Scary truth behind Dog Grooming Qualifications

hello Dred Leona screaming yeah no dreads yet I know I'm here to talk about something qualifications in grooming I get asked this a lot from a lot of my customers just people being curious or you know about other groomers you know because of quality of work and things that may have happened and that sort of stuff so I'm here to tell you exactly in regards to the qualifications and that sort of stuff with groomers so let's dive into it totally gonna get shot down by some groomers totally fine that's what the truth bombs are about so let's delve into it having a qualification that piece of paper means nothing really anyone can go do a course you could do a course you could be an accountant and you could go on to a course for two to four weeks pay I don't know two five eight thousand dollars and guess what you could be a groomer you could go and open up your own business absolutely don't do that absolutely not the best type of groomer is one that has been grooming for a while now don't get me wrong there are some groomers out there that have been grooming for ten and twelve fifteen years I've been grooming for twelve years but my quality of work and everything else shows some groomers they have been grooming for say ten years and they look like they've walked off the street and just started grooming so not always is years in the industry going to make an amazing groomer it's either in the person or it's not so these qualifications look I could go out and get one tomorrow maybe I'll get a piece of paper if that's what people want but none of my clients really care about that it's literally a piece of paper on the wall it doesn't mean anything as I've said there's lots of grooming courses out there ones from groomers ones from TAFE anyone can go and do them and a lot of those rumors I'm telling you from my experience I would not hire them as a groomer I would hire them and retrain them because they don't know enough plus the main thing you need to learn as a groomer is dog handling you are not going to get that by doing a four and eight week course and maybe grooming for dogs this is how accidents happen both on humans and on dogs so there's a lot of serious accidents that happen on groomers simply because they don't have the animal handling experience and they can't read a dog and an accident happens you know groomers are in a hospital and that sort of stuff they need to have the hands-on experience and the time before they start grooming on their own and these courses don't give that yeah you get a bit of a foundation but let me ask you a question would you do a two-week course for hairdressing and go out and run a hairdressing salon and be a hairdresser absolutely not you're probably gonna stuff up someone's here no different with grooming so let's delve into each different one there is one big chain out there starts with a P and ends with a k and theirs multicolored I'll let you figure out which one it is they used to hire groomers that could show they were good groomers now from what I've heard because I still have people that work for lots of different companies that I know they will only hire groomers out of a grooming course so they've done two to four weeks and because they want qualified and a certificate so they wouldn't hire someone like me now um and this is how accidents happen but now another company that starts with a P that is yellow they are really good they will typically hire a groomer that can prove that they're a good groomer they don't care about the qualification so you're probably going to get better quality but still in saying that there's still corporate companies they're still going to hire someone that can groom that's going to make them money so just keep an eye on that always check reviews those sorts of things the other one that starts with B and has two words I can't really speak a lot for because I don't really know but I do know they have a really in-depth grooming course in in their business but again I can't really speak much for haven't worked there don't really know a lot about no mobile groomers this is where I'm gonna get shot so there are some mobile groomers that have been grooming for a long time that are fantastic mobile groomers just in general and decided to go out and be mobile so this is just general information it's not the be-all and end-all but there are some people that say we're in a corporate industry and went oh I know I'm gonna give me a grimmer I've got the money so I'm going to buy into a franchise and be a mobile groomer so I'm gonna spend $30,000 and I get two or three days training and then I go out on my own and yes they do have like phone support to help but two or three days to two or three days training and then going out and grooming on your own that is setting up for some horrific circumstances and this is why mobile groomers have such a bad name if these companies put more effort into training and had one-on-one six to twelve months training before those mobile groomers went out on their own the quality would be much better but you will find salon is generally better than mobile generally because the salon groomers have a lot more training as I said mobile groomers anyone can go out if you've got the money guess what you can buy a franchise two three days training and you're a groomer now home Selim's home salons the groomers come from a variety of places some have done a course gone hey I can do this I'm gonna open up my own salon again they're so many accidents horrific just be careful check them out some home salons though like myself have been grooming for ten 12 years working their butt off to make someone else rich earning minimum wage and going you know what no I'm gonna do this on my own and they might have a home salad and then they'll eventually get like a shop salad on that sort of stuff all they say is a home salon so it can be kind of either/or you just really need to check them out check out their reviews check out their work just just check them so the main consensus and and the basic information that I want you to take home and I want you to think about who's grooming your dog or when you get a dog check out the groomer it doesn't matter what type of groomer they are what environment they work in whether they have a piece of paper to say that they're qualified it means okay you need to check their work check references reviews all that sort of stuff ask them ask them how long they've been grooming for ask them who their groom for you know ask them loads of questions if they're willing to answer and be honest then you've got yourself a good groomer just just think about it I want you all to take this home and think about it because too many accidents happen out there and they could be avoided by these groomers having more experience not thinking they can go out on their own after two or three days and these accidents you know could really be avoided this industry is not regulated it's not like an electrician that you have to do three or five years of uni or whatever before you can even be an electrician it needs to be like that but it's not I think it's too hard to regulate a course there are a lot of groomers trying to advocate for it and trying to push it to have a course like a hairdressing course that you have stayed one two three four whatever and then you're fully qualified so far not happening doesn't look like it's happening in the future if it did a lot of these businesses would probably close down because they probably wouldn't pass half the courses so just something to think about

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