Schleich Farm World Playset Collection and Fun Farm Animals Toys For Kids

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hey Guys! Racetoytime here! Today I’m going to show you my Schleich Farm World Here’s the tractor bringing some cows We’re going to put some of the cows in the red barn and in the field Let’s put the mama cow and her baby in their barn Then let’s put the rest of the cows in the enclosure (cows mooing) Here is a tractor putting a big hay on the rack The cows are munching hay from the feeding rack Next we’re going to brush up the cow Brushing keeps the cow healthy and happy Here’s the tractor bringing some hay bales Let’s put the hay on the loft using the elevator Now let’s move some of the hay bales to the other side Since the cows are hungry let’s give them some hay Oh, the sheep and the goats have arrived Let’s put them in the barn Now let’s give them some hay Here’s the rest of the sheep. They’re staying outside Here’s a carrot The horses have arrived (horse whinnies) Here’s also a donkey Alpaca, And a pony Oh, there’s a pig rooting on the ground Here’s also a baby piglet and some mini pigs Oh, they look so cute! Now, let’s feed them apples Let’s check out the chicken coop (Rooster crows) I see two roosters I also see two chicks and two hens Oh, there’s a nest with eggs Let’s see the rabbit hutch Let’s open it There they are! Here are the rabbits! I’m going to give them some carrots It’s time to get the feed from the silo Then let’s give the feed to the cows (Dog barking) Here’s a dog playing fetch with sticks Here’s another dog playing Frisbee Here’s a goose Oh, she’s got a friend I see hedgehogs Here’s a squirrel Here’s a baby squirrel She’s feeding her baby some seeds (cat purring) Here’s a cat Here’s another cat They’re friends Here’s a truck again. And this time it’s bringing some water for the cows Now it’s time to milk the cow Let’s use the milking machine The truck is going to bring the milk to town Okay, well I hope you guys have enjoyed this video Let me know in the comments which animal is your favorite in this video Do not forget to subscribe to Racetoytime channel And also, click that bell icon to get notified every time we upload a new video And before you go click on those videos on the screen to watch more fun videos here on Racetoytime channel Thank you for watching and stay tuned! Bye, bye!

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