SCIENCE class ! Elsa & Anna toddlers at School lab ! Barbie is the teacher – cool experiments

what are you doing bow-wow you oh I'm so excited because this is our first science class yes I'm excited too Wow everything looks so cool in here I know right and look look at the carpet it's like rainbowy splats of paint yeah so cool let's sit down I'm glad Benjamin is not in this class the smartest kid is here make way for the genius yes and I get to sit in the front because this class is so easy for me no Benjamin was actually in this class I was wrong and he's sitting in front of us what if he does something silly it's okay Anya don't worry let's just focus on the lesson hello everybody I'm your science teacher my name is mrs. Jackson hello miss Jackson hello boys and girls nice to meet ya it's a very fun class I'll tell you what we're gonna do okay so we're gonna be doing side stations and you have to go in partners one is with butterflies and bugs one is with birds one is with the body and one is with experiments and tastes different things see that is a picture of your tongue your tongue can taste different tastes so is everybody ready are you excited alright everyone pick a partner and the station to go to well miss Jackson I don't need a partner I'm already so smart I know everything I don't need a partner to help me it's not okay you may be smart time but I'm sorry Benjamin you still need to get a partner this is a group work partner partner I don't need a partner I'm already my own partner I don't need it but fine I'll do whatever you say cuz you're the teacher hmmm looks like somebody has attitude in this class and I don't like it miss Jackson he always does this all the time yeah Anya's right Oh Ernie is right do you feel so good now that you told on me well we are here to learn but instead you are bothering everybody so now you'll have to stop doing silly things stop it yes yes yes Elsie ah you are right oh I forgot if everything goes well in the class behaves there is a surprise under here and I'm only gonna show it to you if you're nice I'm so excited for the surprise he wearing ha very good kids that's how I like it now pick a station and have fun the birds over here Wow they are all so cool yeah look look look at this one it's so blue and big oh and I just love that a green color on that bird yeah me too look there are more up in that mess they're so cute even if these birds are not alive I just still want to pet them so cute and I know this bird it's called a chicken and it makes this sound and I heard this the boy who added my sense to it's what you've been so funny so what station you want to go to Benjamin I don't know everything looks really boring here hey don't be rude let's go to the bugs fine I'll go to the bugs whoa these butterflies are so cool especially that big blue one I can't believe it was actually alive one day whoa it's so metallic and these butterflies are so cute I like them they're so beautiful hey Benjamin where did you go I'm here I'm here what do you want well look at these butterflies they're so beautiful that's very boring you I hate butterflies we'll look at blue color yeah it's blue whatever so do you like them they're so pretty right now they're kind of ugly let me show you some real insects but why are you being rude I'm not being rude but butterflies are ugly let's go see some really cool bugs okay they're over here hey another butterfly I don't want to see ugly butterflies all the time they're not ugly well just come and see look at those cool bugs well they are cool but I don't like that you're being rude to the butterfly stop talking about butterflies just look at the bugs final look at the bugs look at that green one it's so metallic at those orange ones – wow this bug is really cool but that's the same color as the butterfly and you didn't like it well I'm sorry but blue looks better on beetles not butterflies well that's what you think just take a look at those two orange bugs well yeah well I'm being nice and they actually are nice I like them oh you do yes I do so now you like call me bugs right no butterflies are the best look at it so pretty no bugs stop it butterflies are best bugs no butterflies bugs that's an ugly bug I hate bugs will I hate butterflies butterflies bugs stop whatever I'm just not gonna talk to you anymore Oh Benjamin he always thinks he's right hey Tiana look at this what is that oh it actually looks really cool yeah what's all that gooey stuff inside the body girls are you having fun yes we're having fun you know what you're looking at over there well I know that this is a body book what's all that stuff inside it this is what it's inside our body this is really it's alive those are all the organs so I have that too inside of me yeah everybody has that oh I can't believe it what would are they called teacher well this is a lung this helps us breathe I know but why are there two of them because you need a lot of air so you need two of them oh so is how I breathe yes Oh in that red thing behind it that's our heart it pumps the blood in our body yeah but what's that big pinky thing over you mean this yes that's a liver and whatever you eat it goes through there it's very important oh wow that's so incredibly cool yeah so when you eat food it goes through you from here here in the intestines and then you need to go to the back wall those look cool it's it's like a slide wearing where the field goes down yeah it's cool hey Bubba wait what is it what is that it looks it looks like a fishable well fish and other animals have it too this is the rib cage it keeps all your organs protected you want to put it on yes I want to put it on okay wrong way other way this way yes okay think I have it clickity right I did it how it protects everything I can't believe that's all in my body wise and even I have that everybody hey girls looks like you like to learn about the human body if you want to see more look in this biology book there's so many pictures oh cool I want to start to read this book right away that's not that funny come on why do you have to laugh about it it's not that interesting why are you being rude Benjamin ah bullies bullies hey else yeah do you know why this food is on the table I don't know it might be for a snack and I know just what I'm gonna eat the chalk now actually else yeah you're close but it's not for eating then what is it for teacher it's for tasting and I'm gonna teach you something come to the blackboard let me show you okay do you see that tongue over there yes I can see the little dots yes those are called taste buds and they help you taste different kind of things Wow so you you mean we actually have them on our tongue yeah so many of them Wow I can't believe it look in the mirror at home so come here to the table again because we're gonna do an experiment so what is the experiment about it's all about tasting so you can go ahead and try tasting from every Bowl so you mean we just have to taste these yeah and then think about what it tastes like mmm I want to start first okay try tasting one of the boat what is that I guess I'll try it you can dip your hand in there okay this he's kind of sweet and sour at the same time they kind of taste like oh I know catch your breath that's right on yeah it is ketchup hmm I think I'm gonna try this all this kind of brownish and white stuff I wonder what it is hmm it takes some heat hmm this might be Oh brown sugar mmm and it tastes super sweet mmm I want more it's so good hmm yes you got it right now see ya but I think that's enough sugar now I'm Boog on a bull crawling to the table because the bug heard that something is sweet here mmm smells like chocolate oh good I got taste some Benjamin there is no bugs allowed over here we are doing it in experiment so you are not allowed to come here well that's not fair on you and on me I not me I want to taste something too Benjamin I kindly ask you to go back to your station you can have a chance later when they're done tasting fine fine whatever you say I'm gonna go somewhere else I'm actually not gonna go somewhere else I'm gonna steal the chocolate and I really really love this experiment I can't steal the chocolate now I can't wait to taste more tasty banana go hide them hmm I stole the chocolate now I can eat as much as I want and they don't even know they're just still doing their silly experiment with the teacher mm-hmm I'm the smartest guy in the class yeah this is so good okay ah yeah you're next what do you want to taste now I know I should pick this because it's white and it might be white sugar well yes that's correct Anja it is salt Benjamin what are you doing there what do you mean on what I'm doing here what are you doing well why are they chocolate Lea doing because I feel like eating chocolate that's what I want to do stop it Elsie on this Jackson hey Oh Sam why'd you have to tell on me you're so rude cuz you're doing something that Benjamin how is this bad I'm just trying to enjoy chocolate only you can have it you're rude what happened here what's going on Benjamin what did you do this time what what is that brown thing um what brown thing I don't see any brown thing come on Benjamin tell me what it is mmm I don't want to tell you is that the chocolate from the experiment why did you take it did you eat it um yes because I was just hungry you could have asked me and I could have to you but you just stole it I didn't steal it I just took it that's the same thing you have to ask well sometimes I ask it sometimes I don't if I feel like it okay that's enough you have too much attitude I'm going to talk to your parents and you go to timeout okay I'll go in timeout but it's not fair why do LC and Anya get to eat chocolate and not me well they were part of the experiment and if you wanted to do it you can just come but you just stole the chocolate that's very rude and you should at least apologize Benjamin fine fine I apologize I'm sorry miss Jackson okay Benjamin so you have to sit on this seat beside my desk and you're not allowed to see the surprise because you were rude I'd like to sit here but I think I have to do it because she will tell my parents alright kids it's time for the surprise who's ready to see it yeah that's actually a great idea yay we are ready for the surprise miss Jackson so excited okay it's in the middle I'm gonna take it off ready yes four three two one huh where they where they because I can't see them miss Jackson there at the top do you see their tentacles yes I can see their tentacles Wow actually calm down on yeah look they're cool it's a new thing Wow these and tentacles are all going up and down yeah do do you have names for them miss Jackson yeah they're kind of like my little science pets their names are Wiggly and jiggly that's a funny name but I'm still scared what if they jump out it did land on my face no silly Amani odd there's a cap up it can't come out did you know that jellyfish they have no brain wow really yeah and they look so jelly so they're just the clear fish yes Wow so cool they use the tentacles to sting fish so they can eat them look and their tentacles are flapping around they kind of look funny they're like whoa yeah do you like it class we loved it boring I was expecting a really cool toy not some silly jellyfish if you don't like it just don't look at it come here wiggly and jiggly come here girls it's not good to knock because you're gonna stress them out oops sorry Wiggly and jiggly we didn't know okay class I'm gonna turn off the light so you can see the jellyfish even better look so cool yeah they're so pretty it looks like it's going to darken jap jellyfish but there's actually a light over there wow so amazing i used to think that jellyfish are really ugly but they're actually pretty cool yeah they're like so jelly this surprises the best yeah the best ever oh look at that one look at the one it's like oh I knew you would like it kids but miss Jackson may I please see the jellyfish next time up-close well sure Benjamin and I also like the way you ask if you are always nice like that and you don't have attitude or steal anything of course you can even see you next class if you're nice okay I'll make sure it won't happen again bye bye Benjamin goodbye jiggly wigglies yeah see you next time and made me feed you yes visit our channel and subscribe for more videos

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