25 thoughts on “Scaredy Cats Compilation – Try Not To Laugh

  1. by living in comfortable apartments warm and safe, cats and other small dogs have become hyper sensitive to the slightest noise suspicious!

  2. At 1:35.  Why do people torment their cats?  This cat's eyes are totally dilated – the cat is scared.  Now you throw something at him/her.  What dear human, do you think you're demonstrating, other than your own small mind?  Ugh.  Hope this cat ran away and you forgot to microchip her.

  3. NOT funny at 1:06.  The cat's eyes are huge – afraid, backing up, trapped.  Shame on stupid person wielding a hula hoop in a threatening way.  NOT cool to use a cat to entertain your unresolved sadistic issues.

  4. why are people going around scaring their pets for., that's not funny at all. just to get a youtube really.

  5. Such a funny video….. the cat with only three legs kinda made me tear-up a bit, though. But, he/she wasn't letting their handicap keep them from enjoying life!!! Bess its widdle hawt!!! ???

  6. I don't think that scaring the animals
    IT'S FUN.!!!
    Not even a kindergarten version, more of stupid brat's version !!!
    RESPECT and be NICE to the animals, specially for the pets that love you.!!!
    Thumbs DOWN.!!!

  7. When my kitty arches his back, I call it giving me the "Witch", like a witches cat. He'll do it just to tease me. Which I deserve.

  8. 7:10 + "Geez, Morty take it easy. I just heard you tearin' up some paper over here and thought I'd come over and give you hand, or paw that is. Boy, Morty you're really on edge. Maybe we oughta go have us a coupla cat-nips whadda ya say?"

  9. Scaring cats or kittens is not the right thing to do that's the reason why you are not getting a whole lot of viewers. People don't like to see little adorable critters being scared.

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