Say Yes Dog – Voyage [Full Album]

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43 thoughts on “Say Yes Dog – Voyage [Full Album]

  1. IMHO the final track sounds like the best MDMA experience feels, just chilling with friends, all the good feels running thru u. Say Yes is right! :3

  2. Found this today, first time listening to this and I wasn't really feeling it.
    Second time, listened to this while driving and said "hey, this is pretty good", I enjoyed the trip.
    Third time… well, I'm hooked. 😀
    I love this, gib more b0ss.

  3. Preparing for my exam while this is on my background. On breaks watching Star Trek. No better way.

  4. Today is nothing but orange juice, deepdreamgenerator and good music. You are good music number one! Thank you!!

  5. i was feeling a little bit ill (think i might be getting a cold) but i started to dance as soon as the first music began. this is good. music is the only remedy.

  6. Tracklist:
    1. Deep Space 00:00
    2. My Soul 04:08
    3. Lies 07:47
    4. Golden Nights 11:27
    5. Heartless 14:49
    6. Feel Better 16:58
    7. Sugar 20:20
    8. Into You 24:19
    9. Love Notes 28:09
    10. The Same 31:58

  7. Saw them live at the Parterre, a cozy little concert hall in Basel two months ago. I just got to know them two days before that because of my favourite radio station and it was a truly amazing experience! It was like meeting someone you know from the internet and seeing them for the first time in real life after you listened to their voice all night on the phone… I‘m in love!

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