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So what’s the scorpion seal entail? When you seal a house off? Basically go around and they try to
find every, along the J-rail around the bottom of the house, the breeze, try to find all these cracks
that scorpions can get into. One of the easiest things when you look at your house
when you close the door you see sunlight coming through the door then you know your
door is not actually sealed, a lot of people see light actually under the threshold so you get
an expanding foam yourself if you want to do it or cocking yourself that’s part
of the seal as well, when we do the seal will check the doors make sure everything is sealed tight on the doors .
Anything and everything where there is a sixteenth of an inch that has an inlet into
the house from the walls what we try to hit, like your outlets, your vents so vents are a big thing. Scorpions feel that
condensation on the vents because their desert they need the moisture to survive they’re drawn to the condensation on the vents
the ac so they’ll walk along the vents of the attic, along the walls of house that’s when you get them coming out and at night trying to crawl across the top of the ceiling and falling
into beds and so, yeah that’s, you don’t want to have them falling into your bed you don’t want anybody else in your bed beside you and your wife. Definitely not a scorpion so that’s another thing too, about your beds is that the skirts that go around your bed, like the skirts that women love to put around their beds, they love to climb up on them we advise not having the skirts, pretty
as there, if you have scorpions around you don’t want skirts. Mason jars, you put those around the base of your bed if you are on our service we actually have
something else looks nicer for you that we can put to block the scorpions from climbing up Glue boards also help if you get glue boards you can put them down cause they like to go around the corners of the wall because they are practically blind so they feel around the corners and they use their other senses to make
themselves feel comfortable. So a little crack and stuff in the house, do you actually seal it off or just treat it with a insecticide? No, we actually seal it off. We have an expanding foam will put in behind those so we’ll go through all the outlets and everything else and seal off those areas. The outlets is the main
area that they run along because the wires go throughout the entire house, so they get on those wires and travel along those, and that’s where all the bugs hang out anyway since it’s kind of
highway system. So you kind of think of a seal as a preventative maintenance right? Yeah. Seal isn’t going to cure your problem it’s just an additional barrier to not let them get
in the house The maintenance on the house is
actually most important So getting the monthly service or if your doing it
yourself on a regular consistent basis is the best way to keep scorpions out of her house and the foundation of your house will change so you get it done now, your seal may break in five or six years with weathering and everything else. Again, its still a good barrier to have I don’t discourage, especially if your kids has an allergic reaction you don’t discourage it, yeah but the thing that’s most effective way of keeping them out and keeping them all away is the treatments are on the outside of the house on a regular basis with the right products.

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  1. Do you recommend mesh on the inside of vents for HVAC and fume/exhaust? If so, what size would prevent them from getting in? Would a 1/4 inch be OK, or could smaller scorpions get through that?

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