Scheme Birds – TOAFF19 Trailer

[ Minor-key tone ] ‘The same year I was born, the sky turned grey.’ ‘We still have nothing to do.’ [ Tense music ] ‘I’m Gemma.
We get called scheme birds.’ [ Electronic bassline ] ‘A scheme is like a non-snobby place to stay.’ ‘You’ll either get locked up or knocked up.’ ‘Since I was born there’s been so much fighting.’ [ They shout and argue ] [ They laugh ] [ High-pitched, dream-like notes ] ‘You protect your son, because within a split second it can all change, hen.’ [ Intense electronic music ] [ Boys chant ] [ Wings flap ]

3 thoughts on “Scheme Birds – TOAFF19 Trailer

  1. LOL! That must be embarrassing to be in that video. Its so cringey and tame. Give me something like the glasgow razor gangs to watch instead, this is just low lifes. Want changes around you? Well first you need to change yourself!

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