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on the left coast I work in the entertainment industry I generally try not to leave my apartment ever and as a result it's possible I may have some unfair preconceived notions about what people are like in the rest of America but that's the part of me I'm trying to change with this show so I decided to go have dinner with the real family whose lives are completely unlike my own do I deserve an award yes probably take a look take a look so Chalmette is a working-class suburb of New Orleans that sits right on the banks of the Mississippi River in southeastern Louisiana and the standards are a family of crab fishermen who were displaced during Hurricane Katrina they are Christian gun-owning Trump voters who like to gather their whole family around for big Cajun dinners and on this day they're going to be joined by a species they had not met before the Jew so what do I know about the Stander's there's Michelle and her fiance Cody their aunt Queen Jeanine they call her Queen G which is not what Janine starts with the grandparents who I think are five years older than me and Brandi the 26 year old matriarch of the house who made sure the whole family voted for Trump oh and there's Blais he's seven he's a tough nut to crack but I got him the perfect gift for children of all ages [Laughter] [Applause] control fired miss nook in in the middle of the night and we recorded all the farts of everyone in your family I knew it sounded familiar you got him not bad you ever met a Jew before what Jewish person yeah that's a good question it's like a religion but I'm not I don't really follow it I have met you before did they have the law that's the only thing I know the Jews with a low hat yarmulke yeah yeah I'm gonna buy you buy you an abaya what do I sound like to you well you know I didn't know Jewish people growing up because I'm from New Hampshire but then I moved to York and I was like oh my god they got a locked you guys tell me about Sean met besides the fact that I'm pronouncing it wrong we actually just live up here now but we're frog into the world they don't want to buy you and we got nutria rats for pets don't have you ever heard of a new truck it's just like an oversized right like a rat like this bitch yeah yeah it was just like a dog yeah yeah but it was a ride gonna go in here if you would be good you don't get your gun taken away why did you get your gun taken away he shot the bicycle tire rub on it and the little girl was that way you know could have hit the little girl with it you know so I took it away from him did you hide it somewhere yeah I hate it on top of the closet all right you all voted for Trump what were the reasons behind it what what made you love him I did it for change I feel like we've been going in the same direction which is down for a long time now and I feel like he wants to change I feel like he can make America great again and I just wanted to give him a chance the things he promised to you know yeah I mean he made things sound pretty good but ain't impressed me so far though you know I mean I mean a boat appointment oh I wanted to change I voted for him too for change and I'll give him a chance to it you can't do no worse than what the other ones dead it's not that they did so bad the other President Obama took what it means to be an American out of America you work hard you work for what you have he did this to everybody he go hey y'all don't work hard just just take everything you know get in the system get it right font of people who deserve it and fix it what health care did you get health care through work or what is it I'm on Medicaid I'm on Medicaid too I mean I'm a full-time student so as long as you're a full-time student that is a job and you get it through what the common good of the state yeah ACA whoever gives it the government I get them yeah you got unblocked man you got apply well when Obama was president I'd hear Obama's not from this country Obama's from you know Obama started Isis all this stuff he isn't it later but he's from Hawaii from what like Africa's I don't know way oh that's what them people that's Roomba Donald Trump started that the birthday I want Obama to come to a luau for a minute and come show me what he got if it's natural he watched Photoshop no he is not really all right new topic gay marriage how do we feel all for love is love and all of our lives we don't judge we love no matter what I don't know about the marriage thing well you old school still love them they could be married if they want to spend the rest of their life together that's their poet no I think it's your life you're born that way you should be able to make any decision you want to make so he doesn't hurt anybody else that's a good way to put it you all who yo you all it's completely I don't think they should have kids why the man and the woman you know should raise a kid not you got a defendant if you say yeah I mean it's the way I was raised you know that's always a big reason just the way I was raised everybody got their own opinion yeah that's true I'm just saying anything can happen and you should be open to love no matter where it comes from plan to give it to you I hate to tell you this but you're a liberal what do you think of the family I couldn't love them more did we change each other's minds no but we did learn that we don't have to be divided to disagree we can have fun we can even love each other I know you're gonna come around on the Gesta it felt so great to talk to Samadhi with different views and sit in a room and not be judged we could have just kept the hip album there's my favorite I mean I really liked all of them but I would have to say blaze 100% [Applause] [Applause]

20 thoughts on “Sarah Silverman Visits Chalmette, LA | I Love You, America on Hulu

  1. I grew up in Chalmette and parts of Mississippi throughout my adolescence and still to this day. The mind boggling arguments that this family proposes surrounding welfare in the United States is indicative of the average low in-come family in the Deep South. A lack of educational opportunities compounded with Fox News and other right-wing propaganda has completely devastated the area as a whole. They are all just brainwashed a lot of the times. It’s depressing how many people in our country are okay with many communities similar to this having a complete lack of quality educational standards. It has deeply deeply impacted our American communities and you all are silent…..

  2. I think its unfortunate that this family was excited to have her and were so welcoming. All she did for the whole thing was subtly mock them. What a coward!

  3. whenever someone says they voted for Trump because they wanted "change"…I automatically take that as code for "not black"…

    seriously…if you have 43 WHITE presidents, then ONE black president, then back to ANOTHER white president…what kind of "change" are talking about?

  4. This is not a valid representation of middle America. Additionally, Sarah Silverman is not a valid representation of a Jew or a comedian.

  5. My perspective is that of a foreign student and worker who's been living in the US for a few years and who has no intention of becoming American, but I gotta say the thing about Obama being foreign is just dumb and the image it gives about Americans is of them being ignorant, gullible and not very smart. Also I think the United States and the world need Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in charge, not Trump and Pence. They could go even further than Obama did.

  6. This is awful and it’s good that it was cancelled after one season. Fuck sarah and I wish her the worst in life.

  7. what the fuck is wrong with the 26 year old, she's literally eating off of gov handouts, and she complains about obama handouts

  8. When she asked about gay marriage I cringed so hard expecting the worst answers but was for the most part was pleasantly surprised by what they had to say. Why can’t everyone be okay with it. Gay marriage has nothing to do with anyone besides gay people who want to get married. Love is love ?️‍?

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