Scientific Comparison Between Indian & European Cow Breeds

let us study exotic and indigenious cow brains from scientific and analytical angle now even though there are many exalted cattle breeds in India HF and Jersey are very common taxonomically they belong to boss Taurus group they are docile in nature and trouble for feeding or milking is very less these breeds have developed in cold temperate conditions sweat glands are small and less in number hence it cannot tolerate high temperature of our tropical climate due to its big body and mild nature it solves the body with dung and urine of the flooring is not curd hoof is soft and the gap between the hooves is wide it results in slow walking and hoof diseases it cannot wander safely in hilly tracks and cannot run on rocky surface these animals are best suited for stall feeding only mastitis and hoof BK are common if the floor of the shed is not hygienic [Applause] the y chromosome and this boss Taurus is damaged during the process of evolution this is the reason for decrease in milk yield potential and increased infertility with further generations of crossbreeding more quantity of balanced concentrated feed is necessary for the body maintenance itself there is less chance of total recovery if it suffers once bodily it will lead to infertility teat and pores are big and hence milking is easy but this is the reason for more chances of mastitis entry to the uterus inside the body remains open always increasing the chance of infection the milk has more amount of bad cholesterol vitamin A is less since this is a one type of milk it is said to be harmful in the long run for human health Ayurvedic experts opine that the urine from crossbreed cows does not have medicinal value the done from stall fed crossbreed cows has more count of pathogens than beneficial microorganisms crossbreed bulls are lazy in nature and are not suitable for hard work they are almost useless but we Indians cannot imagine sending them to slaughterhouses let us study the specialties of Indian cow breeds now taxonomically they belong to boss indicas group majority of the breeds produce very less milk most of them are specially developed for hard work on the farm from centuries hardly four five breeds produce good amount of milk if we blame other draught breeds for less milk it is our fault in olden days milk was not a saleable product it was not needed also each farmer used to have 1020 animals even very less milk from five six cows of the herd was sufficient for his family consumption the amazing diversity of Indian cattle breed attracted other parts of the world from centuries 98% of cattle population in Brazil is derived from Indian breeds like on world and gather they developed a best breed called Brahman but crossbreeding them with jibu greed Britain had used the genes of Indian breed halika to develop resistance against foot and mouth disease Indian breeds are very active the disease resistance and adjustability is excellent due to their Nativity total surface area of the skin is more due to a high hung hanging doula and loose skin sweat glands are bigger in size and more in number all these enable them to sweat more in hot conditions and balance the body temperature sticky secretion from the skin smooth skin and short hair avoid insect pest only secretion from the skin in some breeds protects them from heavy rains producing localized vibration on the skin as possible to avoid insect bite due to special skin musculature it has a long tail and a special born arrangement at the first tailbone it supports total lifting of the tail which reaches to the entire body small and closely situated hard hooves is good for flowing hoof decay is less and it can run on hard rocky surface the bullocks can drag the cart even without putting hoof metal Indian breeds are clever enough to sit on clean surfaces to maintain body cleanliness teeth and pores remain tightly closed avoiding the chance of mastitis uterus opening inside the body remains closed which minimizes infection overall health problems are less reducing the usage of costly chemical medicines even the local herbal medicines are effective this brings down the cost of management and maintains the purity of milk in Indian breed basic metabolic rate of the cells is low hence less and low-quality food is sufficient for the maintenance of the body dry and wet grasses tree her bridge etc are the common food for them even if it suffers from food shortage ones it will recover very fast totally and can conceive after getting sufficient for a high hum hanging dilip invisible solar plexus are the specialities of Indian cow braids it is said that all these gives special medicinal value for milk curd ghee and urine bad cholesterol content of the milk is less this milk is very nearer to human milk in composition hence it is easily digestible vitamin A and iodine content is more this being a to type milk it is good for human consumption it is said that punch agafia prepared out of milk urine dung ghee and card can clean our body system according to our Vedic experts it can control a few types of cancers diabetes else's kidney disease etc vanchat Kavya is becoming popular in agriculture as a nutrient and for controlling pests and diseases organic farming experts say that the dung from these grazing animals contains high count of nitrogen fixing bacteria and other beneficial microorganisms pathogens are very less cost of maintenance of indigenous breed is less Bulls work very hard mortality of calves is less male calf is an asset Bullock's are more useful for plowing and transportation due to their high hump strong legs fast walking and hard-working nature it can work for a long time without food and water now a good pair of highly car killer for Amrit mahal bring cost two to three lakh rupees even the small breeds like Javari or melodia de goes up to one lakh rupees thus wearing male calves can bring a good income for farmers number of carving is more compared to exhorting prays Indian breeds of any region can adjust to the climatic condition of any other region all these indicate that keeping indigenous breeds is the best option for a farming system biogas production from dung and urine is common now biogas slurry is better in available nutrients compared to the original done when we compost production and sale can bring an additional profit for farmers Sri Ramachandra Parramatta Karnataka under its gamma deuca project has established many – allas in many places it is for the conservation and development of Indian cow breeds here many cow based medicinal and other products are being produced distilled extract of cow urine bath scrubber tooth powder dupa for cleaning air I drop face cream powder etc a few among them the brand name is gal Ganga there are few products for pest and disease control in agriculture indigenous cows will get more prominence of these products succeed commercially you

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  1. Commercial breeding for milk and meat production has reduced the quality of our cows here, but jerseys and other milk breeds can be A1 or A2.

  2. Really I don't believe you bro. You act like this is a God cow ??? my bad it is to you. American cow sucks but an Indian cow could slam dunk and hit a hole in one

  3. I as a Pakistani respect indian cow and we should conserve it as we do with lions tigers elephants
    they should be protected as soon as possible

  4. I am interested &I have 1000 cent land near by village but the I don't have money ,some one help to me basic equipment like dril the bore for water,bought the cows & bank loan plz provide me, i can do my best,this my num 8297722061 and my family back ground is farmers.i am from Andhra Pradesh

  5. We need a kankrej or sahiwal cow?If any one ready to sale in north Tamil nadu pls,contact 9840772902

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  7. Beautiful filming- Thank you for the knowledge about our wonderful cattle breeds, and their many products available in India. Is there a site, I can find, here in America about our Cattle Urine products for healing and healthy living?

  8. This video is very true he slaughter part. Most of the Farmers send their cattle after they dry off to slaughterhouses. India is the largest exporter of Beef. My Grandpa used to do that too while my Grandmom was against it. Impossible for farmers to afford the fodder for cattle which go dry.

  9. There are many very general videos like this but no presentation with actual numbers and a clear definition of 'profitability.'

  10. I totally appreciate your video. But, question is- why dint you give full information ? Why did you stop in between? There are innumerable uses of bharatiya/our dear desi cows. ?
    Many people don't know- why cow dung was spread on the floor and on it rangoli! ( sagni kaderodu). Cow is perfect disinfectant. It prevents bugs n termites. It keeps the house surrounding healthy. Now we make concrete flooring. No help in this. On top we get dengue!!! For that, chemical spray to stop mosquitoes. Which is more hazardous !!! Wat a technology!!! How to appreciate this? Leaving Simple answer for such series of actions n sufferings!!!
    Indians are not dumb. We need to know the reasons why we follow n learn to respect.
    The above was one of many.
    So +shramajeevi please give full information. We request it. We need people like you.


  11. Why people in North India are still going for cross bread cows and buffaloes, and they are using Ocsitocin injections too.

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