Savory Beef Mince- DIY easy Dog Food Dinner – a tutorial by Cooking For Dogs

welcome to cooking for dogs where we show you how to make delicious healthy and nutritious meals and treats for your dog today we're going to be making a very easy mincing bitch dish our ingredients are a mixed pack of frozen vegetables which has peas cauliflower and corn we have beef mince olive oil we have some really good quality stock cubes and a couple of fish oil tests for the omega-3 our tools are a wooden spoon scissors and a large fry pan quantities and conversions will be listed in the description box below now let's get started heat up your fry pan and add some olive oil now make sure your olive oil is sizzling nicely before you add your baseman's stir thoroughly to break the mince up we're going to brown this mince nicely and just keep stirring through to stop it sticking to the bottom of your pan the beef mince provides essential protein and iron now we need to just add a couple of stock cubes which will be crumbled over the midst ish and also a couple of our capsules of omega-3 fish oil fish oil is not only an anti-inflammatory but is really good for our dog's coat I like to add these fish oil caps to as many meals as possible now it's time to add our frozen vegetables give it a good stir and then we're going to transfer this to a low heat cover this dish and just keep it simmering for about 25 minutes give it a couple of stirs throughout this cooking time veggies supply essential nutrients so using vegetables that you may have in season they provide not only minerals and vitamins but also great fiber Fran pooch when cooked through take from the heat let it cool down and then we're going to spoon this mixture into patty pan this is a great way to portion control your puppy's meal place the patty pan tray into your freezer and freeze once these are frozen I like to pop them into little individual sealable freezer bags and I just bring them out when I need them here they are all finished how good today look dinner tonight and more for the freezer if you have enjoyed a very simple savoury mince dish today please do subscribe to our channel like us on Facebook so that you can be kept up to date with our weekly new recipe but most of all have a fantastic week thanks for watching you

9 thoughts on “Savory Beef Mince- DIY easy Dog Food Dinner – a tutorial by Cooking For Dogs

  1. I would have thought stock cubes should be avoided? High salt content and possibility of onion and garlic which are both toxic for dogs.

  2. Heat destroys the fatty acids in fish oil. Add a capsule over the dinner at feeding time instead of while cooking.

  3. When you freeze them in the muffin pan for how long and do you cover it? Just started my dog on homemade food

  4. Love your videos can you do a video for over weight dogs it would be much appreciated I have a cavoodle and she is over weight thank you

  5. (Warning) Never give your dog onions or cooked bones. don't ask why just google search why if you do not believe me. There would also be other vegies that are harmful so do a search on any that you think about giving your pooch prior to doing so.  

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