Scorpions- Black Light Hunting – Pest Control by Bulwark Exterminating (2 of 2)

That’s as large as a bark scorpion is going to get So it could be as old as ten years old. But it is an adult. and we are finding quite a few of them. They are living right on these brick walls on these block walls I should say they run up into those cracks pretty fast see that see how he ran up into there that’s his home, right there just about every home in Arizona has block
walls scorpion condominiums, that what we call them. So you could see vines here there’s no scorpions readily available
to see but would but what vines will do their very beautiful but they offer vegetation for
here earwigs, crickets, grasshoppers these are all things that scorpions will eat So I do have vines at my home but I do also
treat my walls one of the reasons why it’s so important
to treat your walls if your watering at the base of the walls your walls are not
stuccoed so scorpions can go in these cracks really a harbor for scorpion
problems we really need to get rid of the source
of the problem which is where the water is out in the yard by just treating the foundation of the
home you’re not going to be able to solve the problem because of pest
pressure out here is far too great I’ve seen many situations where scorpions will be
waiting just right underneath this now a lot of people notice that
scorpions will end up right underneath a mat or a towel that they live on the back patio and that really is Because they are blind and whenever they are out in the open they’re not very comfortable. See this little baby scorpion right here very cute little guy, there he is, not happy Sting me, sting me, there he is right there, there’s another one just in the rocks everywhere, see that I would bet judging from what
I’m seeing here I would bet that these baby scorpions are everywhere in the rocks like ants these scorpions they’ll either live, I bet you there’s a whole
slew of them underneath this thing, cause there’s always water here But these rocks are so protected look at
how moist it is under the rocks perfect place for little baby scorpions to breed
under the rocks they’ve got the rocks to protect them from the birds moisture from here and from the water drippers, the
plants you see around us it’s a wonderful environment that’s
perfect place for a baby scorpion to grow up and become a big scorpion so when people lean things up against
their house it creates great harborage for these scorpions as you can see they love to hide in things laying on the ground he’s aggressive that is the biggest the biggest desert striped scorpion I’ve ever seen, bark scorpion, I’ve ever seen in my life. I can barely even speak it’s so big I was a little afraid he was going to run up my leg but the you know he’s scared he’s been in eating, see that little gnat if we weren’t here harassing him that would be a snack it might be a she and she might be pregnant just wanted to share that with ya see how he moves when I tap the ground it’s not because he sees us it is because he doesn’t like that tapping it means a
bigger something than him is coming, there he is look at that boy Ooo, I want him for a pet touch his stinger, ahhh what’s up dude will be back next week

8 thoughts on “Scorpions- Black Light Hunting – Pest Control by Bulwark Exterminating (2 of 2)

  1. I live in albuquerque new mexico, lots of people find scorpions but I just don't know how to find them. do you know where I should go to find them???

  2. I don't often kill things however I do kill scorpions. My house is not nearly as infested as this. I have a .25 acre property and on any given night I might find 1 . I have noticed that they seem to be living inside the CMU. We left a slipper outside. Brought it in and a few hours later my daughter got stung while putting it on. I watched her shake the slipper but the scorpion clung to the inside of the shoe and didn't fall out .. If there is one in a shoe its most likely going to be hanging upside down on the upper part of the inside of the shoe. Just some info I've picked up from living in the Desert.

  3. Send em to my house 🙂 Not too many in Ohio except the supposed Northern Scorpion thats been found all the way up in Canada.

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