100 thoughts on “Sarah Paulson Hasn’t Seen ‘Bird Box’ Yet

  1. ugh….whats with the title- i wanted to hear about bird box instead i sat through 8 minutes of other stuff before it was even mentioned.

  2. We have Netflix in Africa thanks.We watched the Bird box the same time as everyone else, so "they are watching it in sub Sahara Africa" isn't really a joke you ignorant American

  3. Something about her reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter and I can't place it. For the record, I heart Helena Bonham Carter.

  4. I still dont get why would Actors not watch their stuffs, I mean it's I guess everyone's dreams to star in a TV show or movie, it's an honor & privilege. Is that bc she doesn't have time which is I guess a fair excuse, or is it that personal awareness or delusion of self grandeur as a celebrity?

  5. Sarah Paulson is so talented. I didn’t know she was so playful and silly until I started watching her interviews but that just goes to show how good of an actress she is. All the big actors/actresses usually have parts written for them specifically and at that point is it even talent to play another variation of yourself? Sarah gets roles (that I hope she can’t relate with since they’re all really dark) and I think the way she portrays them is super believable.

  6. Sarah Paulson is the female Kevin Hart of night shows , that is, I have a huge grin on my face throughout and I don't realise it till the end of the video.

  7. You do not have a movie where you kill Sara Paulson in the beginning of it ! One of my favorite actresses and that made me so mad lol

  8. Stephen is very talented himself and he likes to show off himself. But hell, he can talk the talk and walk the walk. If that's how it goes… He can back his megalomania up. 🙂

  9. Now I know how the system for actor's illuminati or whatever evil empire kind of works, maybe it's true they own every actor and there soul's too. And they managed be so successful, Well that's just a Bonus. it's a RUMOUR but people loves RUMOURS right. Well this one is about making married couples in Hollywood according to Hollywood benefits now I get it. Have you guys see who this woman it's married or partners whatever people'want to call it, Well her partner she's married to a late 60s or early 70s year old Lady, and don't get me wrong this old lady, well she's very successful she's a big time producer and powerful. But maybe I'm wrong and there very much in love but if you see videos together i don't see the happiness but I let you guy's see it for your selfs. I search my story before I commented. Like I always said this is a comment section and this is my personal opinion on this comment…

  10. Sarach Paulsen you are horrible actress and horrible women! Please make a pleasure for anyone don't play in film and movies and theatries by deafult!!! You are fired!!!

  11. If there’s a more charming, genuine, humble and delightful person on earth, I’d like to know who it could be.

  12. If you watch all sarah paulson interviews you see she has to work a lot harder on this show to warm up the audience and stephen could have done bettter.

  13. i hate what stephen said about people watching in sub-saharan africa because as a perosn who lives there, i know it's not that fucking weird for us to be watching it. we have wifi, we have netflix. do people really still think that's what africa is like?

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