Saviors of Uldum Car Reveal | Pharaoh Cat (Rogue) and Bone Wraith (Neutral)

Hello!! Today, you’re in HeartCore And I’m not alone Today, I’m with Online Station No.1 of Game Press in Thailand HeartCore and Online Station We’re very excited and proud to reveal 2 cards from Saviors of Uldum these 2 cards are related to the new mechanic It is “Reborn” Go to the first one first, Pharaoh Cat cost 1 stat 1/2 Battlecry: Add a random Reborn minion to your hand Rogue currently lacks 1-Drop Since Fire Fly’s gone to Wild Rogue just passed turn 1 for 4 months because they need to have more power in mid-game so this card may solve this problem and the second one second is Bone Wraith Cost 4 stat 2/5 Taunt and Reborn This is a new option in 4-Drop for the defensive intention in midrange-control deck Bone Wraith require at least 2 hits to destroy it Even you face a physical hit That requires 2 or you face a magic destroy such as Shadow Word:Pain The Black Knight or big spell like Twisting Nether All cannot destroy Bone Wraith in 1 hit So this is an interested defense option Let’s see gameplay of both cards Finally, if you love a Hearthstone like me like article, video clip and live in HeartCore style Don’t forget to Like, Subscribe and Alert both Facebook Fanpage and Youtube Channel Today, I would like to say goodbye Thank you, bye-bye!!

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