Saying Goodbye to DOG Charlie Girl during last moments | RIP/LOVE YOU FOREVER CHARLIE

we'll come up here on your couch this group on the couch nice here yeah will block you in this way mom like that messing with my eyes always always always her whole life just messing with her eyes mm-hmm yeah I tried to get the goop out of them this morning and then just stayed shut and I was like all right well and then she that's when she started to kind of fall off of my arms I thought that might be it don't work or pop she's never liked that book club right here like this number I know yeah I just wanted to give you a heads up she's she's not giving consent to being filmed okay social she's probably okay with doing the euthanasia just we're not selling her okay okay about and let her know we're okay great she'll be right in all right there's not a catheter on right there is one third okay hmm I can't say goodbye her her love her so much I know but she's close with me she will be honest she always will be I just nice even imagine just not having her she's been around longer than any parent any sibling any offspring any marriages or relationships I've just been just just always been she's been through all of it with me well the main part of my life what I thought was the main part of my life some of our sandwich spoke homeowner oh I know we do no dr. Lee yeah what are you doing I'm sorry we don't never pretty on oh yeah so um it's it's very painless process and I'll let dr. had art no – I know you guys have seen her um and so the first injection is going to be a propofol which is a sedative agent 1/5 away any kind of pain or anxiety several ones they used NHS will show which acts very quickly so you want to up and you can hold on burlap for the whole procedure the innocent agent takes away any kind of fear anxiety or just need access to get rid kissing I wanted to get right this okay I love you sweetheart so much you're okay that's why I'd what you go do what is she going now okay okay Oh

40 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to DOG Charlie Girl during last moments | RIP/LOVE YOU FOREVER CHARLIE

  1. I love you and think of you with every ounce of my being every day – I am broken

  2. So sad.  I was with my stepmom and her husband yesterday.  When she had her Cayce put to sleep.  Going through this hurts so bad.  And it so hard to let go of our loved ones.  Prayers to our special babies.

  3. I feel for you! I had to put my 15 year old lab down last week. He was surrounded by his family- my husband, my daughter, and myself. We hugged, talked,and kissed him until the end. I once heard a vet say that when we have to put them to sleep- always be with them never leave the room!
    I happened to come across your video today. I’m still missing him. But the best act of love we can show our pet is to let them go before they suffer ❤️❤️God bless you

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss I lost my beautiful baby girl last year she was 15 years old I had to euthanise her I miss her everyday her name was cookie stay Strong Hun God bless you thank you so much for posting ?????

  5. I cried while watching this I can feel how u felt ????????? I have my casper he is my life i cant imagine a day without him

  6. I hope she comes back as your daughter in her next life and not as a dog God has given u power a lot of love u to u both help another and give her your love ?❤

  7. I don’t know why I watch ????????oh my every time the poor ???. So sorry for loss deeply. I have a suchon he is the love of my life.

  8. I have a little show tzu and she is my world. I also had a beautiful husky named Mia. Mia left me suddenly one night and I will never forget her. Then Teia came into my life. They fill us with so much joy and ? I’m so so sorry you had to go through this xxoo

  9. Tears are streaming down my face right now. It's so very real how much you loved your baby Charlie. You gave her the most precious and loving gift , and that gift was PEACE. She's always with you . BELIEVE THAT because it's true. You'll be with your sweet Charlie again one day. BLESSINGS.

  10. For those of you who are or even will in the future, grieve over the loss of a pet, there is a beautiful poem called "Rainbow Bridge," the author is unknown but just look up "Rainbow Bridge Poem" on the web and you will find it. It is a lovely poem with some very helpful thoughts in it about when you have to let your pet go from this life, and certainly gives consolation whether you believe it is where your pet goes or not. It allows you to let your imagination think good thoughts about your pet after it is gone.

  11. I just watch your video I have 2 shih tzu's mother and son she 11 and he's 9 I hope I have the strength that you have shown God bless but I am wondering why couldn't have operated and have the kidney stones removed I no she was 17and that's fairy old for a pup I wish you the best I feel the same way about my pups

  12. I hate this I wish we and every thing in this world could live forever but one day it's going to be time for all of us to say good bye

  13. I wish the doctors would give me this kind of care when I’m at the end of life….animals get a better deal than humans !!!!


  15. im thinking of all the dead, loved good boys and girls running around, chasing balls and playing with eachother in the skies <3 rip

  16. I have a peke name Charlie though he is a boy. He's 16 and riddled with arthritis. I have to carry him everywhere he goes. Have to hold him up to go to the bathroom the arthritis is so bad. My wife and kids won't let me put him down.

  17. If I was that dog, having been given the opportunity of such a loving home and to leave in such a fashion, I don't think I could have asked for anything more. Thanks for giving one of Earth's creatures a good life.

  18. Just had my dog put down. It's the third time I've had to do it and it never gets any easier. For me, the hardest part is the next few days as that's where I really begin to notice not having him around. What I do
    is stay in a room and binge watch the old movies/comedies from my childhood so as to take my mind off of it as that's my way of comfort but I'll then find myself looking around a corner for a split second, expecting to see him and then it quickly dawns on me that he's gone. It's because you get used to seeing your dog around the house and in certain locations.

    For me, it's the chair. My dog had his own chair with a blanket and his own pillow. When I walk into the room, my brain is still expecting to see him sitting there. That's when I struggle to hold back the tears and it's because that's when I realize how much I miss him. I'll get a little upset then go back to watching comfort TV.

    I also find that the emotions come back when I get a new dog. For the first day or two, whilst the dog is new to me (and so is getting to know me), it reminds me of how I miss the bond I had with my last dog.

    This is just the price you have to pay for having a dog, unfortunately. The way you have to look at it is that you get 10+ years of real love for a few days of heartache.

  19. I have a little shih-tsu/dachsund (schweenie) rescue named Marty who looks like your little gal. I have to go hug him. I will always take care of him and be his friend forever, just as you were to your Charlie Bless you for being a true friend to your dog. I will hold a good thought for your comfort..

  20. I hd to put my dog sadie doun today,the hrdest thing iv had to ever do,she was my best freind,for 14 years,most lovable mine doxin ever ,she was so lovable,and brindle in color.ill miss her so much i cant stop crying.

  21. I couldn't imagine sorry for your lost Amber my family and I have a toy poodle name Scorpio who is sick now and old and we don't want to put our baby down at.

  22. So sorry you lost a beautiful gift from God. Don’t mean to be harsh I was talked into this madness and will NEVER do it again.?

  23. I said goodbye to my 14 year old last month. She was 4lb Yorkie with big eyes like yours it. It’s tough man I know what you’re going through. We are all in a better place though, she’s at peace.

  24. You are very brave! I can't take this much pain. Can't even imagine how hurt you are at this situation. ??

  25. Saying goodbye is so hard. I lost my little Ruby on Feb 9, 2018 at 1:00 AM and I have thought about her every day since then.

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