Scared Stray Cat Transforms Into Cuddliest Kitten | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

He’s a little scared. Poor stray kitten! He has nowhere to go. He needs help. Lex spotted the cat after he moved into his new house. He decided to become this cat’s rescuer. He started to leave food outside for the cat. I would actually, I remember leaving out a can of tuna because he looked hungry. My dog’s name is Luna. And that rhymes with tuna! The cat was super grateful. But, when he would see a person on the other side of the window… …he would freak out and run away. He just didn’t trust people. But Lex didn’t mind! He would leave food every day. The guy was like, “Okay, if you don’t like me, that doesn’t mean I can’t like you.” And eventually, the cat got a little less scared of him! Soon, the cat would even let Lex open the screen door, and he wouldn’t run away! But he wouldn’t come into the house, either. So, Lex decided if the cat didn’t want to come inside… …he would build a house outside just for the cat! He filled it with soft blankets to keep the cat warm. He wasn’t sure if the cat would like the house. But he didn’t have to wait long to find out! The cat loved the little house. Taking a nice long cat nap. Then, the best thing happened. One day, the cat came right up to the doorway. He meowed at Lex, asking for a treat. And when Lex reached out… …he took it right from Lex’s hand! Lex threw him another treat. And sure enough… And just like that, this cat became a part of Lex’s family. He made himself right at home. And Lex gave him a name: Cinnabon! Aw, I knew you were gonna be there. It’s your favorite spot, isn’t it? The cat still loves being outside. But Cinnabon always comes home. Because he knows that Lex loves him. And because he loves Lex, too. I can’t believe that’s even the same cat from the beginning! From being stray to becoming someone’s cat. Remember, if you see an animal in trouble, do not try to rescue them by yourself. Ask an adult family member for help. My mom helps me with the dogs I rescue. What a good little kitty, aren’t you? Yeah.

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