less about that I don't leak air that they don't destroy the stuff or lock the dumpster I don't like going a night I never liked over the night it's too dangerous at night you not only got worried about the Pauli's think you're breakin into something but you got criminals criminals like to hang out on the back of stores cuz they're up to no good not going in the morning time it's the safest time in the morning everybody's working people are out in the morning not only that I find that stores throw away their stuff in the morning because most stores have two anything that gets thrown away has to be approved by a manager and the manager is not there at night the managers only work during the daytime they approve the stuff when they come into work in the morning then they throw it away so if you wait till the night there's a good chance someone could beat you to it I'm sorry Sue Ann I see your comment I'm reading the same chat but I think it takes me longer I can only pick so many to answer you missed my answer send me but I don't know what the question was Oh how long have I been diving since August 4th the last year I always picked on the garbage but just curbside dumpsters started August 4th of last year my chat is slower I think when I look at the picture on the screen it is it doesn't it's lagging so I think mine is slower than your guys's YouTube did Suzanne you too YouTube the first ones I watched were Chris and Holly and a lot of scrappin guys – like mr. scrapper D but he was a different guy then and I can't think of all the names right now unfortunately because I'm tired but scrap it and man I'm sorry I just can't think of them but that's how I think I started I went to Goodwill and I got that's one time is why I found that uh those cookie cutters and the flagged it was in the dumpster but it's in a terrible town and I don't feel comfortable there I Barney how you doing I was watching Brooklyn Moms for dick I don't never see anything from them anymore it's not popping up on my feet I'm I'm not subscribed to them I recommend going between 10 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. just so everybody knows if you want to go dumpster diving go between 10 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. I find that to be the best time I don't like that guy they're psychotic he rubs me the wrong way that first one you are so the both of the first ones you mentioned especially the second one you mentioned he really rubs me the wrong way I love Stephen staff yeah that's right Joanne Joanne I'm that's right that's what I'm shooting for right there that silver play button I want that silver play button oh yeah tacos stacks I started watching him too he was one of the first people I watched tacos stacks and scrap vulture but he's been vulture down I got a half a burger left Vanda yes Stephen staff I'm gonna be making some salsa very soon candy I'll probably do it on the video I got all the stuff I wanted already make it he's a little boring for me Simmi I'm subscribed to him but he's boring to me but I supported him by subscribing a scrap voucher changed his name to vent Bulger psychotic oh yeah Mike the scavenger I like you yeah I agree Rena I don't know every oh if you really want to under my descriptions in my channels for regular videos there's a PayPal button on the regular videos in the description maybe algae can help you though algae we wants to donate but it wasn't allowing her to do it maybe you can help her I don't know why I wouldn't allow her to do it I don't know but LG's pretty smart with that kind of stuff is that what happens on Sue Ann is that what happens to and I didn't know that they take over half of it are you sure I didn't know that yeah I recommend that to then and Sue Ann says it I didn't know that suanne that's not cool that makes me angry to find that out that's not right I'm gonna have to check that out I'm gonna check it out tomorrow I can too tired to do it tonight yeah that's true then I turn that off of Sue and I'll turn off the super Chad and turn it to all to the I'll put the link in the description for this or right in the right in the title even if I could I'm not sure if I can do that or not I have to do some research tomorrow on it I have a P o box Selene I don't know I'm not very smart with that kind of stuff I don't really even know what Western Union is hi Lisa somebody else asked me a question on what's my favorite fine this is pretty close right here this is pretty close second right here but that's only because I'm a kid at heart that's my most favorite aspyn's but that don't mean it's my most profitable don't worry about it candy oh you had a Hulk I forgot about the hall and scrappy the squirrel oh yeah the no toy where's my no toy Wow no no no don't go those are some three favorite toys right there yes Tracy what do you know Tracy tell us are you doing yeah I can't be squirting a squirt gun oh yeah the drone I got that ready to try it out too it's sitting down in the living room I still ain't got to it I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond suanne believe it or not Bed Bath & Beyond good night Sandra I found it at Bed Bath & Beyond Sharon yeah I like the clock but I promised the clock to somebody so I had to sell the clock a long time ago somebody told me to watch for a clock with big numbers because they have a hard time seeing and I watched and I watched and I found that one so I had to sell it to them it was goodly so we went for a drive we went dumpster diving my daughter ran a red light by accident I should have took that Sheila Dennison I wish I were to took that as a memory I should have took it instead of leaving it there I don't know why I left it there because basically I was in shock when I saw that but I wish I were to took that as a memory oh you guys know what my favorite thing is I I don't know if you guys remember it's that I found it at the Bed Bath & Beyond it's that display where I could put my own memory card in and it played my video you guys remember that I love that thing candy I still got that I want to hang that on the wall after I wrap it in a picture of us with scrap dog on it maybe this weekend bar gotta you got to see that one semi it's a good one it's a display for pots and pans it's in a cardboard a thick cardboard but it's it's got a TV screen in it and you push the button and it had a memory card so I took out the memory card and I put my video on it then I put it back in and when you push the button it plays my video I really like that good night sleep tight pleasant dreams by list you're still here Liz ah I don't remember – unfortunately send me I don't remember I don't remember what video it's in I can't remember it had to been in uh it was before I started it all these Oh so one of the videos before all the I didn't have that many I was only making one a week then so I don't know I don't remember the exact video no the pan part is missing on it Sharon I wondered what was in there thanks for letting me know I didn't know I didn't know it was a pen that's cool that it was a pendel right today we just went to Scrappy's dumpster and Dollar Tree and Dollar Family Dollar what white dog you mean Kara yeah her name was Kara yeah I just got a mystery bag from the Dollar General but it wasn't here we don't have a dollar there are dollar generals in the junkie area that I don't like to go to well I went to a different Dollar General in a better area and the first time I was there I found the big old bag it was in a video just a couple videos ago I don't remember what I said I wished I took I found something good this morning before I went with my daughter but when I went with my daughter all I found was with glow-in-the-dark necklace no bar gotta all these is not over I just have to have my truck there's an all there's more all these I just can't drive the car I'm driving to him because it's not my car I can't put the mileage on it so when I get my truck we'll be going back to all these I got to other all these I could go to but they're too too far away for me to drive the car I'm driving in now it was the suan it was if you look on my channel and go back in the videos I got I had one um I think it was diving 15 dumpsters in 30 minutes and I had a picture of the Petco and the thing and for some reason everyone liked that that video I remember I had no views I was getting like 30 views and 30 views every video and I picked up my phone one day and suddenly I had 1500 views and I said oh my god what happened and the next thing you know I had thousands and thousands of views on there it was all that one video that started it all pearl is back we mixed you pearl it's the no toy LG the no toy I'd go right over that gate Alysha for CBS or for Walgreens I'd go over to gate cuz they just throw so much good stuff away and be worth it to me I'd go over the gate if I could unless it's got Bob wire up there can't get arrested for dumpster diving pearl you only think you could possibly get would be a ticket for trespassing a ticket just like a car ticket but they would never even give you that anyway they would just ask you to leave I'm coming with a ladder pearl I mean no Alicia I come with a ladder I climbed that brick enclosure is it brick on the top – this doesn't have a ceiling if it has a ceiling that night there's nothing you can do yeah if it has no top I'm going over the top but only for those two stores I wouldn't do it for our dollar tree or Dollar General or any of those because they just don't it's not it's not the same CVS and Walgreens they throw away a monster's amount of stuff those two stores throw away tons and tons of stuff yeah those are compactors send me those are compactors hi Diane Phillips are you doing Diane Phillips is in the room everyone the thing with the video player Jamie is in the bedroom maybe I'll bring it out tomorrow I'm only 53 Celine yeah grocery stores all have compactors to me they have compactors because they don't want you to see what they're throwing away they're afraid you're gonna see all that good stuff they're throwing away they compact it I got about an hour left she likes oh I better look at what my phone says I forgot about that want to get it long don't want to go over four hours if I go over four hours they might not process my video Jamie how you doing oh I'm getting tired good night Frank good night Sammy those compost bins a good idea I like to have all that compost pretty soon this that's pretty cheap LG 771 you can't beat that for all the fun this toy can bring 7-7 Yohan that's totally worth it good night Josh Williams free shipping I wish I could have free shipping like those stores have free shipping they charge regular people an arm and a leg to ship anything yeah I got it all planned and pearl the only thing left to plant are some a few cucumbers I wanted to plant but all my green beans tomatoes and peppers are all planted PowerDirector Suan PowerDirector I don't understand the question pearl how do you get the garden done up hard work work watch the video tomorrow I plant the green beans tomorrow tomorrow's a gardening video no dumpster-diving I wasn't gonna put it on today but since I stay down here all this time yeah that's from Aldi the robe is from all the bar gotta I got about 10 of them bar gala oh I did by hand with his shovel pearl I turned the dirt over with my shovel with my hand yeah that sucks pearl you got even you should do it by hand the first time the rototiller isn't even good the first time my garden is about six years old now maybe seven years old so the ground has really worked in it's not so hard but the very first time is extremely extremely hard you uh maybe you could I don't know if you got any money but if you had a little bit of money maybe you could hire a teenager to do it or two teenagers probably be more like it good night Tracy Phillips looks pink it's pink Celine I could paint it green I want the boot oi I want the boot oi – maybe they'll throw away that next boo I want the boot oi you shouldn't have told me that LG I'm gonna be thinking about that now the boot oi that'd be great in stores walking up behind people boo boo boo a sorry joy I'll need that good night Diane see you in the morning it's gonna be a gardening video tomorrow though not a dumpster-diving video first it's me mowing the grass with scrappy in tow and then it's me planting green beans good night Jamie I agreed Tracy I don't want to do any explain and that's why I go in the morning I am NOT up to explain no spoilers well I don't want people to watch if they don't want to watch that you know they either wanna watch that or they don't some folks just want to watch the dumpster diving but I understand that's what the channel says dumpster diving some people who care less about gardening yeah they're still on me pearl I just had a girl give me a long spiel how they never throw anything away and then she deleted her account and I fouled her over to Twitter I found her on Twitter but they're given they go on in the morning and give me thumbs down first thing in the morning when I post my video I get the same thumbs down every day goodnight goodwitch I can't block them they won't make a comment good witch there they already know what I already blocked some of them then I blocked them already and they won't make a comment so I can't there's no way to block them if they don't make a comment what they should do is YouTube should make it so that if you go on a channel and give a thumbs down more than three days in a row they should block you automatically it's a mean I understand getting a thumbs down but if a person's doing it every day then why is he even going to your channel in the first place you know what I'm saying I am not no star if anything I'm a moon I do have Instagram but if you want to know my username him I don't know I don't know what it is I'm sorry it's something would scrap dog I couldn't use the exact one that something scrap dog in there somehow maybe if you want to search it it'll come up you can't tell who put the thumbs-up or thumbs-down Tina but I know that if I have a 40 minute video and in five minutes into my video I have three thumbs down somebody gave me a thumbs down they don't even know what my videos about they just came to give me a thumbs down and leave I don't know who they are but I know that they're doing it on purpose or they wouldn't do it every day you either want to watch the channel or you don't it is not the Russians goodnight sweet dreams my neighbor has no idea i Kris Millbrook ah anw I that last one you deleted I think was okay with the kitty cat I got some people from Russia I'm gonna search it out right now let me see translate you had that one with the kitty cat was alright suanne it's hard to say the name but I got like three or four people from Russia but the one with the kitty cat was okay I can't see the message this time why is that I Debra trek to Rick don't delete that one now let's see what that says before we deleted translate spoke in Russia think that person's mad I'd let it go let the Russian ones go because I got some good Russian people that are watching on here I don't want to make a mad at me by accident we no one can understand it anyway I usually know they're not Lisa I got some good Russian people that watch me they're really nice good night Deborah Richards I gotta go potty good I'm drinking too much solar power Tina I store everything in my house I'm not paying for a storage unit – that's a waste of money to me I store it all in my house I got a four-bedroom house to store it in luckily I sent the ax gardener I took the wrong how many of you guys want to keep on chatting and how many you guys want to go to sleep if you guys want to keep on Jen I'll restart to the livestream and then I'll go to sleep if your you want to keep chatting Suzanne I'd be order if you want to watch me sleep tell me what you want me to do I don't care either way i Fionna alright guys then this is gonna be my last cigarette and I'm going to sleep yeah I'm tired I'll be able to sleep now it's 11:30 and I'll be up at 6:00 in the morning guys with my new gardening video good night Tina good night Tony Stubbs yes patty it's only 9:30 or Lisa's it's 11:30 here Lisa good night Mildred good night Sue Ann I'm not sure yet less as soon as I get up inside them I wildflower 34 good night john-boy goodnight next good night Susan good night Barney good night Lisa good night goodwitch good night everybody I bet my phone's gonna be happy to go to sleep it's probably saying you son-of-a-bitch John what are you doing you're not going to sleep goodnight good night Shannon good night Sharon good night Joanne I want some pizza before I go to sleep kpop it's Tuesday at 2:30 to where John is it sir it's early in the day good night freakin France it's the afternoon where John is that's a big time difference there big time difference goodnight LG Wars LG yeah we'll all be horizontal at the same time 5:30 a.m. were Susanna's everybody checkout sueanne's channel end up in UI divert and wi divert check out that channel she needs some subscribers Wow look at that suanne you gotten a lot of subscribers and they're all good ones too deep that cool get a big band I can live down by the river Fiona jellybeans goodnight me enjoy watching those I'll see you in the morning maybe unless you already went to sleep all right guys we're gonna go out with a bang here we go let me see if I can figure out how to do it poof Oh poof are you sure you want this to stop screaming

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  1. Strange live video, just hearing you answer questions that we don't see and you reading the messages. Dont really see the need to see you read your feed online. Love your video's not your subs like me. Take care, love, peace,and blessings. ?‍♀️

  2. Next time put the link in the text. Copy and paste it. Next time u go live, I’ll text the link as the thread moves, I’ll text it again so others know where to donate to ur truck fund.

  3. Why did u move to Wisconsin? I’m surprised the “No” toy company did not make a “Yes” a “Hey”! a “Helloooo”! and a “Boo” toy too. ha! What did u wish that u took as a memory?

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